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  1. Hey great shots. My question is when I take pictures with my speed lite in the smellier manner they are very harsh in lights how to create more softness?

  2. i tried the same settup and my model ended up so blown out io was unreal..i had to turn my power setting down to 1/64 power ..can you explain why it didnt work when i set the settings u used…the only thing i changed  was the iso to 100..u mentioned you used an omni bounce in the beuty dish ..is this true? i coundnt put n omni bounce through attached to the flasht through the beauty dish if i wanted too..please help..only thing that really made a diiferance was if i feathered thre light..not pointing the beauty dish straight at her

  3. Having the same type beautydish, I was wondering if you have found one that works better? Cause I find it to be better then bare flah, but fare worse then a studio beautydish. Tried one at a pro studio once and it was pure magic compared to this one.

  4. I know you can't show someone photos without their OK, but if you have not see this one, check it out. She is a non pro in the US with a population of 400 in her town. Regina Pagles will get you to regina pagles photography

  5. another good video,is f8 a shallow depth of field though? how do you trigger your flash? i cant afford pocket wizards,what one are you using,is it expensive?thanks for the vid by the way

  6. nice vid I need to renew my passport and like to have a good photo I have a canon T1i but not sure about the settings etc. I know how to align it for passport requirement but dont know how to take a good shot of my head. It will be greatly appreciated Thank you in advance.

  7. Hello Dom I have been a big fan of low key but I have only done in PP now I have found this tut I should be able to do it Camera oh and thanks for putting data up on screen as well makes it easy to pulse get the information down on paper great idea thanks again new subscriber 🙂

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