The War Of Art by Steven Pressfield (Study Notes)

the war of art by Steven Pressfield if you've ever taken on any creative endeavor started a business or taken on a project that essentially is a expression of your creativity to be able to create something that requires a lot of dedication a lot of work a lot of focus a lot of attention and awareness and doing a lot of things that seemingly might feel uncomfortable but as you get into the flow you recognize that it's part of the process and you begin to enjoy the process but before you even get there you experience resistance or stories that you tell yourself of why you can't do it or the reasons why it's going to be impossible for you to dedicate the time necessary if you've experienced any of those symptoms then the core of this is what he calls resistance resistance resistance shows up anytime we chase creative endeavors and this resistance is internal it's inside of us and the key is to be able to learn the process of overcoming resistance that's what we're going to talk about today when we discuss the war of art by Steven Pressfield so let's look at resistance resistance essentially is the enemy and resistance is something that cannot be seen touched heard or smelled but it can be felt it is a repelling force it's negative its aim is to shove us away distract us and prevent us from doing our work okay know what that is we create a whole task list for the project that we're working on we just can't seem to sit down and do it or when we do sit down we find ourselves being distracted irritated we can't sit still what we are experiencing is resistance its internal and wears many different masks sometimes as he says resistance is projected over to a peripheral opponent or in other words we blame others for our resistance and we do it in very clever ways and we might say that the reason why we can't complete the project is because we're waiting for somebody else or there's not enough options available and we're relying on somebody to provide us the options or we say that based on our current circumstances logistics or whatever the reason we can't get it done and we can't get it done because it's dependent on others the marketplace which essentially is others or lack of opportunities that are available which in the business world for example it's others may by saying you don't have enough opportunity you're saying in a way that others are not giving you that opportunity or that resistance is in the external resistance arises from within it is a self generated and self perpetuated form of thing that we need to first identify then we need to learn what the characteristics are and then we need a process to be able to work through it and it's through this process we recognize that we're the ones that are responsible we find ourselves then not blaming others or passing the responsibility onto somebody else but actually taking more responsibility and if things don't go our way we figure out how to make it go our way resistance is the enemy within and it is the key thing that prevents us from seeing our art from idea inspiration to creation to execution and completion resistance will tell you anything to keep you from doing your work it will assume any form if that's what it takes to deceive you what we're really doing here is playing a mind game this is a game you're playing with yourself and resistance is very clever because it wants to keep you at the level that you're at right now and it's not because you hate yourself or you want to put yourself down there's a lot to it when it comes to the subconscious mind and programming and wiring in our brain that contradicts the very necessary steps or the steps that we have to take or the actions that need to be taken to produce the result in the success if it wasn't the case then nobody would have any resistance everyone would be operating optimal you would look around and you'd see everybody acting very rational and doing very optimal things but that's not how it works that's not how human psychology works however you can differentiate yourself you can move into the realm of somebody who not only understands but knows what to do with this force called resistance to then move forward and complete what you need to complete to create what you need to create to move your grand strategy forward whatever it is to live your ideal vision whatever it is that you want to achieve in life you're going to have to take action you're going to have to create you're going to have to apply and the moment you decide to take action that's when you'll start to feel the resistance we look for creative ways to avoid doing the task avoid doing the thing and the more intelligent we become the more information we consume the more sophisticated the stories that we tell ourselves that come from resistance and resistance is very interesting because resistance doesn't want you to think that it is resistance so where's all these different shapes one of the ways is to constantly blame or pass responsibility on to the external world on to others the economy in political situations whatever it is it's very easy to do that and what's very sinister about the resistance element is that all those other things might seem like the right thing to do because when you look around you'll see a lot of people doing it that's the very important aspect of the social proof principle the calvini z' influence one of the weapons of persuasion when we see others doing something even if they're not getting the optimal results we have a gravitational pull we have a cognitive bias we have a trigger in our brain that gets us to do that thing this is why it's very important that you understand resistance and the different facades and the different components of resistance and if it really is something that you want to pursue the craft the building the business then you're going to want to study it and study it about yourself and you're not looking to overcome resistance and others you've got to be the one that overcomes resistance in yourself and you've got to look for many different ways to overcome that resistance because it's going to show up and I'll probably always show up but when it does show up you'll be better equipped so your resistance cannot be reasoned with it understands nothing about power it is an engine of destruction programmed from the factory with one object only to prevent us from doing a work because if you were to do what you have to do your reality would change your world would change your income level would probably go up depending on what it is your self-confidence your self-esteem the results whatever it is you're trying to create will actually happen and a lot of things will change in your life as a result of that resistance wants to keep you where you are and although we look at resistance from the point of view of this book discusses that as the enemy I like to look at it as rather an opponent a sparring partner someone that you play the game with and you have the confidence and the tools and the resources and we're discussing that today on how to beat the opponent and every time you beat the opponent your reality changes and when reality changes the people in your life might change the environment where you live my change and as you overcome resistance you recognize that that is okay you are not attached to the physical mental and emotional possessions in your mind because doing so would mean that you're giving in to some of the aspects of resistance we're going to talk about in a moment so the key here is to recognize that resistance is preventing you from doing the work because it doesn't want your change wants you to stay where you are right now but consciously you want to change why because you know of a better life you know of the outcome that you want you also know that you enjoyed the journey of self transformation and you enjoyed the challenge and unlike a lot of people your insatiable about the challenge and that makes you a rare minority misunderstood however that makes you a person that has enormous amount of power enormous amount of ability an enormous amount of ability specifically to be able to take and idea or something in your imagination and created into reality something that only a small minority of people can possess or not can possess because everybody can do it but is willing to do what is necessary to possess and thus you attract more opportunity more resources and you're able to work with that and you'll be able to do it in a way where you enjoy it and you'll be able to produce we're wrong if we think we're the only ones struggling with resistance everyone who has a body experiences resistance a lot of times when we're experiencing resistance it's very easy to look at ourselves subjectively and say our resistance is harder than everybody else's our situation is the toughest no it really is the truth is that a lot of people are experiencing resistance and they don't talk about it you don't know the kind of resistance of person feels internally the ones that are able to overcome resistance the most rarely talk about it why because they're very involved in the process of overcoming resistance unless there's an objective reason to talk about it they're