The Rules of Set Etiquette / Filmmaking Tips

And rolling I mean she’s two hours late Siri call Meryl. Calling Meryl Butt Hi, this is Meryl. Do you have a message? By all means, leave one. You know how that thrills me. I’m probably busy accepting another Oscar, so try me again later. I just hope she is okay. We’ve got to get started without her. You got this, you have this. You can do this, you’re a warrior, you’re a warrior Well, filmmakers welcome to another
week’s video. Oh Harvey, come on! I can’t do this alone.
Nobody will notice. Come on you’re a filmmaker, you know your stuff. Yes, thank you. Well, filmmakers, welcome to another
week’s video. This week me and Harvey we’re going to talk to you… Nope! Filmmakers, welcome to another week’s video. This week I’m going to talk to you about set
etiquette – things you should do and… She’s here! Things you should do and things you shouldn’t
do when you’re working on a film. Ways in which you should treat your colleagues
and ways in which you shouldn’t… Can we turn the lights down. How to be respectful and how
to be friendly and how to make people want to work with you in the future. Hey Kat! Hey! Kat! Can you give back my jacket please Oh, oh, I think she’s talking to you. So do be respectful and organized and
above all professional, even if it’s a low-budget film that you’re working on,
it’s very important that your cast and crew know how it is to work with
somebody who’s professional. So let’s say that, for example, your actors or
actresses are your friends, you wouldn’t necessarily treat them like friends on
your set because maybe other crew members wouldn’t get your inside jokes
and stuff like that – and it’s nice for them to actually see, you know, how an
actual set works and how you’re professional and they might learn
something from that. And I’ll move on to some of the don’ts, so don’t dress
inappropriately. Now, obviously you are going to be doing such a practical job,
whether it’s going to involve running around, setting up equipment, climbing up
ladders, so make sure that you’re wearing appropriate footwear and the appropriate
clothes because you want everyone to be comfortable and you want to be able to
do your job to the best of your ability. Yeah, so now we’re going to go back to some
do’s on set. Do introduce yourself and try and be friendly. I know that some
people are more introverted than extroverted and it might seem difficult
to kind of make yourself approachable, but when you’re on set, a good firm
handshake is always a good idea and a smile because you are going to create an
atmosphere on set and people will either want to be there or not want to be there.
So do be friendly. Don’t turn up hungover or late. You want to make sure that
you’re really energetic and putting your best foot forward when you’re on set.
You want people to remember you for the right reasons, not because you’re late. If
you’re late and you put the production behind and you end up costing them more
money, you’re not going to get asked back or employed again. So just make sure that
if you are running late and it’s something that is out of your control, just
make sure you phone people and keep communication lines open, so everyone
knows what’s going on. Yeah, so one of the most important do’s,
besides Scooby Doo and me, is to rely on the people that you’re working with
on set. So before you go into production it’s very important that you ask people
you really trust to be on set with you because you’re going to want to turn around
and you’re going to need to ask for help, and you want to be comfortable with the people that you’re surrounded with. And related to the people you’re
working with – don’t move equipment that you don’t know
what to do with. There’s a lot of different departments working on set and
even though you might think you’re being helpful by moving something out of the
way, that might be there for a reason, especially if people are just putting it
there temporarily and it’s really important and they don’t know where
you’ve moved it. You don’t want to break anything or delay any of the production,
so just make sure you check first and you know what you’re moving and why you’re moving it. So in the end just do have fun whenever you’re making a film. You know – the most
important thing is that you are surrounded by people you want to work
with and people that you do love.That’s a strong word. Oh well…

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