Ryn Shell pastel impressions time-lapse fine art & story – Mooroopna Australia Goulburn River

hello I'm Rouen I'm an artist traditionally trained formally abandon young gallery and I've actually met many of you in person in my travels around Australia exhibiting and I've also travel writer and a historical fiction writer and now in my retirement I'm doing art travel vlogging and I hope you'll tune in to my channel I'll be creating fine art well I show you images of my country and other countries that I've traveled and doing a general travel art and lifestyle Church hello I knew very little about Muruga the area that I'm painting here in pastels at the Goulburn River and it was just by chance we were visiting our daughter at Shepperton and we were going through his local paper and they had a seven room property that was for rental and my husband joked we'd been travelling around Australia and we downsized we had a small place on Lake Gildan which was just our summer home and the rest of the time we toured around Australia with our four-wheel drive in our Caravan and we had a life of the green nomads where I used to paint and write and my husband had fish there was quite an idyllic life it was our retirement from our gallery years and we'd been doing it for about seven years loving it and just needed a place during the summer time one would come home to be near family for Christmas and we just wanted to have somewhere to store our stuff part the caravan and go visiting for a few weeks before we headed off again and my husband said I don't suppose you want a seven room place and he was joking I said let's have a look so we went and looked and it was near my daughter so we settled down here at Marina and we have a panoramic view of farmland because you've got the beautiful River Forest you've got the wonderful red for us and then you've got farmland and you know we just love it we just love it here and then we discovered it we'll learn about the community and the history of the place and through until about the 1830s had been very little Europeans through and there was just a peaceful Aboriginal community living here part of the otter communities a family and they had down the river which meant deep water hole and karela which is a nearby town que Ella was their name for the golden river and then large herds of sheep and cattle would driven through along the riverbanks and their lifestyle would have been disrupted considerably by that and then the pol area of Maroubra was bought by the one group and for farmland and then it was divided up about thirty years later and you had a lot of fun settlers white settlers came into the area place flourished with churches and hotels and they started them servicing the gold rush nearby Bendigo that was a gold rush town so there was a lot of business for that the turn of the century the early 1900s that brought irrigation to the area when I am the golden river was dammed and then you had done vineyards and you had fruit trees planted to all orchards and the whole thing flourished if you were white I believe that that would have been about the time when the averages would have been taken away intermissions and most of them went to a mission in New South Wales just across the river the Murray River and they were under the confines of a very restrictive Aboriginal act my lord they weren't free to move around that they were confined to the area they were given provisions and it was the church run mission and the church was being given quite a considerable amount of money for missions but a lot of it was sent overseas it wasn't used to for the health and care and hygiene for our Aboriginal community so in the 1930s they basically rebelled and they had a walk-off it was considered to be the first major strike by Aboriginal people who instead of them working on the property farms there they simply packed up and walked off which was against the law they crossed the river into Victoria and many of them settled in the closed area along the riverbanks but quite a few of them came down here to Marina and resettled on the flats of the golden River right here where I'm painting in this general area there's a historical walk in the area and you could follow the trail for about three three or four kilometres I'm not sure exactly and it's all signed posted and you can read about the history of these people it was their actions and also their good community behavior and everything which is completely change attitudes in Marina they'd help bring about equal rights voting rights a whole change of the laws took place because of their action of peacefully walking off and they were well accepted here in Marina they built homes they may not be your standard at home so we're at ten and Hessian and some of them are even tents but they settled on those banks II became hunter-gatherers again but they put their children through school in the local town and they lived a good life until thirties forties and into the 50s you had a ridiculous situation when queen elizabeth ii young the young queen made her first visit to Australia in the early 1950s and they they erected the whites erected screening hash and screening so that she wouldn't be offended by seeing aboriginals living along the Riverside I mean how ridiculous I don't think any colonized by Europeans country has ever been respectful to their original citizens in the beginning hopefully that isn't changing everywhere I know that John I and my family have a lot of respect to the your to your two people now we consider this their land that I'm living on and I have a great deal of respect for the ancient history of this country anyway I better get moving on here I'm also historical fiction writer as well as the painter and I write stories of Australia mystery crime resilience love and I also will have the full slower version of this painting for my art students and my patrons if you like to follow it there if you happen to enjoy my videos and I hope you do I'd love it if you'd give me a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel thank you for watching you

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  1. Good video my friend like and sub +1🔔🔔🔔😘😘😘❣❣❣♥️♥️♥️💕💕♥️♥️❣🔔🔔

  2. Hi Ryn,
    thank you for sharing that story. it is rather sad how many places are settled by immigrants who displace and/or enslave those already living there. I rather enjoyed your books as they combine the history along with an entertaining story line. It's rather disgusting in a way that you're such a good artist and a skilled writer to boot!

  3. Wow I bought a old pajero/Montero and going to make it a camp truck so I can go paint outdoors. Awesome I have to work full time so I’ll have to wait till fall to go out painting.

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    You begin the 4.3 km History Walk at Chinaman’s Garden Reserve, Mooroopna, Victoria, Australia. A well made and signposted History Walk teaches you the story of the Yorta Yorta Aboriginal community whose land you walk on. It shares the story of Cummeragunja ‘Walk Off’ that took place on 6 February 1939 and how the Yorta Yorta people returned to their river valley homelands, including this site, in Mooroopna, Victoria, Australia.

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