43 Replies to “Sail Boats / Soothing & Relaxing Demo / Abstract Painting / Acrylics / Daily Art Therapy / Day #079”

  1. 8.07 at that moment that white paint in the middle makes the painting into a drastic change. You should not add it to the painting that make the beautiful painting looks weired .see it to yourself

  2. Very good work! I wish I could paint like that. I shouldn't even know you. You should be this Artist i'd get arrested trying to meet. Thanks for your art work, it is inspirational.

  3. Ahhh im super late! I have a quick question, what paints do you use. Like the brand. I’m planning on getting some new paints.

  4. Of some one subs to his Channel and likes his video that means they cant draw this and paint this i can paint this Way better then if some one dislikes it that means they can paint and draw this shitty thing

  5. Going to have to try this technique! Your videos have inspired me to paint abstracts which never came natural to me. Thank you😻

  6. The music + the paintings, so amazing.👌relaxing, soothing and very simple.it flows like a river without waves,💞I love paintings too,but superb salute u sir! First time to watch your artwork. .🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

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