Sinclair Ashman, Printmaker

hi I'm Sinclair Ashman and I'm a printmaker I first got into collar graph printing because my wife found me a taste of course at here at the road walk I think it's another creative outlet that I think I've always needed it was a day making holographs from start to finish so in the morning we made some simple plates put some textures onto them glued them down and in the afternoon we had the time to print them and that really got me hooked it got me into collagraph printing in a big way and I've I've done it every spare moment that I canvases they're refreshing part of printmaking for me and the thing that really gets me excited is the fact that I'm playing with materials I think you know artists therapy sometimes is a bit overused but I think in my case it's it's actually correct my day job if you like is as a graphic designer and all of that work is to please clients it's what they need I think over the years I've come to realize that something like printmaking for me is actually essential it's needed it's an antidote to the client-facing work what I do in that danger so find like an experiment with it that I don't design the plates I don't draw I don't prepare for I just reacted to the materials that I have around what bag full of materials one form or another cut them up paste them down experiment with them see what the textures and forms do that's the exciting bit and if I get a really good print out of it that's even more exciting when I get feedback from someone that's really interesting because they often see different things of the prince compared to what I'm seeing and when people comment on it they look good I think that really inspires me to to experiment even more to do even more interesting things and that's what really makes it worthwhile you

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  1. Hi Sinclair – really nice to "meet you" through this video. I'd recommend anyone who
    is seriously into printmaking and eager to study what other artists get up to in their printmaking studios to go visit Sinclairs blog
    – its inspiring.

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