REVIEW: Ghostbusters fine art prints from Classic Stills

hey everybody Jason here of Ghostbusters and of course Ghostbusters news right here on YouTube and if you have been visiting any of our social channels lately you've probably heard about the brand-new Ghostbuster offerings from classic steals calm yes classic steals dot-com have teamed up with Sony Pictures to release a limited collection of stills from the original 1984 classic Ghostbusters and this is the very first time photography from the original film has been made available as gallery quality fine art prints best yet classic steals is also offering several of these autographed they were at Ghostbusters fan fest and snagged autographs from guys like Dan Aykroyd Ernie Hudson and Ivan Reitman now the folks at classic steals calm they reached out to us here at Ghostbusters and they were nice enough to send over one of those images all framed up looking prim and proper just like what you'd get if you order directly through them today and here it is guys I chose to go with an image of the main for Ghostbusters hanging out in front of the the ecto-1 after roasting and toasting the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man in the film and I decided to go with this image mainly because I wanted a shot of all four Busters there were some amazing images they had featuring Egon Rey and Peter but I wanted one with Winston there's also some great shots including Ivan Reitman too but once again I thought the main four guy is a bit more iconic especially when I have it on display right here in the collection room and it should come as no surprise that the print quality of this thing is fantastic this image looks amazing now as mentioned before these are limited to just 100 apiece however because this was sent out to me as a sample it is not numbered out of those 100 the stead of the bottom left hand side here you're gonna see that this has been numbered as number 1 as an artist print turning the image around in the back you're gonna see also that the frame itself is perfect for hanging on your wall right out of the box to add to that each and every frame still is gonna come with a certificate of authenticity so guys I cannot recommend classic stills calm enough I absolutely love this and like I said like it was sent to us for review but I'm have to head over to classic Steel's calm and I think I'm gonna have to buy a couple of these guys and add them to the collection and make one heck of a display piece there's some great on set and behind the scenes photos you can choose from really just just check them out for yourself we've got a link right down below in the description click it and buy yours today and as mentioned beforehand there's also some autographed versions you can also snag for a bit of a higher premium price point but it's not every day you can snag dan Aykroyd Ernie Hudson IVA Ryman's autograph so guys that's all i got for you here right now if you don't mind I'm gonna go find a place to to frame this because it needs to be seen by everyone so I'll see you right back here next time on Ghost Busters news right here on YouTube

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  1. Hey man, I’m new to your channel and it is FANTASTIC. Thanks for the great videos, and showing your fantastic collection.

  2. I thought it was just a photograph, but it’s been labeled fine art so I guess I’ll spend hundreds of dollars on it.

  3. You pick the best one and just WOW, and a must for any Ghostbusters fan. Thanks for the heads up and why stop with one, well that just me gotta catch, I meant get em all.

  4. Hi I'm new to the channel and there are making a ghostbusters 3 movie in 2020 in the summer can you make a video about it the trailer is out now please text me back please please

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