SVA Cribs – 24th Street Residence

(upbeat music) (upbeat music) – I would say the space would have to be a definite comfort zone. I feel very comfortable. Let’s say I had a really bad
day, the first thing in mind is I wanna go back to my dorm. My favorite thing about this
space is that I can work and create almost anything. Since I’ve been here I’ve
had the most inspiration. My room is pretty much like my art studio. Just with my bed in it. I like to capture moments
and I like to take pictures of my friends or myself. So I’ve been trying to
take as many Polaroids and pictures as possible. I love being in the city by myself. What helped me the most is that
I FaceTime my mom everyday. So it doesn’t really
feel like she’s not here. I just like how I created my space. It makes me feel like I’m at home. Like my room. My name is Ryan Cosbert
and this is my SVA Crib.

7 Replies to “SVA Cribs – 24th Street Residence”

  1. She’s so beautiful, and I love how she decorated her dorm. I wish I had money to dorm at SVA!!!

  2. Does the 24th street residence have a laundry mat in or near it?? Would be nice to know so I can pack for the summer program.

  3. Hey! Are any of the buildings pet friendly? This is my dream college and I just wanna find out Incase I apply

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