‘STARTING’ MY SKETCHBOOK! | First Page in My New Sketchbook | Copic + Ohuhu Markers

Hi! Welcome to the video! this is my
sketchbook. remember it? remember two weeks ago and I said I was gonna fill
the first page in the sketchbook for you? I have filled a few pages since then but
I intentionally left the first page blank just for you guys so the plan for
today is to make some marks on this piece of paper, call it art,
and then walk away I hope you’ll join me ♪ now before I draw on the first page I do just want to
take a moment to appreciate this page that I’ve already drawn om, it wasn’t its fault
that it was drawn on the opposite side of the first page which I plan on using
Copic markers you’ll live forever in my heart I don’t know what that is okay bye alright this page I’m gonna be using this prismacolor col-erace pencil in
the color pink I thought it’d be a good idea because I was gonna use it
underneath Copics and I’d be able to erase like the parts that I didn’t need
but this ended up being a very bad decision and like all the other problems
in the summertime I’m gonna blame the humidity [darn humidity!] but we’ll talk
about that later I might not have put as much thought into this first page as
sometimes I usually do but I did have a vague idea of what I wanted it to look
like and this first sketch wasn’t even vaguely close to my vague idea I’m
inspired by this sketch on this second page I really like how stiff the
character is and how like powerful she looks so that meant erasing what I
already had my kneaded eraser really wasn’t cutting it so I had to bring out 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗵𝗲𝗮𝘃𝘆 𝗮𝗿𝘁𝗶𝗹𝗹𝗲𝗿𝘆! but then that didn’t work either what can you do?
humidity. it’s probably also the pencil’s fault… so that meant starting over again and ignoring the chicken
scratch that was still there this time making sure to glance back and forth at
that sketch that I really liked so that I could hopefully capture it a little
bit better I don’t think I’ve actually said this yet but the plan for the first
page was to have the character that I had painted on the cover of the
sketchbook standing off to the left and then on the right I’m going to have
basically it’s gonna say “sketchbook 23” and then underneath that it’ll like show
the dates that sketchbook 23 was filled within — I like to do welcome pages
whenever I create a new sketchbook I just think they’re fun they leave the
guesswork to what the first page needs to look like because I feel like there
could be a lot of anxiety when it comes to drawing in that first page because
you know that’s the first page people see what do you put on it? and so if I
put the exact same thing every time I don’t even have to think about it [mouth pop!] it
just comes naturally of course I change it up it’s not the
exact same thing but you know there’s a theme there I think it’s just helpful to
allow your creativity to have limitations because then you have to
keep trying new things to try to make that same thing… new I already knew what
her outfit was going to look like because I had put time into deciding
what that would look like a couple days ago when I was actually drawing the next
page which I keep flipping back and forth and you keep seeing I kind of
ironed out what her outfit would look like so at this point it was pretty easy
I just had to put it on her so she wasn’t…. naked and then I tried to see if
roses might look good over here too you know just putting um everywhere and
anywhere [pencil sharpening break] okay gotta clean this up but now that the
pencil is sharpened I can actually use it to start refining the details I
really like to allow my pencil to just get very very dull as I’m laying out the
sketch because I feel like it’s very soft and it like allows me to experiment
a little bit more and I can’t draw quite as dark then when I’m happy with it I
sharpen the pencil and then I can start refining everything that I already know
that I like and chip away at it and just make it look better slowly if you
try to make something look good right off the bat that’s
when you run into problems trust me it won’t look good you gotta take your time
step by step you’ll get there so I’m pretty happy with the way it looks but I
need to just double check I’m gonna keep checking the cover make sure that I
think it looks like her, I want to capture that essence that I painted
on the cover but now in sketch form I also can’t decide if I want to keep the
bangs or not I feel like her little swirly cinnamon bun fringe is definitely
distracting from the rose crown that she already has because it’s kind of a very
similar shape so I’m still arguing with myself about that here I tried adding a
little extra ruffle-y bits to her skirt elongated it added a little bit more
texture but it was just too busy what I liked about her outfit before is that it
seemed kind of simple like big poofy sleeves, crop top, high-waisted little
like tie wrap, and then leggings I feel like it’s all just was simple it was
easy to draw adding in the ruffles and making the bandana thing a skirt it was
just too much fabric I don’t know I can zoom in a little bit and show you some more
details here like the hands I have her resting right on that letter ‘S’ and then
I have the other hand kind of pointing at the word it’s kind of just gesturing
welcoming you to the sketchbook and telling you to read “welcome to my
sketchbook” literally so that you know you are welcome it’s a little redundant
but I like it now that I like the sketch and it’s about what I wanted, I know
where the words are gonna be, I-I I’m not sure sure about the roses but I like the
character and I like the words that means it’s time to get out my Copic
markers! and these are my Ohuhu brush markers I like to use these together so
that I have a larger variety of colors the first thing I did was add the liner
to the title ‘sketch-book’ I decided to keep it very sketchy add variety to the
widths and even leave little spaces that I could color with marker later on if I
so choose then it was time to add line art to the character I always start with
the face I don’t know why just the thing I do but isn’t it a cute face?
come on another thing I do for whatever reason is to add like a very dark shadow
under the chin I remember whenever I would draw at work
a customer would come up be like “why does this character have a beard?” and I would just
stare at them and be like…”uh… can I help you?” like what do you say to that?!
