Studio Photo Shoot: Why Try It?

A smartphone lets you carry around a makeshift photo studio in your pocket. You can snap an infinite number of selfies, from every angle, until you perfectly capture your personality. So why would anyone bother booking a session at an actual photography studio? Well… if selfies are like fast-food burgers, studio shoots are like five-star meals. A great selfie can rack up likes on social media. But you’re probably not going to put many of them on your actual wall at home. Studio shoots capture those indispensable moments of life, and preserve them forever. Moments such as new babies… birthdays… graduations… holidays. Lenses on cell phone cameras actually distort faces when held at arm’s length. It’s one of the reasons why it’s impossible to snap a group selfie where everyone’s happy with how they look. But studio photoshoots put professionals in charge of making everyone look the best. Yes, they use high-end cameras. But more importantly they use professional lighting kits. It’s what allows them to paint subjects in dramatic, high-contrast; diffused, gauzy glow; and everything in between. Some places even have in-house stylists, makeup artists, and retouch specialists. Their combined expertise helps them to conjure and catch moments between you and your loved ones. Moments destined to live forever behind a pane of glass with a solid oak border.

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