Sony Portraits at f/0.95: The Breakdown with Miguel Quiles

How’s it going everybody. Miguel Quiles here… and in this video I’m going to introduce you to the Mitakon f/0.95 lens We’re gonna shoot some portraits here outside on this very very cold New Jersey afternoon so stay tuned Welcome to The Breakdown Hi, I’m Miguel Quiles and I’m outside right now and I want to show you how I shoot some portraits using the Mitakon f/0.95 lens… you heard right f/0.95 it is going to be amazing lots of bokeh. It’s a really excellent lens, this is going to be used on my sony A7II Mirrorless camera, and one of the reasons why I really love this particular lens is that it’s super, super sturdy. It’s made of metal, so it’s kind of a very heavy, chunky piece of glass I’m actually going to take it off the tripod here, but am, it’s a very, very solid lens. On top of the fact that you can shoot at a ridiculously, ridiculously wide open aperture. Am it’s just a really, really, excellent lens and so let me give you guys a little bit of an idea of what the setup is going to be. I’m using the A7II which is a 24 megapixel full-frame mirrorless camera. I’m gonna be shooting this on a tripod and part of the reason is that as I was doing some test shots prior to hitting record on this video. Some of the shots, it’s really hard to get your portraits and focus when you’re shooting at such a shallow depth of field, so one of the things that could really help you out is using a tripod so I have a Benro, this is the FTA 29c it’s a carbon fiber tripod very lightweight so this is what I’m going to be using to keep everything very steady, and as far as the rest of the set up here I have a kapok stand, I have a reflector stand and I have a Phottix silver tri-reflector. So this is just basically adding a little bit of light to her face, giving you a little bit of an extra catch-light in her eyes, I don’t know if you guys can see this but it’s starting to snow a little bit hopefully that will add a little bit of extra magic to these portraits but am… lets take a look here at the settings and I’m actually again shooting all of these portraits wide open because i want to show you what f/0.95 portraits actually come out looking like all of these are shot at ISO 100 and I’m going to keep these at 1/1250th of a second so that’s going to be my shutter speed these are all in auto white balance, I’m shooting in raw – so once I take these into post-production I could go ahead and I can adjust it to whatever white balance I would like, but up with all that being said that’s the setup really nice and simple we’re actually shooting out in front of the woods here it’s a really easy backdrop you can find this anywhere and we’re gonna take some portraits and I”ll show you guys how these come out. All right… here we go perfect! hold it right there awesome! and one of the other things I wanted to mention as well as that this lens is a manual focus lens so don’t let that scare you because one of the awesome things about shooting with the mirrorless camera is the fact that you have a feature called focus peaking and you have focus magnification which I feel like it’s a topic that is going to deserve its own AdoramaTV video but to give you a brief overview basically as I look through this viewfinder and as I twist the manual focus ring to get the shot and focus, everything that’s in focus lights up and in this case it lights up yellow… because that’s the way i have it set up in the camera, so basically what I’ll do is I’ll take the focus… put it on her eyes. I’ll twist the manual focus ring until I see her iris light up yellow as soon as I do that I just take the shot and I’m ensured that her eye is in focus so long as she doesn’t move backwards or forwards or I don’t move backwards or forwards, so to help that half of the equation, that’s part of the reason why I’m shooting on this tripod, but again this is a manual focus lens so you’re going to see that I’m twisting the manual focus ring to get her in focus the other thing is you have to let your models know, when you’re photographing them with a manual focus lens, because oftentimes they’re used to autofocus and there used to just moving around and they’ll kind of like do but these numbers as their opposing, you want them to settle in to a pose, so whatever the pose is, going to be have them hold it until they hear that shutter go off and you have to instruct them of that because if not you’re gonna have a lot of shots that are going to be out of focus. So again with that being said let’s go ahead and take some more shots. Perfect – very nice, hold that, beautiful, love that. I’m gonna move this here and I’m also trying to make sure as I take these images that I don’t have trees growing out of the back of her head so I’m moving my tripod and because it’s a carbon fiber tripod it’s actually very easy to pick it up and move it around as you need to so here we go, one, two, three, beautiful hold that, move this here excellent hold that, and again I’m using focus magnification and one. two, three, beautiful awesome! There we go one, two, three, beautiful there we go one, two, three, excellent and one more one, two, three. Excellent, oh that wind! There we go one, two, three. Excellent we go one, two, three nice one, two, three! Awesome Alright folks so there you have it, we’re out here shooting portraits with the Mitakon 50mm f/0.95 – super easy just one reflector, with a stand. Again you don’t even really if you have somebody with you they could actually hold the reflector for you and make this so much easier but am, if you have to go and lone wolf it on your own bring a reflector bring a stand and you’re good to go! Hopefully you guys see, it’s super easy to take really interesting, really nice portraits outdoors, without a lot of gear Make sure that you subscribe to AdoramaTV for more great videos be sure to also check out the Adorama Learning Center to read articles and reviews on your favorite photography products and thank you so much for watching The Breakdown. I will see you in the next episode. Bye everybody!

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  1. Great video! Would love to see a tutorial on your processing of this image (or at least the steps written out). Thanks! EDIT: Just read through the comments and see that you already have it!

  2. Great pictures! Love the look and the post-procesing! But it bothers me that most of the video is slightly focused on the background.

  3. For such a beautiful model you just used a manual focus camera and a toy tripod and the result color went wild for fire tint! You really threatened me using a SONY a7II. Such a junk photographer!

