Review: Moschino Isn’t Just a Clothing Pack – Are Photography Updates For You?

Hi everyone, this review was made possible
by EA game changers, who provided me a free copy of the pack but I won’t let that influence
my opinions. In case you hadn’t guessed, The Sims 4 Moschino
Stuff is available worldwide for PC and Mac today. If you think of this as a clothing pack, you’re
really not looking at it from the right perspective. While I’d said in my last video I’m not super
happy to pay for photography upgrades, I’d say it’s much more accurate to look at Moschino
as a fashion photography pack which has some important distinctions. First of all, there really isn’t that much
clothing and some of what is here isn’t going to be worn every day by Sims. Certain items are definitely going to be popular
like the plumbob earrings, but much of it’s extremely artsy fashion based on Moschino’s
real life work. Secondly, the rest of what is here is focused
on enabling you to make a photography studio with an authentic look. There are new photo frames that hold more
than one picture, a digital photo frame that can go through an inventory of photos that
you provide, and Sims can earn new magazine covers while pursuing the new fashion photography
freelancer career. So yeah, it’s a fashion photography pack. I thought about how to frame this review based
on my own experience with Island Living. If you wanted a pretty island, that pack delivered. I think that in order for this one to deliver
for you, you need to either really want something from the build/buy catalog or have a strong
desire to get extensive photography improvements. And, in that area is where Moschino really
delivers. Take up the freelancer career choice and choose
the photography based agency when you start, and your gig selections will include many
different jobs based around the photography skill. A developer directly stated this was made
as a sort of tutorial to get people to use the new abilities you get with this pack. Several new things are going on with photography
now. Build/buy includes special lights to help
you make bright, colorful pictures. You can then tune the lighting to get it just
the way you want. There are area lights, and spotlights so you
can adjust brightness to your liking by tuning them a bit. While low-level photographers tend to make
crappy, blurry pictures, you can eliminate the blurring by purchasing a tripod to stabilize
things. This will also stop gnomes from photo-bombing
your work. Tripods are live-draggable and can be placed
in your Sim’s inventory, just like the lights and also the new fashion subject mark you
can place on the ground to control where Sims pose. You can set up a shoot anywhere, thanks to
the foresight they had to include this. Get a Sim to stand on one of the new fashion
markers, and click your camera’s tripod to begin the shoot in a few different ways, which
you’ll get the hang of. On the markers Sims will pose, or you can
take a photo from where your tripod is. One of the more controversial pack inclusions
requires the tripod, and this may be why it wasn’t given to everyone. While shooting from a tripod, you’re able
to pivot to the right or left around the Sim you’re shooting, letting you get pictures
from the side at the perfect angle. Many people, myself included, felt this would’ve
been an important function of photography to give to all players but that’s not the
case and it may not bother you with the other improvements in the pack. Once it’s time to shoot, you can pick from
various categories on the left, with options for excited, sad, happy and more. There are new poses unique to Moschino as
well, so it’s not just reusing poses that were already in the game. The poses make the pictures much better. There are also touching poses, but the Sims
need to be off the markers for them to work I think. In case it’s not obvious, romantic poses will
only come up with two Sims of the right age, but not more. So if you’re looking for the real touchy feely
kind you need two Sims eligible to be a couple, adulterers included. If you don’t have a subject to photograph,
it’s possible to use the marker to hire a model. Clicking them then the freelancer menu will
let you modify them in Create-a-Sim. Just remember which category you’re supposed
to photograph, and pay attention to the actual job requirement as sometimes it’s like, “Outdoor
company” but wants you to photograph in sleepwear. With the fashion markers, you can use up to
three Sims to get decent group shots, and they’ll all use poses from the category you
select. This works even with children and toddlers
as you can see. While there is an option to take photo carrying
on the camera, allowing you to get pictures with pets or toddlers, there’s a failure here