not going to talk about it and they carry themselves in a way where they might appear to have no resistance this is true I find the best of the best appear to have no resistance at all but really they battle a lot of resistance within we just do it so artfully and so gracefully and with so much presence and awareness that it appears that they have no resistance or very little resistance one of the traps is to believe that your resistance is harder than everyone else's if you believe that you give it more power you feed it even more you're essentially saying that not only does it have over you but the power that it has over you is greater than the power that it has over everyone else which is a thought process that is going to make it even harder to overcome resistance resistance obstructs movement only from a lower sphere to a higher it kicks in when we seek to pursue a calling in the arts launch an innovative enterprise or evolve to a higher station morally ethically or spiritually so it's not just the arts or creating a business but it's also morals ethics and spirituality anytime you raise your level or you strive to laser a raise your level in these areas you are met with resistance the higher the levels you go and what we're interested in is in a holistic form of raising ourselves we don't want to just be good at the arts or have an innovative enterprise we're interested in raising our morals ethics spirituality arts enterprise health fitness we're doing it in so many areas thus we will experience more resistance why because resistance is now hitting us from different angles and the higher you rise up the more resistance you feel and the more you have to study and isolate it dissect it look at it from really a cat-scan perspective and study the components that give it the power and piece-by-piece defeated with the detail because if you don't do that then you're always going to stay at the level that you're at right now so even if you hit a high level of success in one or in some of these areas you will remain where you are and the truth is you can't really remain where you are you'll start to lose what you have you'll start to fall backwards even if you had a million dollars in your bank account you can't stay there because with inflation your money is losing value every single year and that million dollars that you have right now is not going to have that monetary value to be exchanged for products and services to the level that it has right now in let's say 15 20 years from now that's why you have to invest that money so you could beat inflation the same thing applies with health and fitness every level that you've achieved right now you have to work to maintain and increase as you age the muscle mass will start to decrease hormones will change your ability to perform at an athletic level thus you must train even harder and progressively more so not in volume but in the necessity to stimulate to keep raising up same thing applies with relationships if you have a relationship with somebody business partner friendship you have to work to maintain it by investing more and more in it and the key to this is the recognition that resistance is going to always be there to prevent you from doing these things and no matter where you are in life how you do one thing is how you do everything if you can first make peace and accept that truth then what happens is that you look for how to apply the methods to overcome resistance and not just your work but in every area of your life because you recognize that resistance exists in every area of your life and then if you're not feeling the resistance then you're not raising the bar high enough and we all have tolerance okay this doesn't mean that you should raise it up too ridiculously high level where you feel anxiety last video I made was about flow the state of flow or challenge meets skill if things are too easy then there is you have enough skill to overcome what you're doing you're not being challenged you're not experiencing flow you're not being optimal if things are too hard then you can't experience flow either because you don't have the skill the key is to always be raising the bar in all these areas and it will always be like that forever and you have to accept it do not make the mistake and think like most people do that you're going to get to a point where you're eventually going to stop and you're going to not do anything you're going to retire it doesn't work that way studies have shown that those that had very challenging careers and then retire the moment they retire and do nothing they actually start to age faster they start to get more depressed if they don't occupy their mind with something that is not only the same level of caliber but constantly stimulating so resistance will always show up and resistance is our sparring partner resistance is something that is there if you look at it from the perspective that I'm sharing with you is going to grow you but like with every good sparring partner it's going to be challenging and if you recognize that it exists in all areas of your life then you go to work to overcome it in all areas of your life you take inventory of the areas of the life that you want to improve it make sure that it is it covers a wide array wide spectrum not just your business and arts and then go to work on all those areas and when you do that you recognize that you're going to be very involved you're not going to have time to say that resistance exists outside of you because you're focused on the opponent within you have your eye on the opponent within and you recognize that it's going to show up any time could show up in five minutes an hour from now a week from now a day from now it could show up at any time and you've got to be ready the danger is greatest when the finish line is in sight at this point resistance knows we're about to beat it it hits the panic button it marshals one last assault and slams us with everything it's got you'll see this with a lot of people they're so close to getting the result they're so close to living the dream life Melissa's with yourself and they've worked for years to get to a point and they just have to take one more step but that one step seems so hard seems impossible seems too good to be true well this is where resistance is being very clever so it comes from your subconscious mind and in order to reprogram your subconscious mind you need to break through it you know this has some tricky stuff here it was easy everyone would do it but we have to understand the games that's happening the dynamics at play it's when you have the most resistance or you've been going at it the longest or when there's the end the finish line is there and you might not even know that it's there where resistance shows up the most even preventing you from seeing the finish line you could be so close you could been going at it for so long but that moment resistance seems the most overwhelming it's because it's getting you to pay attention to it to feel emotional so you don't see the finish line and it's only when you overcome it and when you get the result that you can look back this hindsight is always 20/20 you look back and you say wow that really is true so I want you to think about it in all areas of your life you probably notice that it was true for me that was the case so what are the symptoms because resistance has many symptoms let's look at some of the symptoms that he discusses procrastination okay that's the obvious one we procrastinate we know what we have to do but we're fiddling around and doing other things that are not necessarily moving the objective soul browsing random pages on the internet flipping through Facebook one of the things that I did last week was actually deleted my facebook account not deactivated I actually deleted it because I recognized the law of diminishing returns I recognized that for some reason I always tend to go and browse Facebook I tend to browse very emotional posts and they get very lost in the dynamics it's one of my forms of procrastination well if I removed it what would happen would I then try to procrastinate by doing something else well yes and no you see certain things we get a lot of emotional stimulus from and thus they're very easy to procrastinate with and not only do we procrastinate with them but they become habitual they're actually more powerful forms of procrastination and if we can eliminate those I'm not saying that you know everyone should eliminate Facebook it's really about self-awareness and you got to recognize with yourself what those things are but all not only do we not have that thing but we're also removing the power it has on you and then you look at other things that could possibly distract you and you remove those one by one too eventually you get to the point where there's very little or nothing you've isolated so much wear resistance can't use procrastination against you it's the most common manifestation to resistance because it's the easiest to rationalize okay procrastination shows up as productivity okay because I run an internet business I can deceive myself with Facebook to make it seem like I'm productive because I track my time which is a little trick