The Art of Visual Storytelling Summer School

My name is Ramesh Meyyappan and my sign name
is Ramesh. I’m a deaf theatre-maker. The workshop is called ‘The Art of Visual Storytelling’
and it will focus on storytelling and will help you to develop narrative skills in a
unique visual way. It will give you an opportunity to explore visual ideas using a visual language
which is a shared language which is a part of visual communication, which is separate
from spoken communication and signed communication, so we’ll be focussing very much on visual
communication. The workshop will give you an opportunity to develop skills in visual
storytelling and also movement using sign, sign mime. For example, like this. Also using mime and visual or physical styles as well. These will all be available to explore. We will also give
you an opportunity to develop skills in adapting a text from English to a narrative visual
style. Another aspect will be to give you the opportunity to find a visual vocabulary
which can be used with specific texts and develop that skill of visual narrative. I’m looking forward to the Summer School and I’m looking forward to hopefully inspiring you and you’ll inspire me as well.

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