Starting personal branding photography

– Are you considering getting into personal branding photography, but you’re not sure what
the legal ramifications are. In today’s video, I’m gonna share with you three quick tips that you need to know before ever booking your first branding photography client. (spacey buzzing) My name is Meredith
Ryncarz, I am the owner of The Restart Specialist where we help businesses get
rapidly booked in any market. Personal branding
photography is something that we absolutely love. But there are things that
vary pretty differently from our portrait and
wedding photography clients. – You don’t say. – And the first is copyright. Well I would never ever give copyright to any of my clients. When it comes to personal
branding photography, your corporate and your small business clients are gonna need the ability to do several things that a normal portrait client or wedding client wouldn’t need. – Chaos screaming, chaos dreaming, gotta do more, gotta be more. – And so when it comes
to that legal contract, you may want to consider
a slightly different copyright agreement. To include something
like a shared copyright, verse, or a limited copyright agreement. But you never want to give
away your copyright completely because these are your images,
and this is your artwork. – Damn!
– Damn! – The second thing that
you have to consider when it comes to dealing with
personal branding photography and the legal side of things, is that your clients are going to need to manipulate their photos
that you’re giving them. These clients have to be
able to use your images in their marketing materials. And whether that’s turning an
image from black and white, or from color to black and white. – Tuh, tuh tuh today junior! (Adam laughs) – Or overlaying text on top of it, or even cropping into your image, those are things that
your portrait clients are never gonna have to ask you to do. And so that is something
that you definitely want to put into your contract when you’re preparing it for your clients. The last thing is that differentiates from a legal aspect from
portrait to branding clients, is that your branding clients are gonna need to be able to print
these for their store, put them in magazine articles. And use them for advertising. Which means that they’re making money through the use of your photos. Now my portrait clients are
never allowed to do this. But when it comes to personal
branding photography, I want my clients to be
able to use their images that they’ve hired me to create, in order for them to
market and make more money. (audience applauds and cheers) And so these three tips
will help you get booked more rapidly because
you are willing to give your branding clients what they need in their contract and with their images. If you liked this content, I wanna make sure you
don’t miss out on any more. So make sure you hit
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personal branding photography, make sure you leave a comment below and we will definitely respond back. Thanks so much for watching.

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  1. Great and informative video! The editing was great too with lot's of quick funny clips to emphasize important points 🙂

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