that I use to really reveal the truth to myself you see because the numbers the reality is revealed itself through insightful data the numbers reveal itself and you can kid yourself all you want but if you look at the raw data you can tell if it's productive or not you can look at the numbers the money the time spent whatever it is that uses metrics and it can tell you the truth about what is really going on but if you don't have those systems in place if you're not able to track the numbers then you'll rationalize based on emotions you'll emotionally estimate never forget this very moment we can change our lives there is never there never was a moment and never will be where we are without the power to alter our destiny this second we can turn the tables on resistance this second we can sit down and do our work the only thing that's going to produce the results is doing the work but before we sit down and do the work we have to really be honest with ourselves and say is this work real work or is this procrastination is this task or project that I'm doing wearing a facade of productivity but it's not really productive that's a form of procrastination by making us feel we are being productive but really it's not producing that's why I'm a huge fan of the 80/20 principle the Pareto principle in most things in life 20% of the things or the activities or the environments or the platforms we're going to call it are going to produce 80% of the results and out of a hundred things that you could focus on the top 20 is going to be the components the things whatever it is is going to produce the greatest results if you take that 20 and you fraction it down to the e 20 of that and only a handful of those things are going to produce the greatest results so in my business I choose to focus more on YouTube then I choose to focus on Facebook why because the numbers have told me so and I recognize too that I procrastinate by going there so I removed it I deleted it and I didn't be activated I deleted it and will I come back maybe at a later point but right now I'm enjoying the fact that I can't go on there and thus I'm actually reinvesting that time into a lot of other things in my productivity has gone up another symptom is sex sometimes resistance takes the form of sex or an obsessive preoccupation with sex why sex because sex provides immediate and powerful gratification when someone sleeps with us we feel validated and approved of even loved resistance get a big kick out of this it knows it has distracted us with a cheap easy fix and kept us from doing our work sexual energy is one of the most powerful energies it drives people to do all kinds of really positive creative things or negative things look around you'll see a lot of people have ruined their lives because they have become slaves to sex they've ruined their lives in society maybe they ended up in jail or they ruined their lives relationships business many areas of life have been ruined because they've chased sex only to recognize after the fulfillment of it or the completion that it wasn't that big of a deal or it wasn't very productive or it was very unfulfilling but because it's so powerful and we don't recognize that it's a form of resistance will constantly give in to it one of the most powerful forms of energy available to us if you have a high level of sexual energy you're more driven you're more likely to create if you know how to transmute that energy and projected into your creativity it could take you to the levels that you have never imagined but if you let it control you which is hard especially if you're young and you're in your 20s then you'll find yourself wasting a lot of time and then when you're in the thirties in your 40s you recognize or for a lot of people they still do it when they're in their thirties and forties they recognize that Wow all that time was wasted pursuing sex and it's not to mean that you should avoid it you should just recognize when it's actually taking control over you when it's getting you to do things you know you shouldn't be doing because it's preventing you from doing the work of course not all sex is a manifestation of resistance we may experience in May in my experience you can tell by the measure of hollowness you feel afterwards the more empty you feel the more certain you can be that your true motivation was not love or even lust but resistance trouble another symptom we get ourselves in trouble because it's a cheap way to get attention trouble is a full form of fame so think about that for a moment people create stories where they end up in situations where they are in trouble with the law trouble in school trouble in situations create conflict because it gives them a false sense of fame they feel validated by that behavior that's something that resistance gets us to do I hope you're recognizing that resistance wears many different masks the working artist vanishes from her world all sources of trouble she harnesses the urge for trouble and transforms it in her work the thing about your passion your art is you're not resisting all these things you're not forcing them away from you your transmuting them you're taking the you're applying Aikido which is using the enemy's resistance against them – the very symptoms or the very aspects that it uses you take procrastination and you transmute it over to productivity you take the need to want to create trouble and you project it through your creativity self-dramatization creating soap operas in our lives is a symptom of resistance why put in years of work designing a new software interface when you can just as much get attention by bringing home a boyfriend with a prison record sometimes entire families participate unconsciously in a culture of self-dramatization the kids fuel the tanks the grown-ups on the phasers and the whole starship lurches from one spine-tingling episode to another so not only do we like to create drama in our lives because it passes the time and it prevents us from doing what we know we have to do but we like to do it in very theatrical ways by getting other people involved and all of them who are involved in the drama are participating in a group collaborative resistance session or experience and they're all not getting stuff done so one of the things our subconscious mind gets us to do is it actually gets us to go out and look for people that create drama and we like being around people who create drama and we create stories and we rationalize why we like those people all in the attempt of not doing what we know we have to do self-medication do you regularly ingest any substance controlled or otherwise whose aim is the alleviation of depression anxiety etc in our society this is very common people try to trick the process by taking a pill a substance they fail to recognize that true enjoyment true happiness and true fulfillment is found through the process and going through and experiencing and feeling the pain and challenging the opponent of resistance not through trying to avoid it and resistance is clever it'll make you think that you've avoided it through the self medication only to find you later on victimhood a victim is a form of passive aggression it seeks to achieve gratification not by honest work or a contribution made out to of oneness experience or insight or love but by the manipulation of others through silent and not so silent threat sometimes what we do is we create you can say this is like self-dramatization or trouble scenarios we find ourselves to be the victim will actively choose situations and scenarios where we become victimized which is driven by the subconscious a lot of stuff that Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung talks about deep wired in our subconscious are self sabotaging behaviors because we feel we're not worthy we actually see ourselves as the victim this is why it's important to never identify yourself with the victim if you've had a rough situation happen to you in your life take inventory of it work with someone to help you overcome it but do not identify yourself as the victim because the moment you create a victim complex it will manifest itself in other areas of your life how you do one thing is how you do everything and you will find yourself in that situation again learn to forgive really forgive and make peace sometimes you had control sometimes you didn't have control but the important thing is do not allow resistance because we're talking about in the context of being productive and being creative and doing art do not let resistance have that option of playing the victim resistance will use whatever it can to prevent you from doing what you have to do and this is one of the cards just like the other ones unhappiness a low-grade misery pervades everything we're bored were Restless we can't get no satisfaction there's guilt but we can't put our finger on the source we want to go back to bed we want to get up and party we feel unloved and unlovable we're disgusted we heat our lives we hate ourselves unabated resistance mounts unbeliever systems mounts to pitch that becomes unendurable at this point vices kick in dope adultery web surfing one of the things we can do is we can find enjoyment in the things