Studio Equipment for Photography : Photography Studio Equipment: Gobos

Okay, on this clip we want to talk about gobos.
Gobos are just about any object that you can use to go between a light and something you
don’t want the light to shine on. The term gobo actually means “go between”, it’s just
a short version that somebody in Hollywood came up with years ago. So if we’re photographing
our beautiful model here and we don’t want this light hitting this lens which causes
flare and all kinds of problems, we just bring this in, this one’s really kind of handy actually
meant for studio use, and we just make sure that is doesn’t show in the viewfinder, and
then it blocks the light from this from hitting the camera. It does not interfere with the
light hitting our subject; it just goes in between the light and the camera. Alright,
with the gobos, this one is actually photographic equipment that you can buy and spend a lot
of money on, a lot of times you don’t require something of this kind of sophistication that
gives you this kind of control to where you can bend it at any angle and move it up and
down. You can actually just come up with a sheet of foam core, use your a-clamp, clamp
it to a light stand, and you still have your up and down controls just by tightening and
loosening the collar on the back side and you can move that right in between the light
and your camera. The same type of thing, a lot less expense.

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