The VR Museum of Fine Art for the HTC Vive: Lets Play and Review – Doctor Yak

join me friends as I enter the VR Museum of Fine Arts and this is the entry to the museum so little map and manual here which is double-sided it looks quite cute and it's got the name of the curator there plus a little map of where the exhibits are number one it's across civilizations number two is the Qin Dynasty Terracotta Army number three Great Buddha and number 4 psi religious masterpieces and these are were the sculptures are the paintings and this is the little synopsis of the person who's come up with it so very nice little thing okay so it's got a similar teleporting mechanism to most other experiences like this and there I can already see Michelangelo's David there we'll cut very famous classic artworks everywhere so let's just go to see the Mona Lisa first looks very nice is you can appreciate it in a way that you wouldn't on if it was an image on a computer or in a book just being able to move around it's you know see the light reflection of it obviously as with all VR experiences what you're seeing on a monitor or TV when it's in two-dimensions isn't it's not know any of the same as what I'm seeing here then The Birth of Venus lady in a shell coming out of the shell and a nice little description here talking about Botticelli's masterpiece this is the colloquy stone apologies for the pronunciation Aztec stone looks nice let's see this one three male statues with things in display things on this vide no idea Michelangelo's David was that big said she represents the biblical hero David the favorite subjects in the art of Florence yes I haven't seen this in real life so I might be completely wrong in the scale is wrong but it's huge here so let's go into one of these exhibits should we go to the Terracotta Army first little little room and my sound effects dogs and swords being wielded against each other so kisame in the tree soldier horse fury statues so a little terracotta army feel like I'm gonna fall into it if I go in yeah kind of pressure from the other side as well it would be nice if about other people in this museum as well of that I think in the future museum things on the HTC vive you'll be able to interact with other people are just going to wave and do just gentle socialization with them which will be fun so this is Amenhotep 3 from the British Museum and I've seen that one in real life someone's cheering let's leave this place and we'll go into Pettis oh no where are we now we are in this room I'm in car down his queen and August the Caesar read these health statue let's see what this is and another Mexican Mayan stone kind of relief carving all right so okay so that was that one alright so that I went I went through there and they came out the other side I'm with them so let's go here and we're seeing Peters work Michelangelo did this piety okay plus the percent little references everywhere as well ah okay so this room is just um solo room let's see if I can go back behind here I found in the other kind of gallery experience which I've played so far which is the Vincent van Gogh night cafe there was a few secret areas which were very nice to find these are the credits and where we go now so a the Great Buddha in Kamakura oh that's nice so I can go outside of this one I'm in a snowy place and snow spawning from the sky great blurs of chemical is a monumental outdoor bronze statue in Kanagawa Prefecture Japan right that's nice that can I go close to quite close huge huge Buddha makes me want to see it in in real life and that's the entrance to museum let's see what this one Shiva as Lord of Dance another little classic piece of art that's good I'm back in the lobby and there yes I said I said only odd thing about this is that you've got sounds of people and like sounds from the tannoy from loudspeakers without actually seeing people it would be nice just to get some even you know frame simple frames of people walking around so if statues a pape already detailed increase this slider okay let's see whether that has an impact with for example the statue of augustus where was here oops wrong way well what's or Gustus there he was yeah seems to be a bit more detail so it's good that they give you options based on your computer configuration to increase the detail on each of these pieces of Arts great so that's it I like I like all these um free museum experiences that I've seen on the vibe so far this one seems to be the most kind of thumb well constructive it just looks just feels like you're in a museum in the in the way the rooms have been built and the exhibits and the effort put into this map or everything everything here and the content is all kind of premium museum content so I highly recommends it I'm gonna give it a 10 out of 10 I just think that they can add a few add a few extra exhibits hopefully over time and maybe introduce people walking around so that the sounds that you hear are on so kind of eerie without anyone actually being present see even it's like a person behind this space over here behind the bots behind the reception desk would be would be good but so yeah really enjoyed it and check it out exit thank you for joining me

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