we have to do we can do it I recommend watching my last video on flow to really learn how to master flow it doesn't mean that you go and look for flow in areas where we know flow exists like you know extreme adventures certain things that cause flow the obvious ones we learn how to create flow in the moment we learn how to do that because we recognize that challenge meets skill and no matter what you're doing right now you can create the challenge you can turn it into a game and that will get you into flow it will get you to experience and enjoy that moment when you eat your food enjoy every bite appreciate every bite when you do your administrative work or the aspects of your craft that you don't necessarily like doing you can create enjoyment in the process you can manufacture it a book that I'm going to do I'm going to read it's called man's search for meaning by Viktor Frankl I'm really excited to do that book because I think that's really going to go deep into that subject here are the in counts of those that have been through massive amounts of suffering concentration camps and they were able to create meaning in their lives if people can do that in those kind of scenarios then you can find unhappiness in being bored to be something that propel propels you forward you can transmute unhappiness into happiness you can find happiness in the unhappiness in the boredom and you know you can have all kinds of negative things happening in your life and you can turn it into a game and sometimes it's harder than others but you that's all you can do while you're sitting down and working on your craft allow that unhappiness to fuel you it's going to take some work but we recognize that that's one of the important aspects that resistance likes to play on to not get you to do your work then now it becomes motivating because if you are strong in all these other areas but you're weak here that's where it's going to hit you you see resistance is always going to hit you where you weak why because that's how it wins why would it attack you where you're strong that's why we need to work on all these areas that's why I'm discussing them in detail because if I don't then one of these areas will not have the attention and awareness required to develop criticism if you find yourself criticizing other people you're probably doing it out of resistance when we see others beginning to live their authentic selves it drives us crazy if we have not lived our own individuals who are realized in their own lives almost never criticize others it may speak at all it is to offer encourage now there's a difference between constructive criticism and criticism that it's designed to project your insecurities and waste your time it's very nuanced a lot of people that think they mean really well are actually projecting their insecurities through their criticism it takes a highly self-aware person to recognizes the more self-aware they are the more they focus on minimizing destructive behaviors or negativity as much as possible and what happens is oftentimes they encourage people they produce results by encouraging and delivering criticism in a way that produces results okay the key the key above criticism is when somebody has low self-esteem you criticize them and they'll do what you want them to do if their self-esteem is high criticizing them is not going to work they're going to want to have a conversation it's going to be one of encouraging because they want to keep the vibe high so what we do is we criticize others as a form of creative avoidance of doing what we know we have to do okay we this is one of the reasons why I got on Facebook because you'll see a lot of people criticizing other people I get myself involved in that kind of groupthink and next thing you know I find myself doing it so social proof is very powerful and so is groupthink if you're in an environment that is criticizing other people then you'll have a gravitational pull to want to do it yourself and that's one of the tools that resistance uses self-doubt self-doubt can be an ally this is because it serves as an indicator of aspiration it reflects love love of something we dream of doing and desire desire to do it if you find yourself asking and your friends am i the writer am I really an artist chances are you are so self-doubt can motivate us because if you are a fan of personal development then you recognize that any time you have an inefficiency it's an opportunity to grow you can go to work on it and self-doubt is one of those things and I recommend you watch my videos on Six Pillars of self esteem by Nathaniel Branden discuss this very in-depth self doubt is something that prevents us from producing no aspect that's used by resistance but we can turn it into something we enjoy we can give it meaning we can learn to enjoy the opportunity to overcome our self-doubt and we turn it into a game we turn into a process where we overcome our self-doubt we work towards overcoming ourselves out it's no longer something that resistance can use like with any other fear you're paralyzed with fear that's a good sign fear is good like self-doubt fear is an indicator whew tells you what we have to do remember our rule of thumb the more scared we are of doing or of a work or calling the more sure we can be that we have to do it usually you'll find that the things that you're afraid of and then excite you at the same time of the things that you know you have to do okay there's a lot of fearful things that you could do but if it's not productive find out worth doing but what I found is that fear when mixed with excitement is an indicator to indicator to take action and I also know that the more I overcome my fears the more I plow through it the less fear I'll have in other areas in my life and more habitual it'll be overcome fears and yet again I'm breaking through the majority through mediocrity and going into higher levels developing higher abilities fear prevents you from doing a lot of things prevents people from doing a lot of things and then once you do those things you develop skills in those areas skills that other people don't have and you encounter more fear and you proceed again you develop even more skills soon you have skills that other people look at you and think wow you must be lucky or they'll make up all kinds of stories but they won't recognize that you have to go through the fears and they could do it too but if that happens it doesn't happen to disability matter the point is the net results to call data when you overcome your fears and these are fears that are holding you back from producing results you produce the results the concrete results whatever it is your art is created you start making more money whatever it is and the actions or the net results speak louder than the theory not just to yourself but to others it is what is not the flow it in someone else's face but it inspires others when you produce results and you have concrete results that's the most inspiring thing you could do that's the greatest value you can give to the world it's through results not my theory love resistance is directly proportional to love if you're feeling massive resistance to good Muses means there's something trim that there's tremendous love there – if you didn't love the project that is terrifying you you wouldn't feel anything being a star grandiose fantasies are symptoms of resistance they are they're a sign of an amateur the professional has learned that success like happiness comes as a byproduct of work the professional concentrates on the work and then allows rewards to come or not come whatever they like so again when you do something you're doing it because you love to do it it is the art it is a passion yeah you're creating results but you enjoy the process and you enjoyed the process also overcoming the resistance during the process which makes you enjoy your art even more and there's going to be ups and is going to be downs but what you do is you appreciate every moment and it's not to mean that you don't enjoy the spikes of excitement you do but those that have fantasies and associations validations attached to being a celebrity or a star are actually at a disadvantage because what they're doing is they're creating an identity around they're feeding their ego and guess what happens well the resistance will target that resistance will get you to remain in your ideology or your thought process that you are cool or you're the star and it will keep you there by getting you to focus on that rather than doing the work when people get to a high level of success they will isolate themselves to keep themselves in a bubble to protect that image even if it means they don't they don't produce anymore that they don't move forward they become complacent in that area and what's interesting is that when you're a star and people see you as a success and then you create an identity around that success you have a lot of people supporting that so on one side it seems along what's the point of trying even harder well there is a point because internally you don't feel right internally you recognize that the arena or doing the work enjoying the process going at it and raising the bar striving for goals of