The Creepiest Doorbell Camera Videos Ever Captured

(footsteps) (electricity flowing) – How you doing? I’m Callan and this is Slapped Ham. Today we’re looking at
some really creepy footage. From a ghost caught on a doorbell camera to a clown filmed outside someone’s house. We count 10 of the creepiest doorbell camera videos ever captured. But before we get into it, remember to hit that subscribe button for more creepy content just like this. First uploaded to Count
Darko’s YouTube channel in September, 2018, this doorbell camera
has seemingly captured a ghost walking through the front yard of a Florida residence. While the footage is brief, it shows the transparent
figure moving through the darkness from one side
of the camera to the other. Just as the figure leaves shot, you can hear sounds similar to footsteps as though someone is walking over dried leaves or small twigs. (leaves crunching) While the video certainly looks authentic, would a ghost really
make noise as it moved? What has this doorbell
camera actually captured? Is it a ghost or could it
just be some sort of glitch? Let us know what you think
in the comment section below. This bizarre video was uploaded to STENO GRAPHICS’ YouTube channel
on the 07th of March, 2018. At 3:36 a.m. the previous night their motion detection
cameras seemingly caught a very strange creature moving near the front door. The uploader suggests that
the creature seen in the video looks similar to an alien grey. The creature may also exhibit
a high level of intelligence as it appears to move
out of view of the camera as soon as the night vision mode turns on. The figure looks to be about
three or four feet tall, it has a large head, slender body and appears to be standing with one outstretched arm. It’s only seen for brief second before seemingly
vanishing into the ground. Later in the video, the poster attempts to
recreate the figure’s movement, however he simply can’t match it speed. What could this mysterious creature be? Is it possible that the
doorbell camera has actually captured an alien lurking
outside the house? If so, what was it doing there
in the middle of the night? (gloomy music) This short clip uploaded to Matt Reynolds’ YouTube channel in June, 2017, shows a white rocking chair moving back and forth all by itself. The chair then suddenly flips over, coming to rest upside down. While it’s possible that someone is hiding off camera moving the chair, it looks as though it’s actually being pushed by something invisible. Judging by the swaying
branches in the nearby tree there’s also a breeze but
it certainly doesn’t appear to be strong enough to tip
over such a large chair. What do you think? Could this video actually be
evidence of the paranormal? Or is it all just a spooky prank? (gloomy music) If you have a fear of snakes then this next clip is
definitely not for you. In July, 2018, a Kansas couple were horrified to discover a snake crawling up their front door. They were alerted to the
unwanted guest while at work after receiving several notifications that there was a person
at their front door. They viewed their doorbell camera footage and found that it wasn’t a person at all. It was actually a large western rat snake. A local expert said
that it wasn’t uncommon to find these snakes
crawling on or near houses and believed that this
particular one had been climbing the front door
in search of bird’s eggs. The homeowners had a friend come and carefully remove the snake
and while it wasn’t poisonous it could still give a rather nasty bite. For many, the thought of a snake crawling up their front door
would be enough to never want to enter their own home ever again. (gloomy music) Uploaded to Spy Drones
YouTube channel in May, 2018, this doorbell camera has captured something very unusual. The poster claims that the
strange light is actually eight to ten feet in front of the camera and not simply a bug on the
lens as they first suspected. As you can see, the lower part of the
shape is transparent, leading some to suspect that
this may actually be a ghost. Others are far more skeptical however, claiming that the shape
really is just a bug that’s landed on the camera and the distortion
created by the closeness of the object is what makes
it appear to be see-through. At the very end of the clip, the bizarre light suddenly shoots upwards leaving a hazy trail as it does so. Whatever the object is, it certainly does give the impression that it may very well be
of supernatural origins. (gloomy music) This next photo is not necessarily creepy but it certainly is very strange. In May, 2018, Michigan couple Glen Thorman
and his wife Danielle, got the shock of their lives when they received an alert from their
driveway security camera. The photo that the camera captured appears to show an angel hovering just above the family’s truck. It’s so convincing that many, including the couple, believe that the floating
figure is indeed an angel. “That’s an angel. There wasn’t any doubt in my mind that what we were looking at
was something supernatural,” Mrs Thorman said. The church that the couple attends posted their photo to
their Facebook page and also agreed that the figure had to have been sent from Heaven. “Yep folks. It’s an angel. I guess there’s no question
