29 Replies to “Sail Boats / Abstract Painting / Art Demonstration / Easy & Relaxing / Project 365 days / Day #0359”

  1. Думал в конце классно будет а вышла хуйня какая то

  2. I like how this is supposed to be satisfying (which it is) but it makes me mad since I CANT PAINT AS GOOD😂

  3. Yes these are lovely you can hold classes with patients in hospital and they can actually have success. Veterans will do this. So good. They are challenging enough, but not so much it is impossible.

  4. you are doing amazing art work with abstract painting. but what i missed from all your videos is – how to load paint on a knife, how much paint to pick up from (what) with knife… I want to watch that as well. can you make a video on it next time pls? and mention colours you are using in comment pls. thanks.

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