Studio Equipment for Photography : Photography Studio Equipment: Strobes

In this clip we’re going to talk about the
actual flash tube and what happens when, when the flash goes off. There are two different
lights on a traditional strobe, the one that’s on all the time is not the one that you make
your exposure by, this is just used so that you can see where your shadows are going to
fall and where your highlights are going to be. The actual light that you make your exposure
by is, here somewhere, there it is, that is what actually makes the exposure and they,
strobes come in a lot of different powers, the light that’s on all the time is thirty-two
hundred Kelvin, it’s the same color balance as the lights in your house, so if you were
to make an exposure off of that, it would be very orange if you were using a daylight
balance on your camera. The actual strobe that goes off, where all the power is and
lets you use smaller apertures on your camera, that’s balanced for daylight. So what you
see is warmer than what you’re actually going to get on the film or the sensor. If you look
at this, there’s a center tube inside here and that’s just, it’s almost like the backup
lights to your car, it’s just a simple connector that is an inexpensive modeling light. Those
are usually about eleven dollars apiece. The circular light that you see in here, that
goes around, not the cover, but the actual sounder inside that’s round is the flash tube.
If you have to replace those, those are anywhere from a hundred to two hundred dollars apiece.

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