The Journey of a Graphic Designer | EP 1

hey what's up and welcome to my youtube channel my name is r.j. and this is officially my first video that's going up on my channel alright so my channel's mainly gonna be focused on grab design and how to become a graphic designer from start to finish I won't go in depth in future videos but for now she won't give you a quick rundown on my background so currently I'm still going to university I still probably got two more years left but I'm also I'm currently working as a gardener alright so the main reason why I created channels because I want to help you guys achieve your goals as designers or creators I want to help you guys become a car designer and get that job that you always wanted I want to show you guys how hard it is what to expect in the classroom how did your first client and everything because when I first started off I'm doing when I first started doing grab assign I also did not know what to expect I didn't know what to do and it just felt so hard for me I honestly did not think how to get a job or even get to where I am right now so I'm not trying to be cocky or anything I just want to I also just want to help you guys and I do realize that there are other channels like mine that show you how to become a great designer and all that but I just haven't seen a channel that shows you their journey from start to finish and that's what I want to show you guys I want to show you guys how the struggle is real and how it could be hard to get a job or how it could be hard to get a better job or even to get clients and I want to be completely transparent with you guys I want to help you guys because I just I just do I just feel like this is a job that is overlooked by a lot of people that think it's really easy which is not it's honestly not easy at all but the outcome once you have a job it just feels so satisfying knowing that you're creating stuff I guess for people for a living it just feels awesome so I hope you guys subscribe and stay tuned and thanks for watching this video but trust me this is only the beginning of something much bigger you

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