Story of My Light – A Travel Photography Adventure With the Profoto A1

You never really know exactly where you’re going to be when you have the opportunity to capture a great shot, but you always know when you do. There’s a feeling you get when you create. You press the shutter and you just know it. Your subject, your camera, and your lighting all work perfectly to capture that sliver of a second that will live on in a flash. – “Ciao, Matteo!” – “Hi Jeremy, where are you now?” We’re in Europe right now. Hey listen, we have a 10-day break in our schedule and I was thinking, it’s time for another adventure maybe we could come to you and make something happen. Now, it’s this one I labeled ‘A’ – this one I can label… – ‘B’ I first met Matteo in 2005. I hired him and his then girlfriend Rita to model as the bride and groom for a calendar shoot with Starwood, Costa Smeralda. They were married a year later on the same month that that image appeared in the calendar. Fast-forward 10 years and now Matteo and Rita have three kids and a successful business in Sardinia. Sardinia is a rich mixture of active land and sea sports, luxury hotels, yachts, Italian food and culture. We decided to do ten diverse shoots around the northern coast in ten days using my A1s. So, it sounds like we have some interesting ideas that we can… we’ll figure out how to make them happen with this light. well, a dozen of those lights… – “No, Just this one!” – “Yeah, just this one!” Let’s do it! This is going to be fun! Yeah it is. – “Sardinia is a very nice place.. they have a very nice amazing landscape, when I was young, I like so much race now, it’s ok for me because I meet a lot of people and I see many countries. The most beautiful riders in this rally have a beautiful mind.” Travel is one of the most powerful mediums for the free exchange of ideas and hotels are the crossroads for many of those exchanges. Making luxury hotels and travel my career put me at the center of that intersection. Fifteen years ago, not many people were even lighting commercially with speed lights. I had to creatively mix different parts lights, batteries, remotes, cables, and adapters to build my first wireless lighting system and for my entire career I’ve had to assemble all these components myself. Now I’ve got the Profoto A1. It’s just easy and compact, all of the pieces are integrated into one powerful studio strobe. -“My grandfather started this business in 1968, I’m now the third generation and still my father my mother, two uncles, cousins working here, actually we are a big big family running this hotel and this year is the 50th anniversary. We also build these new Suites with a pool on the on the top.” – “Today, we have an epic session with big waves. It’s not so often we have such a good conditions this is very special and I will remember this day for long.” Behind this door we discovered a tunnel that leads underground to the ruins of old Roman buildings it turned out to be the perfect place for a Halloween themed photo shoot. I remember your “Adventure ” at the Cala Di Volpe… Yeah yeah yeah yea… No. This was a much cheaper buffet. My work is my travel. My travel brings new friends… and those friends become like family. It’s not the destination, it’s capturing the journey. Travel, shoot, play, repeat. It’s The Story of My Light!

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