37 Replies to “Simple Flower Bouquet / Abstract Painting / Satisfying & Easy / Acrylics /Daily Art Therapy/Day #048”

  1. Oof, I tried this out but I evidently need to figure out how to use a palette knife. Your strokes seem so effortless! Now to finish bouquet.

    You're amazing, thank you for sharing your talent!

  2. Sorry but this does not look like a flower bouquet to me. I am saying this but it does not mean that I am hating. I love 💗 your all videos so much!!!! 💗💗💜💜💗💗

  3. i love your painting..

    the more. the better

    more prettier.

    i like all your painting's they are so beautiful. and creative.

    i like your skills of art.😜😜

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