who’s watching over their residence while they sleep, and yes, they pray that
the angels of the lord will surround them and their property. These photos haven’t
been altered in anyway,” said the post on Facebook. While there’s no denying that the figure does look like an angel, others are more wary. Some claiming that the strange shape may have just been a
moth or bug that landed on the camera triggering
the motion sensor. What do you think? Has this camera actually captured photographic proof of
the existence of angels or could it be possible that the photo has a simpler explanation? (gloomy music) This clip was captured on a
property in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada, on the 17th January, 2018, and was uploaded to FortMcMommy 72’s YouTube channel later that month. Amazingly, their doorbell camera managed to capture footage of a meteor streaking across the night sky. Experts claim that the bright flash that the meteorite gives off is caused by it breaking apart as it
enters the Earth’s atmosphere. They believe that this video may help guide them to the possible location of the meteorite fragments which possibly landed in the nearby area. What makes this footage even more amazing is the unlikeliness
that the doorbell camera actually managed to capture a meteorite. The event itself doesn’t occur very often and the fact that there
is only a sliver of sky visible to the camera certainly makes this incredible video one in a million. No list of the creepiest
doorbell camera videos would be complete without
this terrifying photo submitted to Reddit by
user FatNDepressed in 2017. The poster claims that they awoke in the middle of the night to
a notification on their phone. Tired and confused, they checked the message
to see what it said. It was an alert from
their Smart Home saying, “Your doorbell detected a visitor.” At first, the camera didn’t show anything and they thought that it must have been a dog or a cat that triggered the sensor. Then, after several more notifications they woke up to find this
chilling screen capture. The figure in the
picture looks terrifying. It’s certainly not something you wanna see outside your door at any time, let alone the middle of the night. The person is either folding
their arms behind their back or they don’t have arms at all. They don’t seem to have legs either. They’re sort of just hovering in mid-air. It also looks like they’re wearing a mask with painted black eyes. In the morning the user
checked the notifications and the security system detected movement every few hours from 10:30 p.m.
to 4:00 a.m. in the morning. For nearly 6 hours this
bizarre figure triggered the security system, over and over again, staring ominously into the camera. (gloomy music) This super creepy video was
captured on a doorbell camera in Green Bay, Wisconsin. A clown holding a handful of balloons is seen lurking in the darkness before approaching the
doorstep of the house. He stares into the
camera for a few seconds before calmly walking away. While creepy clown sightings
aren’t uncommon in the US, this video feels like it
evokes an extra uneasiness. The way the clown calmly
walks up to the front door and deliberately stares
into the doorbell camera, just seems to make it all
that more frightening. The footage certainly begs the question, was the clown just there
to spook the residents? Or had it initially intended to do something far more sinister? (gloomy music) Before we get to that number one spot and take a look at one
of the most unsettling doorbell camera videos ever captured. Remember to hit that subscribe button and turn on channel notifications. That way, you get updates
about all our latest videos. (tapping on camera) This unsettling video first
surfaced in September, 2018. It shows a man approaching the front door of a house late at night. His behavior becomes increasingly bizarre as the clip progresses. Firstly, he attempts to ring the doorbell but when the gets no response he peers right into the doorbell camera, creepily whispering something
to himself as he does so. – What do I do? What do I say? – (Callan) Several times the
man moves off to the left and begins muttering to himself. He doesn’t seem to be making any sense as he flays his arms around in the air. He returns to the door a second time and again peers into the camera. He then moves over to the door and begins trying to yank it open. Strangely, the man then says he’s just looking for a dog named Fido. – Okay, I was just
looking for a dog, Fido. – (Callan) He then walks away, muttering to himself. Judging by the man’s behavior, it’s apparent that he is
not looking for a dog. What then were his real intentions? Was he there to rob the place or perhaps something even worse? Whatever his motives, it’s certainly not
something you want to see at your door in the middle of the night. For more creepy content, check out our weird things caught on trail camera video right there. Leave us a comment down below
or hit that thumbs up button, ’cause it let’s us know
you’re enjoying the content. And that’s it from me, I’ll see you all next time. Pew. (upbeat happy music)

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