40 Replies to “String Pull Art Technique Summer Blooms 160”

  1. always gotta check whatever tf jenna was trying to make, and see if she had actual merit in the attempt

    another weirdass fail but a worthy attempt all the same

  2. Your technique is awesome! Do you let the base coat on canvas dry? Many thanks for sharing your work!
    Lauren In Alaska

  3. Absolutely beautiful art.  The torch you use, why did you have to use it?  I have never used one, and I am curious.

  4. You are a good artist. Even creating this video is a work of art in itself. So beautiful and thanks for the invite to your facebook group.

  5. Just beautiful- please don’t put the text/writing full block over the image… spoils the flow of watching … great work thank you

  6. Can you do this with tempera paint? I’d like to do it with my second graders. This is really beautiful and you’ve made it look so easy!

  7. Magnificent demo Dianne! I thoroughly enjoyed watching it and am and eager to try it. What was that device you used after the orange flowers and before the blue ones?

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