like maybe my character does have a beard?? it’s like it’s been years and I
still haven’t come up with a comeback for that… “why does your character have a
beard” — “I don’t know why do you have a face?!” yeah see I got nothing. so I just
add liner to everything at least that’s what I did — basically just tracing your
favorite lines and ignoring the lines that you don’t like so much and then you
end up with an illustration that has all your best lines sometimes you
accidentally you know twitch and just draw a line that you didn’t mean to draw
but no I guess it all comes with practice – one day I’ll get it right like
a hundred percent just wait then it was time to add coloring now this was a
little tricky because I’m trying to match my Copic markers and my Ohuhu
markers to acrylic paint that I mixed and painted on the cover so I’m trying to
make this character look the same but obviously not using the same tools I settled on YR0000 (Pale Chiffon) for the hair now I end up layering this a
lot and ending up blending it with some other colors but I thought this was a
pretty good base it looks very similar to the cover you know as close as I
could get when it came to coloring in her red outfit I think I’m mixed between
r1 and r2 in the Ohuhu brush markers and this works really well when I needed
like just a little extra tone or just like a little bit of shadow or if I just
wanted to see a little bit of like a tone shift and it really gave the outfit
some dimension it looked 3d there was some wrinkles there and I was very
happy with that and I also use this color to color in
the roses (because it’s supposed to be the same color) then for skin I used R21 (Sardonyx) if you
look back at my painting her skin is very very pink so I wanted to try and
capture that at first I used this to just add shading to the hair bringing a
little bit more pink into that because when I used my acrylic paints I was
mixing all of the colors together a lot so there’s a lot of blending and
cohesion between those colors so I wanted to kind of incorporate that idea
in the Copic markers and blend a lot of the
colors together even if you necessarily wouldn’t think to shade blonde hair with
pink I did it anyway and I liked it and then obviously I used
it to color in her skin for the most part this is all the colors that I ended
up using I think I’d try using some purples and some other colors but they
didn’t really work so I don’t use a lot of them but I keep switching between
these three colors oh and I also used R24 (Prawn) so I used R24 it’s a Copic marker
and I use that to shade some more so anywhere that I needed just an extra
smidge of depth because it is a little bit lighter than my r1 and my R2 from my
Ohuhu brush markers so it was like a nice mid tone for that but it was a very
dark compared to my R21 and I basically just switched between these markers
adding some shading using the r24 for the blush and r21 for any of the
lighter tones to bring some of that red into the text since I used black I used
r24 to color in those little spaces that I left in the line art I was originally
going to fill those in with just the line art color so solid black but I’m so
glad that I didn’t because I feel like this just spreads that red around you
know? then I used this Decorous White gel pen to add little highlights here and
there but I wasn’t done yet I did grab a light purple and try to add shading
underneath the kneecap there with that back leg because when you draw legs and
one is kind of sticking backwards it can be very difficult to get that to
actually look like a legs going backwards and one (of the legs) is not just a different
length than the other so I like to color it in a lot darker to really push the
contrast and to tell the eye that that’s further in the distance not just a
different shaped leg from her other leg I also used it to add just a smidge of
shading here and there but wasn’t crazy the way the purple was blending with the
Reds and the Pink’s so I didn’t use a lot of it then I settled on making the
roses in kind of like a circle shape encompassing the title and welcoming you
to my sketchbook and just bringing your eye in that direction so I added line
art and then I colored it with the same colors I’d been using for the rest of
the drawing – tying it up and wrapping it in a bow and using the same colors for a little extra fun and pop I darkened up the lineart around the outside of the
character I feel like just makes it look a little bit more cookie cutout I just
like it it makes the character look a little flat and I don’t know some reason
that just appeals to me I didn’t encompass the entire character just here
and there so that it’s not too overwhelming– oh here I’m trying to erase
some more of that pencil it’s not as visible on camera but GYAOSH! that stuff
was sticky it did not want to go anywhere (that humidity, man) so this is
what it looked like at this point looking at it I realized it was
off-center now these are like the things that I could have fixed if I really had
planned ahead so I felt pretty dumb because these are all easily avoidable
problems so I decided to do a little bit of a quick fix and I took a chisel nib
and I just drew a straight line on the left side this like shrinks the page and
makes it look a little bit smaller very vaguely centers my illustration on the
page this is like a cop-out I know I’m aware – I’m dealing with this in my own
time but I honestly don’t hate it and I like that it just brings more Red into
the whole thing I kind of wish I had used some kind of background or add
stripes OHHHHH! i could still do that one second [me from the future:]
okay let me just do this really quick my desks a mess – I was
drawing… naturally I’m gonna use R21, [back to voice over me:]
I’m going to add stripes to the background
but not within the actual title like that circle shape so it makes that
circle shape stand out and then there’ll be a background and the page will have
a little bit more umph! oh yes I’m going to do that!! so if I did that it’s showing on screen
right now [which it is] anyway but before i did that I did do this: I added more pink
and Red’s to the skin because I looked back at the cover and I realized my
painting had much darker redder skin so I tried to just incorporate a little bit
more without ruining what I already had and this is what that looked like but
then if I go back and add stripes this is what it looks like now… well in the
future I haven’t done yet hopefully it’s good ooh thank you guys
for watching I hope you like the first page in my sketchbook I definitely
recommend creating a little first page like a little title page welcoming you
to the sketchbook you can put your name like you’re the author of the art you
know it’s really really cool I think it’s just a fun little thing to do.
thanks for joining me! I hope you all have a delicious evening full of waffles! BYE! ♪

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