working towards the goals is how you got there that's where most of the excitement was and now all you're doing is you're just maintaining that facade and you'll find yourself tending to vices doing along these other things now all these other things will start to show up the ego gets all these other things to show up so you have to constantly be working on this this goes on forever and again to somebody that doesn't recognize and it's not a professional and talk about this in a moment he talks about going pro going at this forever seems too overwhelming too stressful because we're not doing these we're not discussing this because we see art as this hobby this is the war of art this is about becoming a professional this is about turning our passion or art our creative endeavor our business into something concrete something that creates value for others something that grows us something that we get returns for in our investment and when you take that frame and you operate from that frame you become the person that enjoys the process of not just the work you do but the elements to overcome the resistance and the moment you get success and you identify with that success you've now have more openings that you work very hard to overcome that have now shown up again because of your ego and the more you see there the more you'll get depressed and the more those aspects will eat you and eventually you will lose that isolation even in a book like this which has no characters I don't feel alone because I'm imagining the reader whom I conjure as an inspiring artist much like my own younger less grizzled self to whom I hope to impart a little starch and inspiration and prime a little with some hard knocks wisdom and a few tricks of the trade so what he's talking about is that when you're creating your art you're actually not alone when you're working on your business when you're working on your craft you are not alone because what you're doing is through your art and your pure this is about being a professional here so you're creating art for others creating stuff for others you're actually communicating with others even by not being having them in front of you for example as I'm sitting here in making this video in recording this I'm trying to communicate to you I'm focusing on a conversation with you like you were in this room I'm trying to do it with enough presence that my brain can tell the difference so people that can't handle isolation haven't learned how to accept that they can create the communication in front of them they can create a person they can create an avatar and they can speak to that avatar and they can create value for that avatar and once they take the value that they've created and put it out there in the real world it'll speak to the avatars that are representation or to the people the real people that are the representation of that avatar isolation in the earlier stages can be very difficult but that's one of the things that resistance hits you on because you can't stand to be alone I know I battle this for a long time because I'm a very extroverted person so I battle being alone a lot and when I recognize that alone is just a state of mind what are the aspects that makes you feel connected and how can I create that in the craft in the art once you're able to piece those together you no longer feel alone your self-confidence goes up your self-esteem goes up because you recognize that there are times when you're going to be around people and you're going to value those people not from a place of meeting but from a place of contribution you feel good with or with them around with or with them not around and in terms of creating our art for example we can handle long lengthy periods in isolation because we don't see ourselves as isolated we can create that avatar in which our art speaks to and we can communicate with it while we're working on our art in many different shapes of form healing what are we trying to heal anyways the athlete knows the day will never come when wakes up pain-free he has to play hurt the more self-aware you become the more you meditate the more you'll recognize that you're not perfect but what you will realize is that through that imperfection there is perfection that imperfection is when you focus on it you'll find even more imperfections and focus on those imperfections you'll find even more that's why some people who are very highly self-aware can go down the route of becoming paranoid becoming too granular it's important to value being abstract and being granular and in the context of how we always strive to be the perfect help before we go out there and do the things that's really just something that the resistance uses against us so we have to think more abstract we got to say you know what 95% of us or 80% of us is there we're going to go into the arena we're going to focus on that 80% and I'm focusing on that will overcome our weak areas support any support we get from persons of flesh and blood is like monopoly money it's not legal tender in that sphere where we have to do our work in fact the more energy we spend stoking up on support from colleagues and loved ones the weaker we become and less capable of handling our business I think support is important however we should not become dependent on we need to become interdependent this is achieved through long hours and days weeks and years relying on yourself being in situations where you're forced to rely on yourself well you want to reach out and get the support but you hold off on that intentionally because you recognize that you need to learn how to support yourself once you have developed that you're at a certain level then you're going to ask for support in a more beneficial way you're not going to do it in a way where you're leaning on people relying on people because if you do that too much you could end up going down and becoming the victim which is another aspect that resistance uses so don't let the need for support prevent you from doing what you have to do work with what you have right now what you have right now is everything you need to take you to the next level the more you value what you have right now the more you dedicate time and energy and attention to work with what you have right now the more you're going to values support and it's going to come at the right time rationalization rationalization is resistance right-hand-man its job is to keep us from feeling the shame we would feel if we truly face what cowards we are for not doing our work so in our world because we have access to all kinds of information the information age it's very easy to rationalize why you can't do your work because you'll find all kinds of reasons why you will meet very sophisticated people who have very elaborate stories as to why they can't do the work they know they have to sit down and do the work but their rationalization has taken control of them to such a high level that they can't even map their way back to realizing to be active your work if you want to create results then you need to do the work that's what this book is about as simple as it is it's about doing the work and we've got into a very lengthy discussion of many components that prevent you from getting the work done but understand something sitting here and watching the video is beneficial and then when you're done need to get to work because you could spend days and weeks and months and years studying on how to get the work done but if you're not actually doing the work then you're just rationalizing again resistance is fear but resistance is too cunning to show itself in its naked form why because if resistance lets us see clearly that our old fear is preventing us from doing our work we feel shame at this and shame may drive us to act in the face of fear resistance doesn't want us to do this so it brings in rationalization rationalization is resistance spin-doctor it's resistance way of hiding the big stick behind its back instead of showing us our fear which might Seamus and impalas to do our work resistance prevents us with a series of plausible rational justifications of why we shouldn't do our work so now that we figured out the different phases the different aspects different areas that resistance use what do we really need to do to overcome this well combating resistance which is the second part in this book he defines this as turning pearl he says the moment you turn pro that's when you start overcoming the resistance so what does that mean well the amateur plays for fun the professional plays for keeps – the amateur the game is his avocation – a pro it's his vocation the amateur plays part-time the professional plays full-time the amateur is a weekend warrior the professional is there seven days a week in my view the amateur does not love the game enough if he did he would not pursue it as a sideline distinct from his real vocation the professional loves it so much that he dedicates his life to it he commits full-time that's what I mean when I say turning pro resistance hates when we turn pro you see when you turn pro you're essentially going to war with resistance by acting like a professional would and educating yourself on all the different areas that