Samsung’s Under Display Camera Phone

Talk of a bezel-less phone has been swirling
in recent months, and companies are in a never-ending race of increasing the screen to body ratio
of their smartphone. That lead these companies to introduce the
small bezels, notches, holes, motorized setups and some companies are even going as far as
to wrap a display all over the phone to take that screen to body ratio count higher. Yes, it looks distinctly futuristic but you
know there’s one thing common in all of these approaches and it’s that they are not a perfect
solution in achieving that true all screen front. The perfect solution would be hiding the front
camera underneath the display. Companies like Xiaomi and Oppo have already
showcased this technology on a smartphone albeit on a prototype device. Obviously, Samsung is also working on this
type of tech, I said obvious because Samsung is the one who makes displays for almost every
other OEM. The difference between them and other Chinese
OEMs is that they don’t showcase the technology until it’s ready for consumers. The one Xiaomi and Oppo showcased are still
prototypes which means you can’t buy them. Anyway, Ice Universe tweeted out today that
Samsung’s under-display camera smartphone is coming next year itself. The last time we heard it was expected to
come in 2021 but I guess plans have changed and they are considering a 2020 launch, even
the Korean media is saying the same thing that the mass production of these under-display
camera panels will go on later this year itself. And that’s the reason the industry sources
are saying that it’s going to be unveiled in the first half of next year. Korean media is saying the Galaxy Fold 2 will
be the one to introduce this tech to the masses. You see Samsung is using the same laser drilling
technology as they used for the S10 and note 10 but it’s the second generation of that
technology that will be used on the Galaxy Fold 2 which is called Hole in active area
2. Right now according to industry sources, the
light when it passes through the polyamide display of the fold and into the camera, it
creates blurry and yellowish images. The blurry part can be countered with a transparent
display but the yellowish tinge requires work on the camera software. Samsung is working on to create a new camera
algorithm that will make sure the final images coming out of this camera are yellow and blur-free. And the reports are indicating that the camera
algorithm will be ready in the first half of 2020. Now Ice Universe has a little different take
on this. He says to not expect this display panel on
the Galaxy S11 or the Galaxy Fold 2 which doesn’t go in line with what the Korean media
is saying. Ice universe has a great track record so I’m
not ruling out the possibility of this camera tech not showing up on the Fold 2. But if you ask me, it makes sense for Samsung
to experiment with this tech on a device like the Galaxy Fold 2. Look, the Fold 2 is going to be expensive
as the original fold and not a lot of people would buy it. So Samsung is at less risk if something goes
wrong with the under-display camera tech on the Fold 2 compared to a device like the Galaxy
Note 11. I don’t think Samsung would experiment this
with their midrange A series of devices because the under-display camera is too big of a feature
to be put on a mid-range device like the Galaxy A so it only makes sense to put this on the
Galaxy Fold 2 first. Anyway, assuming that the reports are actually
true, what do you think would be the handset to have an under display camera if not the
S11? Galaxy Fold 2 or the Galaxy Note 11 or their
midrange device, do let me know in the comments and also consider subscribing to keep up with
this news and as always I’ll see you tomorrow…Peace out!

100 Replies to “Samsung’s Under Display Camera Phone”

  1. Why do those People who demand for privacy shutters on laptop cameras aren't saying anything against these ud cameras on phones?

  2. I am expecting some amazing meltdowns and issues. Just look at the fold, look at the S10+ security issues. Samsung just wants to be first even if that means some poor as fuck implementation involved. It feels like beta testing using a flock of sheep out there, that perfectly justify the premium price involved (oh the irony!).

  3. all Samsung devices should have under display selfie cameras but if the technology is too expensive, then a really thin vessel that would only be as wide as the diameter of the lens would be much better than breaking the screen by removing large and very ugly sections of it.

  4. Question is will that fix over saturation, washed out skin tones, over exposure ? Or Samsung just playing with screens bcos they make good screens ?

  5. Why still not release Thayer device because oppo Xiaomi Vivo they show already they're device is if Samsung will be sale first one the market its good New

  6. @techtalk you might consider Samsung’s Statement to use and test new technologies in the A series first, so there might be your device also according to IceUniverse.

  7. I don't see any point in having such a crazy screen-to-body ratio. All this arms race did was turn discrete Home/Back/Recent buttons into tacky on-screen equivalents, and then induce notches shortly afterwards. You would've thought the Galaxy S7 would've been the "sweet spot" for customers.

  8. samsung galaxy A81 or A91
    samsung willn't introduce first generation of under display camera tech directly to flagship smartphones

  9. If they actually made this phone and had it at 90-120hz hahHhahahaaha I would pay for it if it was starting at $1,500 Dollars.

  10. Samsung doesn't ship till its ready for consumers huh?
    What about the Galaxy Fold disaster.. Basically the same embarrassment as the Note 7 when the phones would explode

  11. There's Samsung trying to bring out under screen camera, then there's pixel 4 with a forehead bigger than runway in fast and furious movies 😂

  12. I just recently upgraded from the 7 edge to the note 8, and loving it! Can't wait for the hidden camera display next year. I'm betting it'll be the note. If so, I might actually get one as a home device and keep using the 8 as a daily.

  13. When i got my S9 Plus i thought the screen to bezel ratio was insane now i look at the new phones and they make the S9's bezels look big

  14. Somehow they will steal this from apple…. I can't wait I think 2021 will be the year…. if it comes 2020 I'll still wait

  15. ive imagine this long years ago, there is no way to give us 100 percent screen but camera still in there. the camera must be under the screen. lets go samsung destroy all chinese imitator and inovationless apple!

  16. it is unwise to think that galaxy fold 2 will not be a mainstream device next year as they expect 6 million shipments for year 2020.
    your analogy is flawed.

  17. 艹你妈傻逼自媒体,还不是拿几张ppt和几张社交媒体截图就开始在那里吹了?东西都见不到你他么怎么有脸做三星的舔狗?有毛病?意淫功力天下第一?

  18. I think, may be in A series or Galaxy series. But not in Fold. Bcoz the very purpose of under display camera will not suit for Samsung fold, as you need to open the fold first than camera will appear. In this much time, we can open camera, even of sliding camera eg- oppo K3 etc… So Samsung fold is not at all a good Idea for camera under display phone.

  19. Too 'perfection' uhuh, samsung fold was a failure at first wave of sales with their 'special cover' that was actually the screen. So yeah, 'perfection'.
    P.S. I am not a hater of Samsung, but they are not 'perfect'.

  20. I know that there will be many hate comments about Apple. But what you might forget, Apple takes more time for their products to make it work perfectly and Samsung and others releases their phones before they are perfect.

    And did you notice that the lowest edge has always the thickest black part. That’s not what Apple has. They have a perfect symmetrical screen and in 2020 they will have no notch anymore.

    And no I’m not an Apple fanboy. I just hate when people hate on products or companies that do a really good job

  21. Many trap cameras in hotels, garments shops illegally work like this. Which are hidden under mirrors. No wonder it's not so surprising. But it will be priced undeservingly high.

  22. I'm starting to believe 80% of Apple product users live in the past. I mean they compare old Android phones to the recent iPhones, they're software and hard hardware is just out of date performance wise….there just now catching up to 2013 android technology, not just Samsung, lg, Moto, Huawei….

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