THE REAL $99 MUST HAVE in Photography!

back in 2016 I made my channel to help people out with advice in regards to off-camera flash and flash in general and I do my best to make sure that advice is sound and backed up with a lot of research I don't want you to waste your time when you watch my videos and I definitely don't want you to waste your money either on bad purchases having said that recently I saw a video by Peter McKinnon that suggested that first time flash users by the yongnuo 564 despite the many limitations that it has that it will be going over in this video and it's for this reason I decided to break down why I found that advice unhelpful and what I believe is the better speed like to buy especially for first-time flash users before did that though I do want to state that this video is not sponsored in any way shape or form nor was I paid to say anything that I'm going to say in this video it's just my opinion from using flash pretty much every single day for the past eight years the Yamanote 564 is $72 which definitely is a great price considering the Nikon Canon in Sony spree lights are much higher in the hundreds however the garage TT 600 this Benet I do believe is a must-have especially for people starting off camera flash is actually cheaper at $65 so if we're going strictly based on price so far the godox is the better buy especially for anyone needing to stretch every single dollar that they have aside from the speed light you have to be able to fire and control it somehow and when it comes to the transmitters that are gonna be able to do this youngers cheapest is gonna be the yn 560 TX which is gonna cost 38 65 and godox is cheapest is gonna be the Glocks x1 t which is 46 dollars right now if you were to go just off the price alone I would have even bothered to make this video because both combos are pretty much around the same but price is not the only factor that you should consider and it's why I wanted to make this video to explain that so let's go ahead and start talking about what these two speedlights offer the youngnam 564 doesn't even have high-speed sync while the godox TT 600 does and if price is not going to be a factor here since both combos are pretty much the same I'm definitely gonna be recommending the light that has that extra feature that the other light doesn't for those of you who are not familiar with what high-speed sync is or why you would want to use it that's something that I'd rather dedicate on video to going over but in a nutshell it's basically the Flash's ability to pass the cameras maxing speed or x-sync speed which you can consider the cameras speed limit with flash once you pass this limit you'll start to experience a black bar going through your image as a flash is no longer registering throughout the entire image and only some parts of it this x-sync speed this speed limit it depends on the camera but it's usually around one sixtieth to one 250th of a second for example when I shot with my Canon 60d it was 1/2 xx with my Canon 6d it was 1 180th and now with my sony a7r 3 is 1 250th again I will make a video explaining this more in depth but for now I just want to say that the primary reason for using high-speed sync is to use wide apertures with flash during the day and again the garage TT 600 offers this feature while the yang no 564 doesn't the Younger 564 has the ability to rotate 270 degrees and the garage TT 600 has the ability to rotate 360 degrees well I don't only Jung know 564 and I don't have a go ducks TT 600 on me I do have a youngin 562 which there's the same 217 degree rotation as d4 and I do have another go duck speed like that shares the same 360 degree rotation so I wanted to show you guys that on the screen for a second while the young no 564 offers 3 groups and 16 channels the Glocks TT 600 offers 5 groups and 32 channels this might not seem important to you if you're just starting out and you're just using one flash but if you ever really want to get creative with your lighting having more groups to choose from can be really beneficial to have if you're ever in a crowded area such as a comic-con for example or any sort of convention that has a lot of photographers using flash having more channels to choose from is only gonna be a good thing I recently shot with going axe lighting at the shutter first conference and st. Louis and a lot of people there had gold eyes lighting as well so it became a little issue of finding a channel that was free that nobody else was using and for me personally in the group of people that I was shooting with we had to go as high as channel 23 to find a free Channel something unique to the Galax lights is the ability to use them cross brand with a multitude of different camera systems including Sony Canon Nikon Fuji Olympus and Panasonic if I was heavily invested in gore-tex lighting and wanted to one add another camera system to my workflow to switch entirely to a new camera system or three hire somebody or just simply shoot with a friend that had another camera system then all I would need to do is buy a transmitter for that system and I would be able to use all of my go dogsledding with that new camera system no rebind a whole other set of lights which is something that you would experience if you bought the young no 564 spoon lights or young no speed lights all together and wanted to specifically use them off camera I wanted to specifically stay off camera because most men you only