resistance shows up so of course resistance is going to hate when you turn pro because now you're going to take it seriously because your livelihood depends on it one of the best moves that I had made in entrepreneurship was when I quit my job why because before that I was just dabbling in business part-time and while I was making progress I wasn't taking it seriously why because I didn't really have to make the money for my business I was getting it from my job the moment I quit my job and started my business that's when I turned pearl in entrepreneurship that's when I had to create wealth or find ways of creating money to feed myself and I had to do it with the criteria of not getting a job and that forced me to think differently and do things differently and that's why you know I can make these videos because for many years after quote/unquote turning pro I learned that resistance really does show up in all these different ways and that we must tackle them in all these different ways because the only thing that prevents you from producing results as an entrepreneur is resistance it's like the only thing everything else is situation that you can control situations that you can control the economy the marketplace doesn't even matter there are so many ways of creating rather than competing but you only discover it when you do the work when you turn pro the artists committing himself to his calling has volunteered for help whether he knows it or not he will be dining for the duration on a diet of isolation rejection self doubt despair ridicule contempt and humiliation sounds harsh until you learn that there's gold in feeling this way there's gold in experiencing these emotions you learn to master yourself and through mastery of yourself you can get yourself to do the work let's talk about the aspects of the pro how do you know you've turned pro as a pro we show up to work every day we show up no matter what and we stay on the job all day long and we don't just stay on the job necessarily meaning we're just working on our business the whole day it means that we treat everything else we do in our life as the job our morning routine our relationships the books we read everything is part of developing ourselves as part of our craft so we stay on the job all day long by focusing on our craft in many different areas of our lives we're committed over the long haul okay this is a long-term journey we don't want just quick results right away although sometimes you can get quick spicy results we see this as a lifelong commitment this is who we are for the rest of our lives the stakes for us are high and real in other words if you don't make money in business you're not going to feed yourself you're not going to have a roof on your head you're going to have to go back to work the stakes are real okay you're not just doing thing as a hobby anymore we accept remuneration for our labor that means that we're getting paid money to do what we do that's when you're a professional professional athlete professional artist professional entrepreneur you get paid in money or you get paid in some form of value that could be exchanged for other goods and services okay so you can get paid in cryptocurrency if you want you can get paid and barter but you're getting paid in real value we not identify over identifiers I should say with our jobs so what this means is that although we see ourselves as entrepreneurial we can shift and adjust ourselves to do whatever needs to be done ethically to produce the result for example in entrepreneurship there's going to be times where you might have to take on some projects side projects that might appear to be like a job like maybe a consulting deal or something like that but you do it because it gives you access to certain opportunities certain business opportunities and through that consulting deal for working from that client you're able to partner with them and execute upon a business opportunity most people don't recognize that if you talk to most people in the world and you try to if you've been an entrepreneur for a long time you'll see that this the stereotypical definition what people think entrepreneurs are like is mostly wrong and most people in this world am i bashing I'm saying this is reality identify with their roles whatever definition they see themselves at or whatever persona they've adopted they work hard to maintain that image or they don't like that image or whatever they're identified with so they try to change it not happy but in business and entrepreneurship we assume formlessness we do what needs to get done to produce the results we go out there into a marketplace with infinite possibilities the only rules and guidelines are the legal rules and the rules of ethics and the laws of the universe everything else we work with to produce the results the moment we identify with what we're doing we set ourselves up with failure because for example so you start a business and you go out in the marketplace and you recognize that the market is not looking for that product or service if you over identify yourself with that product or service you might keep going at it and doing it in a way where you're being delusional not recognizing that you can't force it into the marketplace rather than adjusting and switching into a different model or a different product or service you will force it you'll continue to force it we master the technique of our jobs so we look at all the areas that we need to develop in and we master those areas or we seek others to support us in the areas that we can but we I understand what those areas are we don't just blindly outsource what we're doing we have the sense of humor about our jobs because at the end of the day this can seem like a lot of work and it seems very serious but at the same times we don't we don't take ourselves seriously why because if you take yourself too seriously you don't have enough flex you're too rigid if you're rigid you can snap and if you are weak by being too rigid guess where resistance is going to target you in your rigidness we receive praise or blame in the real world so what happens is you're constantly going to get feedback no matter what you do you're going to get feedback you can see it as negative you can see it as positive get positive feedback means you're doing the right thing for that right person at that right time that right situation might not overall be right but we looked at data objectively and same with negativity you get criticism or blame we look at how to work with it to move forward with it and what to optimize as a result of it let's look at the aspects of appro appro is patient understands delayed gratification developing a sense of patience is very important because we're in it for the long term this is a long game and while we get results sometimes the results take longer sometimes you can invest years and not see the results but appreciating what you do and falling love in love with the process what you're doing right now will build you the patience the patience is required and there's something and a mark of a professional there patient in their conversations their patience in your day-to-day tasks they get up and they go to work every day and they stay on the job all day and they're patient knowing that they're producing and they're tracking their progress ok they're tracking their progress so they may have not received the end result but they have metrics in place and they know they're making progress they know the needle is moving forward they seek order he will not tolerate disorder he eliminates chaos from his world in order to banish it from his mind and this is not controlled chaos because in the crafts controlled chaos is inevitable the business world it's inevitable it's always going to happen but this is a mean that we have to partake in unnecessary chaos if we can remove the unnecessary chaos then we can manage the controlled chaos even better demystifies a sign of the amateur is over a glorification of and preoccupation with the mystery the professional shuts up she doesn't talk about it she just does her work okay it's good to fantasize and visualize but the results are going to come from doing the work so once you've got a vision on what you want try not to spend too much time meeting with people and talking about it makes you feel good to do it once in a while do it but the most the most important thing of being a professional is doing the work acts and face of fear fear is something that motivates you a professional is motivated by fear well they know they have to do something and they're met with fear they will figure out ways to push through it and do what they have to do anyways the amateur because they have something to fall back on doesn't go through it because they have got levels of comfort professionals don't have choices they have to go through the fear and thus they go through it exceptional excuses he knows if he caves in today no matter how plausible the pretext he'll be twice as likely to cave in tomorrow the worst thing we could do is build a habit of making excuses of blaming others blaming the external the worst thing we could do why because that will become the go-to for resistance when you say