Selecting the Right Fine Art Paper for You!

hey folks Kristen from sink tours photography scenic traverse comm here are my home study dad my basement which my husband has been kind enough to Jim H to my cause and I was going to talk to you guys quickly about some paper now when I started printing my work at home I found that choosing a paper selecting paper was the hardest part for me there's lots of great information on the internet about lenses and cameras as well as different types of you know technology reviews but choosing a paper is a very personal decision it's like choosing with you in a way where when you wake up in the morning you know it needs to reflect your style needs to reflect your personality and nobody on the internet is gonna have the advice that works best for you so I'm gonna give you a little bit advice to help you figure out what might work best for you I'm not going to make any recommendations about the paper I think you should use because that's a very personal choice now when you get started selecting papers there's two things you need to be conscious of the first is the printer you're using in this case I'm using the Epson 3880 printer which is a professional series printer the printer you use might dictate some of your choices of paper so if you're thinking about upgrading or buying a new printer I want to do that before you choose your paper because it might play a different sort of factor into which one you ultimately choose so my first recommendation would be buy sample packs when I started I about multiple sample packs now ultimately narrowed it down to these three papers that I like the best these three being the Moab sample pack the Epson professional paper sample pack and the Red River paper sample pack what I did when I went through them as I originally just need a page through every single piece of paper that I was given all three packs and I picked up the ones that I liked the best and it was based on just you know personal gut feeling as I went through them your fine art prints need to grab your you know your viewers attention as they walk past and see it on the wall you need to reach out and you know grab their attention so the paper needs to grab my attention I let slip through it for the first time too if I look at it and I'm not immediately attracted to it on they go so when I did that I narrowed it down to a selection of papers that I really liked including one matte paper one less matte paper and then one glossy paper now I printed the same photo on all three now emphasize printing the same photo because if you choose a different photo you might be inclined to go for one photo one paper based on that photo instead of based on using the same photo in this case I did a black and white print and had a nice range of Gray's blacks and pure whites in it because I wanted to test how these paper stood with black and white renditioning I thought that was a little harder than color renditioning you know how they display black and white so I initially did this test I thought that this paper was going to be my favorite it's marked on the side you're the 64 pounder or art white I liked the weight to it it was a nice heavy stiff paper and had a nice texture to it and I thought that I was going to really like that texture wouldn't make it like look like in some cheap copy paper it would make it look like it was fine art paper the next one I had was slightly less texturing it's the 96 pound for Matt pag still a very heavy paper so heavier obviously based on its way from your or white but it doesn't have that great in that texture to it so I thought this would be a nice one in case I thought that textures too much and then a glossy one even though I'm not much of a glossy person I chose the Arctic polar satin doesn't have a lot of gloss to but you can see there's a little bit of shimmer in here I have nice weight and had nice texture to it nice feel to it so when I printed the same photo all of them I actually found that I liked the glossy one the best now was my own personal decision I took this around to all my friends family co-workers anybody like in corner on the street and say look at these three tell me which shouldn't use your favorite it was overwhelming to me how many people preferred the glossy err foot print to the matte one and when I started to look at the paper I found that I also like the glossy one because the matte started to give it a texture and grain that made my photo look like it's a lot of focus or was grainy or fuzzy the glossy one made my photo appear tack sharpen glows tack sharp so that's actually become the paper that I use most frequently and I print in very large sizes with it usually example is 11 by 14 print that have mad at myself printed myself and it's using that paper I have that paper multiple different sizes this is the 11 by 14 version and what's nice about red river paper and that's the company who makes this paper is that they give you instructions on the inside on every piece paper that you buy to tell you the printer driver settings to use that paper on your own home printer that's nice because like in the case of this Epson printer the printer driver only gives me specs for printing on an Epson paper but this tells me which Epson setting I should use to get the best results with the Red River paper I chose red river paper as my primary paper because I thought that for the for the money that was the best value it was the best quality I didn't think that the more expensive brands offered anything else in terms of quality or benefit that the Red River didn't have as a personal decision in your decision my very your opinion might vary but that's what I chosen what worked best for me hey some other Red River papers in addition this is an 8 by 10 pack of some of their metallic paper it's called the 80 pound polar metallic plus this is a paper I just recently experimented with I got an 8 by 10 de sousa small size for me to piddle around with at home and the reason I got that is I was at Photoshop world recently and I walked past the table where somebody had one of these metallic prints and it jumped out at me and I actually put it reversed walked backwards and saw that print again because it made such an impression on me walking past that table it was done on a paper very similar to this I wanted to try my own work now I've been using it mostly for new metally subjects so trains and airplanes mostly and I thought I really like the result one can here wants to add his two bits into my video blog I found I really like the result from the metal paper and I've been very pleased with it so I start buying a few larger sizes the other paper I use from them is I have some postcard printing paper for what I mail my mailing list postcards this is just their 60 pound pesos River gloss paper I have an example of what it looks like printed right here it's got a nice weight to its glossy paper that I would normally use for fine art but it's good because when I'm mailing through the post office I'm more interested in it surviving that I'm interested in the fine art reproduction here this is you know just for my mailing list for going in the mailbox I can't be as concerned about the quality when I know that USPS is going to put it through hell in the process so that's how I chose my paper I highly recommend to somebody just getting started by a couple of those sample packs usually they're on 10 15 bucks for a sample pack the multiple sheets of paper in them you usually get two or three pieces per type of paper so you can do multiple prints and it's a great investment you really aren't going to go wrong with getting a couple of those sample packs so those are my thoughts on selecting your paper for printing at home this is Kristin from CH Traverse Photography scenic traverse comm make sure to subscribe to this YouTube channel by clicking the button down below here and I'll see you guys next time

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  1. I am new to paper and printing. I have a Epson Artisan. So we can use diff brands in printers? Don’t have to get specifically Epson?

  2. a little to quick and the audio is not as good as it could be, sounds like the Mic is the problem, makes you sound like you are speaking in a bathroom via a poor telephone connection, constructive criticism not moaning. and just because the video is free to watch does not mean it should be of poor quality, people put their name to their content, I am sure they want to know it is the best it can be.

  3. The audio is fine & she doesn't talk too fast. To the complainers: quit being so damn picky. It's not like you are paying to see this video and if you don't like it.. DON'T WATCH…. so simple.

  4. Kristen I am sure your presentation is interesting but not one of the three of us watching and listening could make out what you were talking about.

    May we suggest you slow down, articulate and use pauses.

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