speed lights that don't have high-speed sync or TTL and simply work to just fire the light on camera including young Ewell will work with most camera hot shoes I could use that single gun xt 600 with all of those different camera systems that I mentioned earlier including Sony Nikon Canon Fuji Olympus Panasonic off camera with no issue but if I use the youngest minutes I've been limited to only manual speed lights or spin lates they're only compatible of Canon and Nikon radio systems by buying into the Yano system you're really limiting yourself in terms of lighting and should you ever need to add another camera system for whatever reason you'll just be adding another layer of difficulty to your workflow one of the best things that Gluck's offers is a wide variety of lights that allow you to choose the perfect setup for you and Yahoo doesn't offer this at all if you want to use nothing but speed lights and shoot with them manually or using Nikon or Canon radio systems then you can be perfectly happy with your no but I didn't make this video to give advice to people already invested in those systems and I just don't think it's wise to tell newcomers looking into our command flash for the first time to get a limited system that not only costs more but offers less to reiterate Yongle doesn't offer anything other than normal size speed lights at the time of making this video however godox does and that's gonna be extremely beneficial for anybody out there wanting more power from the light which definitely is gonna be the case for anyone wanting to overpower the Sun on a bright sunny day or for anybody simply wanting more power from their light in a similar sized flash which is going to be the gun X 8200 which has tripled amount of power of normal speed light but as I said before there's a lot of different strobes to choose from and originally I was gonna go over the different options in this video but since it ended up taking too long and since my friend Rob Hall already has a video going over all the different options in his own video I thought I'd just be easier to just leave a link in the top right corner of the screen as well as in the description area to his video I find roms videos extremely helpful and I highly recommend you guys check out his channel as well I have nothing but love for Peter McKinnon and his videos that no doubt have helped many aspiring filmmakers and photographers alike I even picked up a lot of great tips from him as well and I used the aperture 1:20 D as a main light right here for video lighting because of him when I saw his video recommending the Yano 564 I was just really concerned for off-camera flash newcomers and I decided to make this video because I strongly strongly believe that there are much better options out there for a first flash I started my channel back in 2016 to talk about off camera flash and to help others learn about it but I've been personally interested in off-camera flash and lighting in general since about 2011 so almost eight years now and I've done nothing but test my own lights from Canon policy buff young no metal jinbe and finally go ducks in 2016 as someone who has dedicated a fraction of their life to learning lighting I felt the need to make this video to simply help out in any way I could up until this point I realized I've sounded like an ad for godox I'm completely aware of this as well as my preference towards the garage products but what I hope you guys understand is that it's because I've used these lights for years now since 2016 and it's because I've seen what these lights can do that led me to recommending these lights to people directly in messages online and making videos on these lights as well when I switched from Canon to Sony at the beginning of 2017 all I had to do was buy a Sony transmitter and I was able to use all of my garlic's lights which was insanely convenient that same year I would shoot with my friends Roland Eli and Hector Ally and they shot with Canon and Nikon while I shot with Sony but we were able to use all of my guadix lights because they also shot with godox and had transmitters for their systems I did not make this video to say that Janos be lights aren't capable of creating great photos that's not the case at all and I can't emphasize that enough because I'm a strong believer that light is light and you can create amazing images from many different light sources out there from cheap too expensive to free such as natural light of course as long as you know what you're doing i personally own youngnam 562 speed lights and use them from about 2013 to about 2016 and i created some really nice images with those lights but if i'm gonna be recommending a first speed light to anyone out there looking I would rather recommend them getting a spin light that's going to offer them much more cost less and provide an easier solution should they want to add or change systems or simply shoot with a friend that uses another system I seriously hope this video has helped anybody out and if it did my job is done and I'm really happy that I can help out I just felt the need to make this video because the options that you have regarding off camera flash are not the same as they were five years ago so many lights have come out since then so I felt the need to recommend a certain light that I think is gonna be the best for anybody starting off camera flash all right that's it take care and I'll see you guys in the next video you