that look whatever is going on right now I got to do this I'm going to do it anyways and go and do it not only are you going to produce what you're training yourself the habit of not making excuses play it as it lays the professional conducts his business in the real world adversity injustice bad hops the rotten calls and even the good breaks and lucky bounces all comprise the ground over which the campaign must be waged we play as a professional in the arena and we play in the big leagues amateurs play in environments where the stakes are very low or they take their amateur mentality into environments where the stakes are high and they get wiped out nope trading is a perfect example of this you go into the marketplace marketplace and you treat trading as an amateur I'm not talking about long-term investing in which you seek professional advice and you work with someone who's a professional but trading in the sense of you don't know what you're doing and you just dabble with it you're most likely going to be drained from the professionals professional is going to take your money because they know how this stuff works so if you're going to go at something and the stakes are real go at it as a professional do not go at it as a gambler there's many things you could do as a hobby but if you're going to do business for example because the stakes are real that's a professional world it's a professional environment if you go at it with an amateur attitude you're going to lose prepared I'm not talking about craft talk that goes without saying the professional is prepared at a deeper level he is prepared each day to confront his own self-sabotage so we're really talking about here is preparation to deal with yourself to deal with your ego to deal with your resistance be prepared to know that in different points of the day the resistance is going to show up and how to deal with it in different points the day does not show off a professional work has style it is distinctively his own but he doesn't let his signature grandstand for him he style serves the material he does not impose it as a means to drawing attention to himself you can always slot a professional based on how humble they are and when they have to express themselves when you have to present and they present with passion then they bring out the big guns but most the time they're doing they're taking action and when they need to bring out the big guns they're doing it for an objective reason they're inspiring the producing results are communicating to produce results no other reason the trap is that when you produce results people will praise you and that can feel good and then what happens you form an identity around that praise and then what happens then you're going to make it about the praise no longer about the craft no longer what you do it's about the praise and then you're going to start acting very different people going to say you've changed you are no longer about creating value now you're about recognition and at that point you'll do whatever it takes to maintain that recognition including violating and deviating away from the very process that allows you to master your craft dedicates himself to mastering technique the professional respects his craft he does not consider himself superior to it he recognizes the contributions of those who have gone before him he apprentices himself to them being dedicated knowing what your craft is and dedicating your time and energy to developing every important component of that craft is what a professional does the professional identifies what are the components the professional goes and works and works diligently and enjoys the process of working of developing the techniques all the aspects of that craft he doesn't see himself as the expert and the master from a place of ego if he's achieved mastery or expertise he recognizes that he's still a student he will always be a student and he's always looking to apprentice from greater masters even if he's reached the highest pinnacle in that particular area that he chose to gain mastery in she goes out and finds masters in other areas and learns from them and takes what they have learned and applies it to a known scale so that he can grow even further does not hesitate to ask for help Tiger Woods is the consummate professional it would never occur to him as a would to an amateur that he knows everything or can figure out everything on his own on the contrary he seeks out the most knowledgeable teacher and listens with both ears the student of the game knows that the levels of revelation that can unfold in golf as in many or in any art are inexhaustible what you think is the pinnacle of results is just scratching the surface the pinnacle of success whoever you can see as the master or the highest level of success in your area of choice is just scratching the surface if you see that then you allow yourself to go even higher if you get to that point where you're at that level you recognize you can go even higher based on that you're constantly looking for feedback you're surrounding yourself with people that show you how to improve in those areas that get you to level up distance herself from the instrument the Pro stands at one removed from the Pro stands at one remove from her instrument meaning her person her body her voice her talent the physical mental emotional and psychological being she uses in her work she does not identify with the instrument it is simply what God gave her it is what she has to work with she assesses it coolly impersonally and objectively this is again about not identifying and assuming the formlessness to work with what you have but not create an identity around it you can remove yourself from a situation place yourself in another situation and you'll blend right in one of the best exercises you can do is practices practice this by being in different environments take yourself out of one environment but yourself in another environment that you wouldn't normally go to and see how fast you can accept it see how fast you can blend in it if you have a hard time blending in it you're probably too identified with your or environment or your instrument or your craft does not take failure or success personally the professional loves to work she's invested in it wholeheartedly but she does not forget that work is not her so again when you have success appreciate it recognize it let it be something that you reflect upon because you put in a lot of effort to get there but you don't create an identity around it I hope you notice the theme that is very apparent in our discussion today it's when you create an identity where you become weak because creating identity feeds the ego now this doesn't mean that you don't use titles or you're not you know seeing as a certain person yes the world might see you as that person but you are not attached to it we're not identified to it at any given moment if you need to change it you can the 50th law by Robert Greene book he co-wrote with 50 cent 50 cent talks about how 50 cent is a character that he created it and he created based on what the market wanted based on what he needed to do and he said at any moment he can get rid of that character and just become someone else that's what a professional does indoors adversity the professional cannot let himself take humiliation personally humiliation like rejection and criticism is the external reflection of internal resistance everything when you're a professional is a mirror telling you about yourself anything that you experience as as negativity like rejection and criticism is showing you your weak areas if you identify with rejection and criticism by emotionally investing your energy by feeling negative about it then you are the kind of person that creates identities because when you get rejected or you get criticized it's because you're trying and you take it negatively it's because you're trying to protect an identity again the theme the more you are a professional as focused and present as they are on what they do and do with as much quality they do not identify with it if they identify with it it becomes their weak area becomes their weakness you'll see this in professional athletes the moment they would they identify with that stardom or how their fans see them and they don't perform like that they beat themselves up really hard and then they go on losing streaks a high-level pro it's worth saying and does not take failure or success personally self validates an amateur let's the negative opinion of others unmanned him she takes external criticism to heart allowing it to trump his own belief in himself and his work the professional cannot allow the actions of others to defy his reality or define his reality tomorrow morning the critic will be gone but the writer will still be there facing the blank page nothing matters but that he keeps working if you get validation from the external and you rely upon it one day it will be taken away when people give you validation they can also take it away from you if you self validate well who gave yourself the validation you can take it away if you want but it comes from yourself this is different than objective validation for example if you're