Seoul Anime Photography

so if you’ve been following me for a
while every now and then I’ll post like some anime style pictures and today I
wanted to give you basically some tips on how to achieve that effect and show
you how I do it now when it comes to editing I already
have some anime tutorials uploaded so you can find them I’ll put a link down below but
a lot of people forget that it’s not just the editing like when you take this
anime style of picture the picture itself looks needs to look like something out
of an anime wallpaper you know like and that’s not something that editing can achieve by
itself so basically what you shoot is much more important so today we’re gonna
walk around my neighborhood I’m gonna look for some scenes that look like
something that could be in an anime and if you want an how to anime tutorial I’ll put a link
down below because I already have a few but yeah let’s get to it you some of you have been following me for a
while and every now and then I post like some anime style photos and I always get
asked how I do it is there some kind of anime preset or anime filter and I edit my pictures
in lightroom i have tutorials already but the point i want to get to is that
it’s not always about the edit like if you want to take an anime style picture
you have to take a picture of something that looks like it was shot in an anime
you know so some of you that’s kind of hard it’s not easy to explain you just
have to watch a lot of anime movies so you kind of get the the mood and the feeling
that comes out in these animations I love exploring these small little
alleys just gonna curve around all over the place you really never know what you’re gonna
find so first of all I want to give you some
tips for shooting this style of picture it’s really hard to explain what the
anime look is because you have to look at a lot of anime like I do and then get
some idea of what kind of thing would come out in anime so I can’t really
explain it to you here’s more for something for the fans but anyways you
can’t just take a picture of anything and then try to make it look like an
anime like sometimes I get people who are like can you please make this look
like an anime for me and I say alright sure and they’ll send me pictures of
their face or of their dog and a lot of guys seem to send me pictures of
themselves shirtless I don’t know why I hope I don’t give off that kind of vibe
but anyways you have to be familiar with anime to get this effect you can’t just
take a picture of anything and for me I like to have a lot of wires and a lot of
sky and for that to work out you have to shoot not in the middle of the day
because if you shoot in the middle of the day the sky is gonna be really blown
out it’s just gonna look like a sea of white so what you want to do is you want
to shoot somewhere around sunrise or sunset like around that time you know
and what’s gonna happen is you’re gonna point the camera away from the Sun that
way you can get like a really nice blue sky besides that if you’re looking for
tutorials I have some tutorials already I put them on the link down below so you
guys can check them out be sure to leave a like or comments cuz that leave that
helps my channel are a lot and yeah let’s get to exploring my hood you you you

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  2. I have been really enjoying your content lately- especially this video. I can't wait to go back to South Korea and try this style of photography and editing it looks really fun to try! I enjoyed seeing the photos, with the music as you walked around and vlogged. I also like the branding and captions of your video- you must be a graphic designer as well? Keep them coming :))

  3. Really cool video. Love exploring places like this. You got some great images. Thanks for sharing the video. Cheers!

  4. Thanks Noelz..i found your videos while watching Your Name anime and i like the color and photography of that anime movie

  5. Any institute for learning of photography from basic levels to advance
    ……………. can any one helps because i dont speak korean language

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