21 Replies to “The ART of COONING”

  1. When some Black Folk feel they are Accepted by the White man and are scared not to stay in his good graces……….Moral??? Don't Ever Give your Fucking Power away. NEVER!

  2. 丹撾儭丹撾儭丹撾儭丹撾儭丹撾儭丹撾儭丹撾儭丹撾儭丹撾儭丹撾儭boosie&raven Steve?????不不不@the preacher phuck Charles & every other high mason promoting these dumb ass narratives. @stupidasshousenigga im dead at this while video smh i love it!!

  3. No you didn't play Ebony & Ivory. That made me laugh. It finally clicked with me before you showed the soap. LMBAO!!!! Raven Symone said "I'm from all continent in Africa but 1. I consider myself an well educated African American female. I've been reading on a college level since elementary school, But isn't there just 1 continent of Africa?

  4. I saved both of my sons hair that I cut short. They are in baggies and my boys are now 15 and 14. I also saved their baby teeth, shoes and all. Sheryl was tripping.

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