The surprising role of children in copywriting

– You know who can really help
you with your copywriting? Your children. Don’t have children? Borrow some. Here’s why. The goal with copywriting
is to pitch your writing at a 12-year old’s reading level. That’s not because your audience is 12. It’s not because your audience is stupid. It’s because your audience
is busy and distracted. And the chances are,
you’re interrupting them in the middle of something else. You’re a distraction on
top of a distraction. The less work it is to
read what you write, the more your busy, distracted
audience will take in. I had a client who liked
to drop into his writing phrases like cross-modal
attention shifting. Given enough time, you
could probably work out what cross-modal attention shifting is. But do you want to? Or are you likely to walk
away from a piece of writing that takes that much effort to read? That’s why we aim for a
12-year old reading level, so that fewer readers walk away. Writing simply makes our
audience better informed. They will have taken in more
of the useful information we’re giving them. And better-informed people buy. Confused people stick with
what they’re already doing. They don’t buy. If you don’t have a handy child at home, just imagine yourself talking to one. Do they get what you mean when you invent a word like learnings. Hey Jane, what were your
learnings at school today? Or would they use an
actual word like lessons? Do they leverage Instagram
or do they just use it? Simple writing can be
frightening because it gives us fewer places to hide
trying to look clever. However, it makes our
audience feel clever. If you focus on making
your audience feel clever, you’ll see the benefits
in your conversion rate. If you found this helpful, make sure you follow,
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