that will annoy some people. Take picture of Sim on subject mark doesn’t
work properly when a Sim’s carrying someone. If you work it out to get a Sim posing on
a mark holding a toddler, they will correctly hold them but only the model’s face changes. The workaround is to get them into the area
using the mark, cancel and hope they don’t move when you use the regular take picture
carrying. Even here I had to deal with a bug and get
the Sim to pick up the toddler a second time. If a Sim is already carrying, take picture
carrying is broken. That part is a little messy, so if this bugs
you wait for a fix. The ability to take all this to picturesque
locations in the game-world is pretty awesome. You can set up the tripod, use a marker to
make a place for Sims to pose, and get some really nice shots if you plan it out. For players who love their Sims families,
this is going to be awesome to capture pics for above the fireplace. Even better, now that you’re able to live-drag
a photo to a surface and get a standing photo frame, a feature added for all players recently. I would say don’t have high expectations for
the photography freelance career. They all involve taking a picture, in a certain
type of outfit, the clothes you’re wearing doesn’t particularly matter either. You’re probably going to see some bugs with
it as well, because I had photos approved before they were taken and if a certain step
locked up in the right way it may be necessary to clear the gig. The tripod also makes this a bit easy. Almost all of my pictures are coming out normal
or outstanding, at level one Photography. I wouldn’t have minded to see photography
expanded in skill levels, because level seems to matter much less now. You will make use of it when shooting without
a tripod though, so it’s not a total loss. Get a promotion in the fashion photography
career and you can unlock a nice new camera to make more of your photos outstanding. Overall, they nailed fashion photography and
gave some fantastic options. This is most definitely the key feature of
this pack. #Build/Buy Objects
So as I said earlier, I feel this is the main feature and if you want it, Moschino delivers. You do you, I just know that a majority of
people are going to go seeking this and not a specific window given the ability to download
CC for Sims. However, the build/buy options and CAS are
not at all awful. The new three-photo-frame is fantastic for
making artsy use of your photos. There is, however, a problem with this as
well. In case it’s not clear to you, there are three
sizes of photos. The right side requires a portrait in medium
size, then you need one each of a portrait and landscape in small. You can’t put a large photo there in any case,
resizing doesn’t work. So you need to plan to use this with specific
sizes as it’s not possible to change orientations. You can also use the digital photo frame to
change photos at a set interval, to save on wall space and always be showing off one of
your favorites. There is a separate inventory for both landscape
and portrait, but it is shared in all frames of that same type throughout your lot. New furniture, wall art, and photo studio
clutter round out the offerings here. #Create-a-Sim
CAS assets in Moschino are not abundant, but present. If you hate the stupid patterns on some clothes,
realize they did provide some solid color swatches to choose from so you can make your
Sims look dapper without having flashbacks to grandma jean’s wallpaper. There are few new hairstyles, plumbob earrings
I already mentioned which can be bought form the Moschino store for $200 ish, and a recreation
of this one-of-a-kind in the world suit made by Moschino you are likely to see some rich
mumble rapper wearing at some point on TMZ. Do be aware that for most photos you take
a copy will be placed in your screenshots folder. I wish these were cropped just like the photos,
but it’s OK as it’s something you can do. THe rest of the scene So, you
can see what Moschino has to offer here, at least hte major additions. I’m not about to go through every cas asset. There aren’t a lot of objects and clothing,
but photography improvements do round out the offerings and I think how well you’d like
that is a good starting point for making a decision to grab it. Many people will enjoy having the options
available to them, and photography is even better as a result. This is the first time I’ve done a review
on release day. I’d intended to have Patreon credits made,
but I want to do so tastefully and I don’t want to swap out designs out a lot, so I didn’t
get to it yet. We will see if it even works, because we have
about 120 patrons. Thank you for watching, and if you’d like
to support the site there is a link in the description. Have a wonderful week.

