Think Like a Successful Graphic Designer

hey I'm Evan withdrew seven let's talk about getting in the mindset of a six-figure freelancer now before you even think about pricing another project for that first job as a freelancer you must be in the right frame of mind think about what you do and everything you've done to come into your own profession you need to genuinely value yourself and your set of skills at a higher level in order to be properly compensated for your work get yourself into the mindset that you are an expert at what you do and there's a cost for that expertise you are a creative expert you think creatively and you see things differently you're an expert using industry level software software that you have training in specifically to create what your client needs as a professional graphic designer in a way you're also an advisor sometimes you're gonna have clients asking you for advice and if they don't directly ask you for advice you'll find yourself giving advice so ask yourself this what is the value in that on top of what you also bring to the table how much the wolf I stopped problems good we got one so I heard that come in yeah please do you're a problem solver you're solving their pain they need a great design the problem with your expertise and tools you can create the perfect design the solution brand representation is the single most important element of any company brand or product it can be the make-or-break deciding factor on many levels so be in the mindset that your position is extremely important to your client Carolyn Davidson designed the Nike logo as a student at Portland State University in 1971 and was only paid $35 Nike today is worth thirty five billion dollars but this is the perfect example as to how important a graphic designer is to any business approach is key ask and you shall receive see this is the good part pecker job gets but in my last video I talked about not giving clients an hourly rate but to write an estimate unfortunately a lot of graphic designers out there are basically trading their time for money which is how they're gonna be treated create a project protocol all successful agencies out there freelance graphic designers or web developers they all have some sort of a structure in play your success will reflect on where your mindset is if you don't value the work that you do you're not gonna make as much money so make sure that you do this and you'll be successful if you want to be that six-figure freelancer and start thinking that way now

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  1. Hey! I'm wondering how I should go about getting more clients because I already have someone that outsources work to me but I really want to get the ball rolling with more clients. Any help?

  2. I feel that you have to keep learning, using different programs and finding ways to innovate. One thing you always showed me in the past was just that.

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