Something new and Different…..Resin Art By

yes Billy working two art studio and today I'm going to be trying something that I've never seen I don't know if it's ever been done if it has you know somebody let me know but if it hasn't my wife has named this the Archangel splash and don't know if it's gonna work but we're gonna give it a whirl I've got this board this is one of our twelve by twelve Archangel art boards and I've got it primed with a spray paint and it's still just a little tacky and the reason I didn't let it dry completely is because I'm going to take some of these mica powders I'm gonna use lagari green apple that's a metallic I'm gonna use lagari silver which is a metallic I'm gonna use this pearl X macro pearl and I don't know where I got these these are just powders and I'm gonna use these my thought process on this is I'm gonna take the raw mica powders and throw them all over this board to get a splash effect sort of a powdered tide I don't know if it's gonna work if it does work it's the Archangel splash if it doesn't work somebody else did it and I'm copying it and it just doesn't work I'm just kidding it all right guys I'm going to move to an outdoor location because I am gonna be throwing mica powders around I don't want them all over my studio so we'll see in just a second all right guys we're back and as you can see we're set up outdoors and I don't have a direction I'm just gonna like I said this is something that I just want to try oh yeah that's quite a lot we're just dumping it on there random spots it's gonna stick because like I said the board's still somewhat tacky not not real tacky but and don't know if it's gonna get the effect that I saw in my mind because lots of times I see things in my mind and they're really not there but we won't go there that's the mackerel pearl now this is a green apple from Liguori you grab me a stick please my dog and my wife and my neighbors and everybody's out here I know this is a crazy idea but if it works everybody's gonna be like man that bill is taking genius and if it don't work everybody's gonna be like man that Billy wasted a lot of stinking mica powder that's all right I'm gonna say genius all right this is the silver from Liguori I think it looks cool all right now kinda looks tired I think now I just got to resin it I guess I don't know it needs some more color what color it we're just a little just here and there maybe no it's already stuck alright well next I'm going to resonate so we're going to be going back inside the studio and I'll go in there and set up and see you guys in just a second all right guys we're back inside the studio and honestly I wish I could have stayed outside because it was not as I should've but you already seen the Mica's that I was using this is what we've got and of course I'm using pro glass 1000 can you see that can you see that that's Pro glass that's resin that's good you deaf people and pro glass is still offering their discounts so if you need or want a good resin want to save some money the description box will have the link to pro glass click on it it'll take you straight to their site and when you get to checkout put the word archangel in the check out box for the coupon code and not only are you gonna get 10% off but in the lower 48 you're also gonna get free shipping all right I've mixed up my resin we're just gonna dump it on there and I know it seems like I wasted a lot of mica powders this is a trial run that's the first time I've ever done it I didn't really I just wanted to give it a try so yeah I dumped some on there all right let's see what we get one thing about resin it really makes the the colors come to life and with some of those Mike as though they're already so vibrant and I don't want to rub this or anything because I don't want to move those Mica's around underneath I don't know that it will but again I just this is this is trial you know like I said this is this is what I'm calling the Archangel splash my wife named it so kind of like that that's what we're going with and if it works out great if it don't hey I'm going to have to I should have mixed up more resin should have mixed up more resin man I do not want to disturb the Mitas all right we'll see if we can be careful that's funny me huh careful well it seems to be working I think it's pretty cool the start of a new technique that I can play with anyway you know something I can refine as I go do something with its you know learning there's always a learning curve get these edges I like it folks folks sound like I'm many years old um well folks make a bout somebody'd better 1976 I like it I don't know maybe I'm being biased I think it's cool and I think that I can really do something with it I think that once I learned some things how it reacts how it moves what colors go well and how to place it on there I really think that I can make some some really neat stuff well I think that we've got the start of I think this is the beginning of something beautiful looks neat though my opinion you know my opinions worth about as much as my opinion my wife's here looking at it so tell me what do you think I really like it and you know I would be the first to say I don't if I didn't cuz she's a hater I'm not a hater I'm just honest no I appreciate that but I like it I think it's pretty neat and I think that you know maybe not necessarily this particular piece I think this is cool but I think that we've got something to build on a technique that we can really do something with you know that's that's what I'm excited about I think we're requests yeah oh I'll tell you later no okay all right I'll see I dig it I think it's cool you are witnessing the very first Archangel splash the new technique thing for Kingdom Hearts to do I like it yes sir all right let me get these edges and then off I'll give you all close-up y'all can decide for yourself whether you like it and we appreciate you all to all our subscribers hey we love you guys thank you for subscribing if you're not a subscriber what is your stinking problem no you guys need to go ahead and subscribe and smash that bill next to the subscribe button that way when we come out with new videos and new content you guys are gonna be notified right away cuz you don't want to miss out on stuff like this I mean come on this is innovative this is cutting-edge stuff folks you could be on the ground level of something huge and you certainly don't want to be the one saying what what happened where was I no smash the Bell all right enough chitchat I'm gonna go ahead and give you guys a close-up all right hold on cuz you know my camera skills are subject well but look Bailey well there you have it folks the first Archangel splash and I was really kind of wanting a tie-dye effect and I really think I got it I think it's pretty cool and again this is just you know the first first one so I'm going to try to refine this technique try different stuff and see what we come up with so there you have it guys let me know what you think I mean is it cool I mean is it is it stupid let me know what you think leave me some comments tell me if you want to see some more of this stuff and and try it for yourself you know I'd like to see some of your guys's stuff and your techniques take it and run with it alright guys well we appreciate you thank you for watching again subscribe and leave a comment let me know what you guys think of this and you guys keep doing what you do I'll keep doing what I do and as always see ya

20 Replies to “Something new and Different…..Resin Art By”

  1. Excellent video, as always. I think I would want to NOT use the canned air on it and just leave it as a splash/splatter. Wish me luck.

  2. I love the Archangel Splash! So colorful. I thought it was on a black background but when you took it outside it looked rustic color.

  3. #Archangel Splash…..come everyone, get in on the ground level and get the movement going! Lol. Love it Billy, firework show…beautiful

  4. U can spray over the mica with a clear sealer first, then resin and u would not disturb the mica, its very fun

  5. I don’t think this is stupid at all, it’s great. I love the effect you got. We need to experiment and try new things. I bet this would also look great on one of Gina’s vases. Can’t wait to try the Archangel Splash.

  6. Like it…neat idea! Not sure what would happen, but maybe do a test of not blowing the powder off. I am thinking the colors may mix together though…not sure. Before you blew the excess powder off, it looked like a fireworks show! Still like this one though too.

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