Sony | Lens | FE 135mm F1.8 GM | Product Feature

Superb G Master Resolution & Bokeh G Master advantages: extraordinary resolution + gorgeous bokeh Breathtaking AF Speed Original XD linear motors Dual front and rear XD linear motors Fast, precise, quiet autofocus Dazzling Eye AF performance Close Focus 0.7m (2.3ft) minimum focus Professional Control Two customizable focus hold buttons Seamless cinematic control

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  1. I think that a company with big name like this one could make better photos/video. Composition just okay, JUST OKAY when lens has SO MUCH POTENTIAL. Seriously, hire better photo/video- maker. (imho)

  2. 60mm f0.8
    75mm f1.0
    90mm f1.2
    105mm f1.4
    120mm f1.6
    135mm f1.8 (FF) = 206.8mm f2.76 dof f1.8 speed (APSC) 1.532x speedcrop mode
    150mm f2.0
    165mm f2.2
    180mm f2.4
    200mm f2.67
    206.8mm f2.76 (1.532x speedcrop = f1.8 brightness) APSC mode
    210mm f2.8
    300mm f4
    400mm f5.33
    420mm f5.6

    75mm aperture diameter

  3. Very promising lens. As it seems very sharp with also very little chromatic aberration. Unfortunately cat's eyes bokeh in the corners until f2.8. Also not quite cheap.

  4. I wish it was cheaper, and I wish you would have created a cheap 135mm 2.8, instead of a GM lens that most of us can’t afford.

  5. I think I'm going to replace my SAL135F18Z with this lens… the Sony-Zeiss is my fav portrait lens and is built like a tank, but Sony won't give me a SSM and weathersealed update for it.

    And to be honest, Sony seems to not care about A-mount anymore so maybe this is the best course of action at the moment.

  6. I just checked the sample images at full quality and honestly, it does not seem super sharp to the point where it's 2000 dollars. The rokinon 135mm f2 is only 400 bucks and is probably sharper across the frame in all apertures and the bokeh is probably more pleasing. The bokeh in this looks mediocre.

  7. I find it ironic that Sony made this video to showcase the resolution and beauty of the pictures out of this lens, yet upload it to YouTube at 1080p? Sony please consider higher res video showcases in the future!

  8. two focus hold buttons are okay.
    adding focus presets would be great: ideally, two, for quick toggling, if not, at least one, for quick recall

  9. 135mm is one of my favourite, just found my birthday present to myself. Thanks Sony, my wallet would also like to say: thank you very fucking much.

  10. Instead of sounding like spinning plates (the dash berlin version), yeah, this would make a meta wedding lenses on the move. 😉👍

  11. I think Sony needs a new 50 and 85 Gm that has this new tech. But it seems like it takes Sony a long time to make new glass. So i don't think it will be anytime soon. Also this lens makes the 85 f1.8 seem even more like a great lens for the money. Way smaller and lighter. Way less money but still f1.8. The 135 images have that look about them. But i like the 85 working distance better most of the time. But for some reason this 135 has my interest. Even though i wish it was a 105 f1.4 that was the same weight.

  12. Hi sony! i have bought sony a 7 mark ii in Thailand for you about a year ago and i really like it and all the great features that sony camera built in but after that i have problem with this camera system two day ago which make me wondering and very upset about quality. It was just suddenly error all the all the function button which is so important to access all the setting. I spent 1200$ and it broke down in a year. Come on sony please look into this issues the customer!

  13. 1) I really really think I want this lens. (Pricey Sony product as usual.). 2) Excellent video. 3) Excellent music (do tell… I got nowhere with Shazam). 4) Correction to press release. The sentence reads: “Sony’s commitment to growing our lens lineup remains stronger than ever,” said Neal Manowitz, vice president of imaging solutions at Sony Electronics. It should read: "Sony's commitment to… is stronger than ever." Something can't remain stronger than ever for a change has occurred to increase it. Thus, it does not remain but has changed. Peace… keep making excellent stuff, Sony. Wish you had included Zeiss with this lens.

  14. Looking forward to the dance… know how how to find the lens (on my list) but meanwhile, how can I get the soundtrack? (Shazam ain't pulling this tune up!).

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