running an ad campaign we're not mad and married to the creative or any other component in the ad process but rather you're looking to see how the market responds and the validation you're looking for is objective validation on action steps or call to action or making the sale or whatever and you will adjust the ad creative on whim to reflect what the market is looking for that's how professional operates in everything they do as far as the craft goes recognizes her limitations she gets an agent she gets a lawyer she gets an accountant she knows that she can only be a professional at one thing she brings in other pros and treats them with respect if you have weak areas and you can't do everything that's the truth you need a team and a professional builds a team of professionals around them reinvents himself reinventing yourself is a lot easier to do if you don't form an identity around the success that you have you're very easy easily able to move from one market to another market another platform to another platform when you are not attached to the success you had in the prior platform the professional does not permit himself to become hidebound with one incarnation however comfortable or successful like a transmigrating soul he shanks his outworn body and dons a new one he continues his journey and a professional is recognized by other professionals the professional sense who has served his time and who hasn't this is very interesting you can delude and lie yourself all you want if you're an amateur posing to be a professional but other professionals can see it and that's going to determine whether they associate with you or not so the only way to surround yourself with people who are professionals who will respect you is to earn the respect by doing the work by developing the skills so those are the aspects of the Pro and that's the second part of the book let's talk about beyond resistance the higher realm and I'm actually gonna refer back to thinking go rich by napoleon hill because it's very related so this is where he talks about something even more abstract you could say the sixth sense connecting to a higher power something that creative people rely upon they look for inspirations for hunches for insight that they believe comes from a higher power they all believe it in some shape or form whatever they want to call it they want to call it God or higher self or infinite intelligence as Napoleon Hill puts it whatever it is there's a connected higher force that all human beings are connected to in which we pull hunches and inspirations and this can only be experienced once you are able to be at your work for an extended period of time anybody who is ever able to produce something very high-level to themselves or noticeable or notable I should say in the real world has indicated that at some point they felt like inspiration just flowed through them they got an idea of a sudden or it felt like a voice was speaking through them but you only really get that when you do the work hey Roger will try to skip it and they try to get this ability by not doing the work they try to trick it by many different ways the way you get this is by doing the work so when we sit down day after day and keep grinding something mysterious starts to happen a process is set into motion by which inevitably and infallibly heaven comes to our aid unseen forces enlist in our case serendipity reinforces our purpose it's at this time where you start to see things that appear to be signs they were sent to you certain people show up in your life the saying everything happens for a reason starts to make more sense things start to flow and seem almost mystical but you don't get that and people don't experience it unless they put in the time and it put in this for an extended long period of time Napoleon Hill says in Think and Grow Rich he calls us the sixth sense he says is rarely developed by those that are under forty because they haven't put in the time when we sit down and work we become like a magnetized rod that attracts iron filings we attract the people we attract the ideas we attract the situations things that were always there in our awareness tend to stand out more thanks to a reticular activating system so in things we were rich and refer to it he says the thirteenth principle which is one of the principles what the other principles are they're very related to the other aspects of becoming pro desire faith Auto suggestion specialized knowledge imagination organized planning decision persistence mastermind sexual transportation subconscious mind in the brain I'm not going to discuss these I made a video on Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich can watch it to my channel but he says that the 13th principle these are twelve is known as the sixth sense through which infinite intelligence may and will communicate voluntarily without any effort from or demands by the individual this principle is the apex of the philosophy it can be assimilated understood and applied only by first mastering the other 12 principles the sixth sense is the portion of the subconscious mind which has been referred to as the creative imagination it is also been referred to as the receiving set through which ideas plans and thoughts flash the mind the flashes are sometimes called hunches or inspiration the sixth sense defies description it cannot be described to a person who has not mastered the other principles of this philosophy because such a person has no knowledge and no experience with which the sixth sense may be compared understanding of the sixth sense comes only by meditation through mind development from within which comes from being in your craft and doing the work that is the form of meditation meditation like the you know whatever you want to call it the posture meditation whatever I use the posture meditation is very important for developing the abilities developing the abilities like self-discipline focus and removing distraction and being self aware and so is the work the work is a meditation to get into flow state it's like a meditation the sixth sense probably is the medium of contact between the finite man mind of man and infinite intelligence and for this reason it is a mixture of both the mental and the spiritual it is believed to be the point at which the mind of man contacts the universal mind so we all as artists as creative people want to tap into creative inspiration creative inspiration if you want to tap into it which is really going to take you to the next level higher and higher levels levels that you couldn't even imagine like look around in our world right now look at all the things that have been created from technology to architecture everything most of these things we never even thought were possible but through the work that people have built work that people have done I should say we able to get more hunches and inspirations of how we could take it even higher everybody wants to tap into that ability but in order to tap into the ability you must overcome resistance you have to know what resistance is and you have to overcome it and this is why I invested a lot of time in this video it's a video that I'm not only making for you but it's one that I'm making for myself because record because I recognize it's just because I'm talking about it and even he talks about this in the book doesn't mean that you've mastered it you revisit it and you have to take inventory every day of where resistance is standing in your way standing on your way of producing results and standing in your way of tapping into higher levels of curry and inspiration I hope you enjoyed this video if you want a copy of the mind map and the link is in the bottom of the description I will talk to you soon thank you very much for watching

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  9. Hello again Joseph Rodrigues, delighted to correspond with you and thank you for your Divine reply about my comment about Mr. Earl Nightingale remarkable wisdom for us in the 21 century. Guess what Joseph, I just picked up two books yesterday, This one that you are discussing now on this video and " Do The Work" which I just reading now along with the " the War of Art. I'm extremely fascinated with Mr. Steven Pressfield for his super way he has to convey complex subjects as complex as Resistance is which I have struggled for a long time. I'm very thankful for your work for it has opened a whole new Universe for me who loves so much books and now I have someone whom I can share my own perspectives about them. It is wonderful for me who is always looking for new things to learn and to expand my mind. Thank you Joseph Rodrigues, have a Divine day.

  10. Fantastic timing, Joseph! Question: How long does it roughly take you to make your way through a book and make notes like this? Btw which app are you using to record notes? Thanks.

  11. Seriously thank you for taking the time to making these videos. I know you know thats a win win for both because it helps you too but i went on a bike ride yesterday and I was listening to the flow video and it made the ride that much better to be getting fit and smarter at the same time. 👍

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