84 Replies to “Review: Moschino Isn’t Just a Clothing Pack – Are Photography Updates For You?”

  1. I plan to buy the pack for the windows ALONE, but …. I may actually create a family for the pictures options. We'll see LOL. You're doing a fantastic job, Carl. I wish I could afford to support on Patreon, but all I can do is support by watching all of the commercials in your videos.

  2. Even though I think this stuff is hideous, not having a large amount of clothing in the pack it's named after isn't really a point in its favor. Just call it a less esoteric name. The main reason I'm being apprehensive is because of the name. Even though I know what the pack is really about, I have to freeze and think "Do I want to support this?". So far the answer is always no, the clothes are gross and photography looks cool but is locked behind this damning name. Photography isn't really something I care about but I've shelled out money for stuff like this before even though I've not used it past the release date. In those cases they are up front with what I was buying, now I have to think "If I support it will this become the norm?".

  3. I‘m glad you did this review so fast because your reviews are the ones I‘m mostly care for so, thank you very much!

  4. My personal opinion, this pack looks like it should have just been free photography update. There's very few actual new clothes so it makes the collab seem a bit pointless. It sounds like the new career is repetitive. A lot of poses with the photography look really odd/awkward to me. And for me personally, the BB looks too limited. I can't imagine using it outside of a photo studio or industrial building. Photography is in the BG now, so I don't understand why they couldn't have just made this a free update for all (I mean, aside from wanting more money). But I'm sure it'll have it's fans, these are just my opinions.

  5. Meh, I'll probably just buy this later, I love the pack but one, I'm broke right now lol, and two, this pack doesn't give off the effect that Island living did where I have to buy it immediately or else I'll have a mental breakdown lol.

  6. Ea, what about you make a pack that is really good and has mang things to do in it so everyone would buy it instead of making more crappy packs no one wants.

  7. I'm gonna be honest but this overall pack is below average and as I often say, this could've been as an free update

  8. still annoyed they didnt just patch in the photography freelancer career like with the other freelancer careers. it jsucks that a base game skill only gets expanded if you pay $10 for it :/

  9. Good Review! 🙂 Thanks for being so fair, I did like that you highlighted what you thought was the main part of the pack 🙂

  10. I'm all for the photography career, but couldn't they have made better poses? Hoping some mods will come along to help with that.

  11. It's nice to see free updates being locked behind 20 dollars/euros ad campaign for a clothing brand nobody actually cares about and not even 0.1% of Sims player ever bought any of their products.
    Capitalism yay.

  12. Pack is a little stupid since yes, it should have been part of the photography offering in the game…but as someone who buys EVERY sim pack that exists because I have a problem with NOT having all things sims…….it was less than my lunch with the origin all access discount. So meh….but okay?

  13. Gunther Munch is sooo that hipster guy who roams the city taking pics of random shit. Its weird theres sims in game that suit stuff that you have to buy…

  14. I'm loving it!! I made over 6K on my first freelancer job! I love all the new build/buy items! I do wish it didn't save the screenshot though…I delete enough of those already! All in all, so far, I'm happy with it. I've only played it for about an hour though.

  15. Maybe it just feels this way without a direct comparison, but this pack feels so small. I figured with it being a Moschino pack, that there would be a lot more clothing options, while adding some contemporary build/buy objects. I feel like this should've been free or part of a previous back like Get Famous. The additions to photography are cool, and I love the backdrops and especially the windows, but man. Definitely gonna wait for a sale, even if it's just two bucks less.

  16. while i understand why you have to say this video is brought to you by ea game changers it litreally makes me sick to hear you say that. which is why despiste the fact that i want to watch your review idk if i can :/

  17. I hate the clothing which is really limited; but I like that photography update though wished it was a free update that is part of Get to Work or something. It really should of been a modeling pack with that as a career. We already have a Fashion Influence career that requires photography skill, so modeling would be the next step.

  18. For 10 bucks I think it is worth it for the photography updates and additional build/buy items. Ten bucks yes, but more than that and I would have been disappointed.

  19. I actually made a comprehensive review + discussion on this in The Sims 4 Forums.

  20. why is no one talking about the fact you had to buy a pack for photo features years ago and they just did it again with this pack

  21. yeah i think ill wait for a sale I like the idea of the photography but if its already glitching im not interested.