    Sony people: please learn how to use a tripod first in a pro manner.

  4. Pretty nice photos, really liked them.

    I have something that I would love to see Adorama try out. Put this lens side by side to a fast telephoto, say a 400/2.8, Nikon's new FL version is stunning, Canon has its great 400/2.8 too. Show the images side by side. The 400/2.8 should be able to melt the background just like the 0.95 Mitakon, if not even more.

    Having the nose tip out of focus is pretty weird. Be sure to carry a loudspeaker 🙂

  5. Neat lens and pics! Good presentation, thx! One thing, you didn't introduce Noel, ha. Nice girl, cordial, shot her at The Photocoop once. A real stunner!

  6. Nice video 🙂 and one of my favorite lenses lately. Only about the build quality of the lens… I am not on the same opinion but still it is dirty cheap for what it is doing. If you get decent copy it is amazing :).
    I have shot only a few shots with it till now but I hope that soon they will be more.

  7. I'm assuming the photos you showed are not straight out of the camera, but they have been post processed already. Could you show some shots straight out?

  8. 6.55 minutes of video and we see only you snap a picture at 4.47. Try not doing to much bla bla bla. Go to the essential.

  9. nice photos, but i don't think it was necessary to shoot a headshot at f0.95. f3,5 would've put more of her face and hair in focus.

  10. Great job Miguel. I have this lens and love it!. Could you briefly describe your post on these shots? Thanks again!

  11. Great lens, PERFECT post-production. Could you give us any clue to achieve this look?

  12. Most part of the video is empty speaking speaking speaking speaking…. Shoot more, speak less, man

  13. nice. it would be great to see the fotos in original size though.. hard do judge the sharpness of the lens in that youtube video..

  14. haahahah I fell bad for the Model !! the look in her face when she was waiting to be introduced.. So bad !!!!1

  15. Hi. The girl appeared whiter on video than the actual photo. Why was her face darkened. I like 'au naturelle', not 'photoshopped'. Her white skin is very pretty. That lens must be quite expensive. Obviously for professionals.

  16. I had to keep replaying the beginning, it seems you were so excited to mention the aperture and completely forgot to mention the equally important focal length.

  17. Miguel….you should introduce the model first and if this lens is as good as you say have a link with full resolution pics at f/.95 for us to see….Too much talk and nothing to show….(except the model)

  18. Man i like the colors ,lighting and the model !! i heat the distortion !! look at her nose in the photos .. all close up portraits under 50mm lens have the same distortion and you have to stand a little bit farther then crop
    thank you for the video .. hope that to introduce the model next time 🙂

  19. I think the girl is getting jealous because you are getting a nerd boner on the lens vs. her. lol. I think I counted 92 knee changes, 12 smiles per 30s ration … and she's nerpin directly through that coat.

  20. focus peaking and focus magnification doesn't exist in most cameras that are not Sony. Just FYI 🙂 .. but that's why I choose Sony.

  21. Thank you for a lovely video. One question, can you please provide a link to the extension arm holding the reflector? Thanks again 🙂

  22. Your tutorials are great. You do an awesome job of explaining everything and getting to the point. I can rarely sit through an entire video. Great job bro. Make more please

  23. First of all …. show raw results, not highly manipulated imagery. Second of all, retro lenses provide far more interesting bokeh than a computerized, horribly expensive, modern marvel that most photographers cannot afford or get a reasonable return on their investment from. Grab a roll of Portra, stick it in a beater Nikon or Leica, throw a affordable optic on it and show everyone the beauty that is very possible without maxing out their credit cards or placing their biz in red ink !

  24. She's freezing to dead, we all can see that but still trying to smile for the camera while this guy is talking about his gear setup??!! Next time in the weather condition like this, only call the model out when you're ready to shoot! Jesus!

  25. I wouldn't bother with that lens i would go for the sigma 135 1.8 art lens you'd get a better bokeh better focus sharpens= better value.

  26. Very nice tutorial and excellent post
    It would be good to view the image SOOC so lens color rendition can be easily judged

  27. i could take a photo with my phone of her and it will be good. take one of a middle age over weight guy?

  28. such a beautiful model but not intro? she was waiting for you to intro her but then you talked about the trees behind her.

    also 50mm seems suboptimal for head shots.

  29. It's very easy to learn from you because you explain it well in few words, including the extra gear, settings and focusing. I'm inspired to try portraits now, thanks 🙂

  30. Hey Miguel. Thanks for another great video. I am particularly interested in the reflector stand setup. I click the link you have there that says Kupo stand but it only take me to the stand. I would like to get the arm that actually hold the reflector. Do you have a source for that or is it included with the stand. I tried searching Adorama website and still didn't find it. can you help please?

  31. Some tricky video review most of the photos showed is not the photo taked in the moment of they are put on the video…the model in the video is not like the photo…dont show along the vide like is the photo taked this is some false impresion …

  32. IMO a longer focal length is more flattering for head and shoulders female portraiture using a full frame camera where as the 50-60mm focal length is quite flattering on a crop format camera…

  33. Why don't you go over all you gear in studio instead of having your model sit out in the cold looking stupid while you run your mouth about the crap you're trying to sell people.

  34. Nice video, I would have put the reflecter a bit lower as there seem to be to much light under the face. Took away from being natural. Great use of putting the background out of focus to bring the viewers eye to the subject!

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