The FIRST Digital Painting Tutorial in The World!

“The first digital painting tutorial in the World” “How splendid! — A Wacom tablet and Corel Painter.
I think I’ll sit down and paint.” “You cad! You’ll not do that a second time.” “Let’s see… What should I draw?” “I know. I’ll draw a funny-looking man
with a mustache and a bowler hat.” “After I have used Mirror Painting to draw the face,
I’ll rotate the head and tilt the hat to add asymmetry.” “Everyone in 1928 wears a hat… Except me. I’m a rebel.” “Hatch, hatch, hatch, hatch… Hatchity-hatch.” “I once let a wild squirrel get this close to my face.” “Now I’ll color his eyes a nice shade of light blue.” “To make his nose less flat,
just add a little highlight.” “I have completed my drawing.
I hope you enjoyed watching me paint.” “If you did enjoy this motion picture, I encourage you to
press the Like Button and subscribe to my weekly broadcast.” “Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time!”

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