  22. I really will not buy this, couldn't care less about photography. I wish they would do University. If they  do I will buy the Parenthood pack. I really love your videos I learn so much from you.

  23. If they made it possible to import pics from our computer into the game, I might be interested in this pack. I want pics of my IRL pets in my Sims' homes.

  24. Loved Wolfgang Munch in his new hair and earrings! He pulled them off. Great review and honest. I am not impressed with this pack. I normally keep my opinions to myself but this one is just meh.

  25. For anyone who needs it. here is a mod i use, it work's fine with the current update.
    Anti Gnome Mod. =

  26. I wouldn't even call it a clothing pack to be honest, not with that amount of clothes. It's just renamed and monetised photography update with few items added on top of that.

  27. This pack is a joke. They're reselling photography and we already had tons of poses for free in the form of mods.

  28. Photography is so unappealing to me, but damn I do love new careers. I just don't know why this wasn't included in the freelance update

  29. It is this way with everything in real life. The tripod is 10.00 and the lights,screen. Without it ,you can still do photography,only it's poor quality without poses and angles.Just like on Amazon you pay for the premium movies or pay to play better games. None of these people give anything major away for free. It sucks but yet they would go broke as a company if they didn't make any money and gave everything they made away. You could say the stuff packs are incomplete at launch… but that on purpose.

  30. I'm wowed by how completely unbiased and 100% informational this review is…I really appreciate that, and I think it's so great that your reviews really allow the viewer themselves to decide if they want the pack or not, instead of listening to someone else's love/hate for it. Thanks as always!!

  31. You'd think a pack made in collab with a famous fashion company would have more FASHION in it. . .then again, most of those clothes are "eeeenh" to me. I do like the posing available with pictures, but it annoys me that it's apparently tripod-exclusive, and I have to say, I don't do much with photography anyway. I like some of the items, but if I do pick it up, I won't do so at full price.

  32. I picked this stuff pack up on release day and I must say it is not worth the cost. It comes with a lot of glitches and the clothing isn't mutch. This really should have been a game update and not a buy.

  33. How do you get to change poses with family photos while not in photography career? I bought it and can't seem to change poses.

  34. More photography options are always welcome for me. Would be nice if you could take photographs with sims posing on furniture. Place the marker underneath something and they'll pose on it would be cool. Take fancy photographs around the house!

  35. Honestly I think these are all these awesome camera features as well as the photography career should have been in base game from the start. But I admit I did plunk down the 9.99 only to finally have them in my game.

  36. Sims all they want is money def. Should be free like wat is the base game wat can you really do in the base game or atleast make this packs and all cheaper im not buying sims 5 if it ever comes out im done buyin anything from sims

  37. You could have mentioned this pack is full of bugs and is unplayable at best. The sims are uncontrollable, taking a group photo is a nightmare, taking a photo together (with a photographer or pet) is even worse than nightmare. The old studio is much better in this sense, but oh my, they didn't add poses to it 😀 Also, sims are much closer on the old studio photos, they are all separate for the most part on the new studio photos. The worst pack to the date.

  38. I'm a fan of the photo frames I wish it was more of a photo pack rather than having some weird clothes. Though….tbh the windows are amazing.

  39. I've looked around and have yet to find an answer to this. I took a break from playing Sims 4, but one of the things I used to like to do is make paintings from shot camera images. For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to do it again. It looks as if they either changed how the process works, or they removed the ability altogether. Online searches return what appears to only be old information, as the directions no longer apply. If I recall correctly, you took the shots on the phone, and then started the painting based off of an "inspired" selection option, or something like that. Now there is no such option, nor is there anything on the phone the implies an ability to save an inspiration.

    Sorry of that isn't all that clear, but I am hoping that someone out there might have some info on what happened with this ability.

  40. I have almost everything Sims4 but on the trailer for this one, they show the sims sliding down a giant slide. I can not find this slide anywhere. Do you know which pack has this slide?

  41. I’m sorry if you explained this and I missed it, but can you take pictures of pets and only pets, no humans? Thank you.

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