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What is time? A deceptively simple
question, yet it is the key to understanding relativity. It is sort of the reason
my hair is going gray. [laughter] When we describe
motion, we do so as a function of time, 10 meters
per second, 100 miles per hour. But the mathematical
description of velocity is moot unless we
can define time. Is time universal? In other words, is there
an audible tick-tock throughout the galaxy, a
master clock, so to speak, forging ahead like
Mozart’s metronome? The answer my friends is no. Time is not absolute. In fact, for us, the living
physicists, the distinction between the past,
present, and future is but a stubborn illusion. [music playing] A lot to consider, I know. I know. [laughter] But understanding time is
essential to understanding relativity. Now, I want you all
to close your eyes. Not to worry, I don’t bite. But I am on the
lookout for a new pen. [laughter] Go on close your eyes. To truly grasp the idea of
time, we must take a step back and ask, what is light? So journey with me to the Sun. Light travels from the Sun to
the Earth through space, yes. When I was your age,
I wanted to know how can something, light,
travel through nothing, space? Let us isolate a light beam
and travel alongside it. But let us go faster. You’re there with me. Faster. Faster! What is time? [thud] PROFESSOR WEBER: Herr,
Einstein, wake up! I wasn’t sleeping, sir. I was thinking. Oh, really. About what exactly? The secrets of the
cosmos, I suppose. I suggest you think
about trigonometry instead, with your eyes open. And sit up! Laws of sines and cosines? c squared equals a squared
plus b squared, subtract 2 [inaudible] cosine b. PROFESSOR WEBER: The
area of a triangle? STUDENTS: The area equals
b squared times a times b over 2 times c. PROFESSOR WEBER: What is
the solution [inaudible] differential equation? Herr Einstein, are you
still too busy contemplating the secrets of the cosmos
to solve this equation? Oh, no sir. I’ve already solved it. PROFESSOR WEBER: Leave, now. On what offense? PROFESSOR WEBER: Your mere
presence spoils the respect of the class for me! That is not an
objective reason. Out! [music playing] The natural log of a
constant multiplied by x equals the natural log
of 1 plus v squared. And since v equals y
over x, that gives us the final function, x
squared plus y squared minus c x cubed equals 0. And speaking truthfully,
sir, your mere presence spoils my respect for the
future of Prussian mathematics. Out. [door slamming]

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  1. yea earth didnt create time we human created it for communication reason only but to expect someone would use it as a timer

  2. When they were seeing a beam of light, they were so focused, I expected there noses to start to bleed…And objects to start hovering.

  3. Albert Einstein died in the county that I live in. The County that Bon Jovi lived and Thomas Edison does his works.

  4. Unfortunately, unlike depicted here, Einstein was a terrible lecturer according to students of his times. He scribbled and mumbled incomprehensibly. He had most likely some form of asperger's. I mean you probably have to, to be able to come up with what he did. Nonetheless, I still applaud every attempt at bringing science to the general population. And even if Einstein wasn't a great lecturer, he is still one of the greatest icons and scientists to have ever lived.

  5. I cant blame the teacher
    If u cant listen to the class becouse u already learn it or know it just out, no need to attend the the class.

  6. 🤔"q"uantified logic is a dream, when did reality kick in. Time and space is always with us. Seeking my mentality is already a lie🙊

  7. This is the type of physics teacher that makes his class so interesting and fun
    But at the end of the day, i dont understand any of the formula

  8. Time only passes depending on your velocity relative to your position in space thus time is change in movement at a particular pace. Why? Perhaps that's the wrong question. Rather fascinating. I mean if you were traveling at the speed of light, time would cease to exist or stop rather. Beyond the speed of light we can only theorize time will move backwards from the perspective of the observer. There's more too this, far more to this. Nevertheless the basics of relativity are still a mystery and I haven't even begun discussing the bizarre world of quantum mechanics.

  9. I am dead. . . AND alive. It only depends on the space-time coordinates that you wish to consider and the perspective from which you are considering it.

  10. Gravity is not attractive force and there is no such thing as gravitational pull or curvature of space time. There is only gravitational push. Mass is a form of energy and space is a form of energy. Mass displaces energy from the space and forms gravitational field. This energy is called dark energy and should be renamed back to aether. Energy from the space pushes mass together.

    Universe is infinite and eternal. Big bang is a lie.

  11. Simple example of relativity of time….. You are seeing a star twinkling and assuming that it is there long LY away but in actual it might be
    Dead long time ago but still its rays are coming to us.

  12. Time does not exist in the real reality, the quantum wold. Time is just a concept of the mind to have order. Check out a book called the only time is NOW by ekhart tolle

  13. "What is time?"

    I was going to say "It's a quarter to one right now". But after watching this video, I now suspect it's more than that.

  14. Time is a stubborn illusion, for time comes full circle to zero turning into infinity. Since infinity has no end, its beginning is zero; making time an illusion coexisting in infinite realities; transformed into unseen dimensions making time, space and speed an illusionary improbability therefore mass is irrelevant. Why it is irrelevant is because of the zero expansion of mass makes it possible.
    (Now I know all of this sounds weird but there is an equation for this word problem.)

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