Take a Look at SUNY Potsdam – Graphic Design & New Media

markov i am professor of design and art at suny potsdam over the past 25 years digital arts have really become part of the rtl you we teach a variety of classes from traditional graphic design connected design to video time-based media sound a little bit of animation interactive design web design the program's hallmark really is that you can do both of these things together traditional graphic design mixed in with media my name is andrew higgins i am currently an art studio major i'm going to be switching into the graphic design major and i'm in the class of 2016 I'm extremely interested in video and graphic design and there's a lot of good jobs in that field and I like working with the computer my name is Rafael Garcia I am an art studio major of class 2015 digital media has given me that Liberty to change my paintings and make them something different or even better than what I had before for example my final illustration I put it into an illustrator format and I traced the image into the program and it changed it into a black-and-white treatment I like the effect and I actually left it that way in my opinion the image was way more precious as long as you have a photo or drawing of anything you can insert it into the computer and you can change it to whatever you want you can add any texture any color in any line I mean you know you can just make it your own my name is Luke Butterfield I'm a visual arts major class of 2016 these programs aren't just something that you can dive into yourself without some sort of guidance so now that I've kind of have some of the basic understanding of the you know the root of of these programs I'm kind of capable to go in and just fool around to kind of discover new features and such and so this is an intro course of digital design so I've only scratched the surface I'm still not very good at these programs but now I'm at a point where I can make some things and unseen in my head and actually actualize those onto the screen you

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