The Fine Art of Flower Pounding

hi I'm John Fisher from the life lab garden classroom and today I'm going to share an activity from the book of gardening projects for kids called the fine art of flower pounding so what we mean by flower pounding is taking the colors out of the flower petals and pressing them into our paper you can make bookmarks greeting cards and such so the first thing to do is to take your piece of tape and take some of the stickiness or the tackiness off of the tape what are you doing how many times are you doing it okay the next step is to arrange your flower petals on the paper you can choose to put your petals on the tape composite flowers like these calendula that have lots of petals are a great choice and these nasturtiums seem to make a lot of color times helps to put your bookmark on something like a paperback book or a phone book and dampens the noise as you pound halfway through you can check to see if the colors came through whoo that mr. shim did a real good job finish it off by adding a hole in some decorative string like yarn Aradia and you got yourself a quick and easy flower print book part you you

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