The Black & White Street Photography Challenge [Fujifilm X-T3]

This is Street Photography in Mexico City Black and white street photography only I’m going to shoot with the FujiFilm X-T3 And a fujinon 56mm f 1.2 lens Let’s do it. ISO 160 – ƒ/3.2 – 1/125 Can I take your photo? “Of the shop, sure.” “But not of me” Why not :)? Okay then! Thanks! What is the picture for? I photograph the people of Mexico City Excuse me amigo, can I take a photo in black and white? Sure! This street photo didn’t work in Black and white Excuse me friend, can I take your photo? With the cigarette as well. Perfect! Cool! Have a good day! You can Not take No pictures here Somebody will steal your camera Oh really Excuse me my friend May I take street photo? So far it’s going well. We have some good black and
White street photography We have some street portraits too But I think we should use this last time Before the sun sets To do some Low-angle And some Long exposure photos Black and white street photography has been a lot easier Than my street photography at night video. I don’t now I’ve done black and white street photography a lot more And I think In general Night photography is just difficult Let’s Let’s take a couple of more photos And then call it a day I thought he yelled ‘Blond’ That’s it For my black and white street photography I hope you enjoyed it And I think we got some good photos If you have ideas for new street photography videos Then let me know in the comments below Until next week!

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  1. Hello sir good to see your new video again. Enjoy it and the music as well. Would you mind sharing which film simulation you used for these photos? Thanks a lot! Keep the videos coming!!

    Can we have some photos of Mexican food? Or maybe more photos of the markets?

  2. You should go to the Metro (Subway) lot's of amazing things, La Raza, Copilco(really low light), Auditorio, Pino Suarez, just to name a few stations

  3. Great pictures 🙂 Very good job and the people are so friendly ! BW fits perfectly with Mexico City ! Have a nice Christmas !

  4. Another fun video! Keep it up! I think your b&w images might be more engaging…are you using Acros or Monochrome or post processing?

  5. Oh yeah. Very cool. I like the 1/125… often. For me, it means "sharp most of the time". For you? The same thought? Also, I like the fact that you ask people if it's OK to take their photo. Courtesy goes a long way.

    I enjoyed this video a lot. Thanks.

  6. I like how you just have an idea for a video, show the shots you made and say some sentences. There is no stretching and no stuff to fill gaps to make the video longer. It almost feels a bit weird while watching because almost every video has this one goal of hitting the 10 min. I like your videos a lot!

  7. ¡Muy bueno! Me gusta tu personalidad para tomar fotos. Yo todavía no me animo a pedirle retratos e extraños. También me gusta que salgas y tomes fotos, pese al riesgo de la inseguridad. Vivo en Guatemala y trato de tener mucho cuidado en la calle. No es tan seguro. Very nice work! Congratulations.

  8. Bro, eres una inspiración para mi a la hora de hacer Street Photography. Recién estoy empezando en la fotografía, y me siento super iident con tu estilo. Estoy pensando seriamente hacer algo parecido a lo que haces pero en Santiago de Chile que es donde resido. Un abrazo enorme para ti, y gracias por este excelente canal.

  9. What do you do with your photos you shoot ie do you sell them. Just wondering how would one finance trips to shoot all round the world?

  10. I really enjoy your videos and I think the style in which you shoot them and cut in the photos you take is just so extremely pleasant!

  11. Great video!! I just started a street photography channel too! Do you find it difficult trying to balance getting good quality images with trying to vlog??? I think it's impossible haha. And one is always suffering.

  12. Cool I like the black and white photo its detailed so Awesome!!! I try taking pictures of people but in N.Y. people are mean 😆😜 but i get a couple of cool shots im an amateur but i want to master photography like i still dont really know what im doing with my camera.. Check out my I.G. those pictures are taken with my phone though!! Its so you can see my aesthetic..😊😊😊😊

  13. How about a subject of “things refreshing”. Enjoying your channel, could you display the still photos a little longer

  14. Hi Fred, Did you use a lot of Contrast when you edit yout photos in this videos? Or it's are all natural pics? Thanks and congrats from Argentina!

  15. Do you have any tips to not get mugged/ stolen? I live in Brasil and that is something that makes me avoid street photography.

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