Spa The Purest Picture – Technical Breakdown

How can you shoot a portrait with a lens made by water? If you take a glass plate you can see the water drop isn’t round. So it is hard to use as a lens. We add a special water resisting coating to the plate so a rounded drop is formed. As you can see, this can be used as a lens. You can use a needle to precisely place a drop of water on the plate. We then electrify the plate and you will see we can shape the drop. We use the electrowetting process to make the drop less rounded. This also changes the focal length of the ‘lens’ and allows use to focus. We need to use the glass plate with a water drop and then bring the light here using a mirror under a 45 degrees angle. This allows the light to come from the front and bend it upwards to lead it trough the lens. We need to use a small aperture to get a sharp image through the middle of the drop.

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