The freedom for creative portraiture – Portrait photographer Laura Zalenga

My name is
Laura Zalenga And I’m a portrait and self-portrait
photographer from Germany During the last few years
the world became my home Because I’m travelling a lot
For my images When I first started using Sony
I was with the a7RII And now it’s the A7III and A7RIII To me, it’s super important to have something
that’s not heavy and not bulky Because I’m out in the woods
I’m out in the mountains I’m climbing up waterfalls
I’m climbing into caves And it’s just me, a backpack, camera, lenses
Out in to the wild Natural light
I just adore Working with what’s happening
around you With the a7RIII it just enables me
to go through all the situations That I face during my adventures
And capture it and be happy with it in the end I never really think
about the dynamic range But the thing is
I never have to think about it I often shoot with
different kinds of light situations And then be happy that
I can bring back parts of the image That I wasn’t really thinking about
while taking them I guess in the time of the internet You often question why you need
42 megapixels But I think what every artist is a lot more interested in
Is showing in a gallery Showing something on a
big, big billboard It doesn’t necessarily have to happen
with every image But if you go back
and you have the possibility if someone asks You’re going to cry if you don’t have the resolution
to actually do that So, to me,
that is often a game changer With my self-portraits,
it’s a long, long story of evolving I started just having a 7 seconds timer
and then running back and forth And now with this camera
I can connect my phone And that was, seriously,
one of the most magical moments of my life When I had my phone in my hand
And I could see what the camera sees Right now, I’m looking in to what
my composition will be like The digital viewfinder is a gamechanger
Because it takes a lot less testing You just immediately
see what you will get It gives you more freedom
and saves you a lot of time To me, one thing I really like
is shooting with people who dance With that, it’s really cool
that Sony have the 10 frames per second So I can actually focus on my composition
And the mood you have with the image It gives me more freedom For this, I’m using
the Eye Autofocus And it’s just amazing
because it keeps me focusing on something else While the camera does
all the focusing on the eye And I can be completely on the composition
And which moment I want to capture My absolute favourite lens
is the 85 1.4mm G-Master The most magical portrait lens
I ever touched With the bokeh that you get And the combination
with still having the sharpness If I don’t have that lens with me
and I would normally take a photo of someone I can’t take that photo because
I know I’m not going to be satisfied I think the one thing I really love
about my Sony A7 RIII Is that I feel relaxed
I don’t have to do the thinking I can do the feeling part I’m the one who can focus
on what I think should be my job The mood
The emotions The composition
The camera is doing all the rest And I can rely on it There is no other camera
that fits me and what I want to do And to me
this is perfect

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