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  1. Excellent video!!! You want to get into a system that is growing, and right now, NO SYSTEM is offering as many options and possibilities as godox.

  2. I am specifically looking into getting started in flash photography. I too saw Peter Mckinnon's video, I am glad I saw this before buying my first speed light. Thank you.

  3. If you use Nikon or even Fuji you should always buy used Nikon flashes as they are made extremely well in Japan and can be had for the same price or even less. The best cheap ones are the SB-28/28DX and the SB-24, SB-26, SB-80DX. I even got lucky recently and found an SB-900 for only $100. Don't ever buy a Yongnuo flash!

  4. I love my Godox system. I started with Canon but added Sony by only purchasing a Sony trigger. I also like the plethora of reasonably priced and well made accessories such as soft boxes and umbrellas available within the Godox system… I also like that each flash can be used independently or as a radio controlled slave or master.
    My travel kit includes a pair of Sony APSC cameras with several lenses. I also carry a pair of Godox TT350 flashes which I can use individually on each camera or as a radio controlled master/slave setup…

  5. Thank you so much for this video! I was researching if the godox tt600 was a good inexpensive buy! One question… will the godox tt600 work with the Yongnuo Flash Trigger Rf-603 Ii N3?

  6. Francisco is so right. I originally started out with the yonguno 560III. I had 4 of them and the transmitter. They worked fine for me at the time but as I grew as a photographer, I knew I had to switch to Godox. I work with many photographers who had shown me the benefit of Godox. Lithium battery, TTL plus all the different lighting you can get and all the equipment work as a team as well as they can cross brand. Big plus!

  7. Also worth mentioning with the Godox gear and the X1T specifically you can use that same trigger with that friend on a different camera system by putting it in centre pin only mode. You lose TTL (not sure if you lose HSS too) but it's another really good positive.
    I haven't used Yongnuo but I imagine if they are dumb triggers then you can probably share that trigger around as well but you can't change settings from the trigger which is amazing.

  8. Ever think that that advice might not have to do with actually helping people but getting a better kick back. A few months ago someone recommended Canon R for videomakers yet that someone does not use it last I checked.

  9. I bought several Yongnuo flash units a few years ago and have never been quite satisfied with them. I agree with your opinions about them.

    While they work well on their own they don't mesh well with other brands.

    If you go Yongnuo you are limiting your options.

    I recently bought 3 Godox tt685 and the Xpro transmitter and have been very pleased with the features and performance. I bought 2 of the Godox X1R-N receivers which enables me to use my Yungnuo in manual mode with the Godox X1R-N receivers and the tt685 flash units.

  10. I thought the exact same thing when i saw his video recommending the Yongnuo. The Godox ecosystem puts the Yongnuo to shame!

  11. Great video! I personally use Godox and wouldn't change. I believe PM chose Yongnuo based on the number of reviews, 971 at the time of me posting, compared to the Godox, only 73 reviews on Amazon.

  12. I'm looking into Godox V860ii or Godox V350. which would be better combining it with my AD200? want to use them both on off camera flash. Just want to have this just incase I need it for an event.

  13. I was YN user, started with the manual flashs.
    I never understood why the manual flashs did not have HSS, the 560 line up was pretty solid.
    Back in the days there was no TX, so i stick with cheap rf 603.

    Then my nightmare begun.
    I brought my first TTL flash, YN 468 and then YN 568.
    And soon i discovered that cannot mix 560´s flashs with 568´s because they used 02 distinct radios systems.
    Someone will say there is workaround, stack rf 603 on top of yn622 and so on, but not very practical or cheap.

    But YN was not happy, they decided to clone Canon RT radio system, now there was 03 radios systems that to do not talk to each other.

    By this time i was already migrating to Godox system.
    No regrets.

  14. Bravo! You speak from experience working with all these OCF. Well said! Glad that you point that out to people who are buying their 1st OCF lighting gear.

  15. Nice presenting the use of a good first time flash. I have one of the yongnuo flash , the door broke and they gave me the run-a- round, until the warranty ran out, afterward the company just said get your service center to fix it. You no what I wanted to do at that point, enough said. Mr FJH Photography, it was awesome to have chat a few, at SF19 after calling your name in reverse, sorry no thumb nail pic. Mr. Carr.

  16. Great Comparison and thank you for being so thorough. While I like PMs overall content, it was good to get more solid information from someone who has hands on experience with both systems. Its better to invest in a system with scalability than to waste your investment on outdated products.

  17. Peter video confirmed my recent urges to buy a flash but we all know I'd take your recommendation and Robert halls over his any day

  18. Great response Peter does tend to do these videos often but just curious are you sponsored by Godox?

  19. Sound advice from an experienced professional that has tested the limits of the Godox (Flashpoint) eco-system. Your hard work and dedication to OCF clearly shows on your channel and your photography! Thanks for helping all of us who follow you to continue to get better at what we do.

  20. I don't think you sound like an ad for Godox. You sound like someone with major experience giving their honest advice. Not to mention that everything you said was logical and made sense, too. Oh, and you were in St. Louis?! You were in my back yard and I didn't even get to say hi! 🙁

  21. yea i dont think peter invest much in flash to be fully aware. he speaks based off his knowledge. this video breaks it down better and make person more aware and make a smarter choice. thanks for your video explanation bro

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