Rostam – “Half-Light” [In-Studio]

the word half-light was in the very
first demo, and when I used it I didn’t know what it meant and I just sort of
was trusting my gut and then it’s simple when I was like
okay I want to record this song. I can sort of play some of the elements that
went into the song, starting with the piano and then there’s also some bass that
comes in at that moment, too yes, so the Harmonizers basically it’s
taking my one note that I play and it’s turning every single note into a fully
fleshed-out chord and then the next thing that comes in is
the drums. Here’s the solo drums. And that was actually me playing that drum kit
that’s right behind me. here’s with the vocal in. Now this is everything yeah I guess I wanted it to
sound like like a home recording from the 70’s. Kelley was staying in the back house and we were working on songs for Wet together
and I said at the end of one day I was like I had this song that I don’t think
it’s totally finished and maybe you could have a guest appearance on it The first things that I got from her were these GarageBand recordings, and even
though we recorded stuff with really good mics in this studio I actually
ended up liking the way that the GarageBand stuff sounds. And once they
were in the song I was trying to figure out what would be the simplest setting.
I used the Juno keyboard that’s over there and I just played and then the final moment, where it’s
just Kelly and the Juneau, and you’re kind of, I feel like you’re sort of
floating through space, floating through time that’s the that’s the goal

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  1. A lot of your music sounds like floating through space, like EOS and I Think Ur A Contra, that’s why it’s so moving 🙂

  2. Such a wonderful album. It broke my heart when he left Vampire Weekend, but after hearing his solo material, it was like…. "Well, now I get it."

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