Review Canon EOS R Mirrorless Camera

all right the first thing I have to tell
you that I did write an article to review this camera canon eos R on my
website and right now I am turning that article into video so without any
further ado let’s get started hi guys welcome back my name is Duke Pham
and you can find me on Facebook Instagram Twitter and my website at so I got the EOS R about a month now and since then I been so
busy with traveling and working so I haven’t had many changes to shoot
with this EOS R beside I haven’t shot with any mirrorless camera from different
brands like Sony or Fuji or Panasonic so I’m not gonna do any comparison between
this camera and the other mirrorless cameras but I might do some small
comparison with my old 5D Mark 4 because I had been using the 5D Mark 4 for a
while so I know exactly how it works and that kind of easier for me to compare
with the EOS R. The camera is not professional you are the professional
and you make the camera professional so who is this camera for? like I said that
there is no best camera for everyone so for photographer the EOS R is not good
enough to be a replacement to the 5D Mark 4 or other DSLRs on the same line
but when it comes to videography there is some advantages that made me
decide to switch from the 5D Mark 4 to the EOS R you you might say the Sony
has better mirrorless cameras for videos yes I think it might be the truth but in
my case I love to stay in the same brand because I don’t want to invest a lot of
money to switch on the lenses I already had. In the last you know 10 years 15
years I had so many lasses from Canon and they’re all amazing so I don’t have any
reason to you know sell all of them and then get the new lenses from Sony or
whatsoever when I forgot the EOS R, I noticed the focus on the EOS R is
faster than the 5D Mark 4 I did some test shots in my living
room which is like in low-light condition when I checked the raw files I
can see it has more details in the shadow which means like the
dynamic range is kind of better. I am new to the mirrorless cameras so the bright and colorful EVF is kind of like mind blowing to me since I moved from the
optical viewfinder to the digital viewfinder like this and it even better
when I shooting in the low-light condition I still can really see what
you know in front the camera through the EVF you know I I did miss the joystick
on the back of the camera but after a week using the EOS R I don’t miss the
joy stick anymore and actually this is the very you know very smart idea that
when you look at the viewfinder like that and your thumb can move across the
whole screen in the back right here to move the focus point which is really
really awesome Another nice thing is I can use the
LP E6N battery on this camera because I have some of them left over from the
5D Mark 4. One battery I can shoot up to about 600 to 800 photos it depends on the
way you use the camera let’s go back to the studio for minutes so you know that
I am running the lighting workshops at my studio very often so I had a chance
to test out the camera in the studio with one of the models named Josephine
Adeline. we have some different lighting setup from the glamour to fashion from
light to dark and usually shot RAW all of my work and
the EOS R offered a new camera RAW format called CR3. While using the same
sensor with the 5D Mark 4 but the EOS R has a new DIGIC8 professor
so the RAW file come out with a better dynamic range what I can do in post it
absolutely amazing without losing details and quality now I want to talk
about the video stuff the flippin display on the back right here see this is
one of the key reasons that I bought this camera I can shoot in the low angle high
angle like literally like like this or like this it’s very easy especially when
I’m doing some kind of vlogging like I’m using the m50 right now I can just
like just flip the screen and look at me this way and I know exactly where I am
in the frame and I like it a lot with the 5D mark 4 an external display
it’s a must when you want to shoot yourself and know exactly what’s going
on I’m not the fan of you know putting more stuff because I am like one-man
operation so I don’t have other people helping me to carry stuff around so
I like to pack light when I do anything on my job the less equipment the better
for me actually I heard people said the EOS R
doesn’t work remotely with the Ronin s or some other gimbals but well it just
came out for a couple months and all of the company making the gimbal needs some
time you know update the firmware or
something like that to work with the new camera so that’s the normal thing people
make the IBIS a big deal I don’t think it’s a big deal
for the last 20 years I’ve been shooting with all kind of different cameras and
lenses and most of them don’t have the IS support
so what’s about the digital IS inside the the EOS R well it’s worked well for
photo for photography but for videos I recommend to use the gimbals or glide cams
when you you know do all kind of movement because it’s so much smoother
and when the digital is is on the frame will be cropped a little bit but it’s
not noticeable so I I leave it on all of time and I’m good with that. one of the most
complains about the EOS R is it has only one card slot well in my experience I
never had any card fail before and I don’t even put two cards in my 5D Mark 4 but I do agree with people about this point because you never know when
it gonna be happened especially if you shoot wedding or event which is you
have a lot of thing you cannot redo it let’s talk about the 4k crop factor on
the EOS R if you are a 4k video shooter This is a big downside however the
color the detail of the 4k footage from the US is amazing especially with C-LOG
I can color grade the video so easy and beautiful with preset on Adobe Premiere
Pro CC or the DeVinci Resolve personally I don’t shoot 4k
often because to me 4K is not necessarily for vlogging or regular
video on YouTube I’ve been making all my videos on YouTube
for the last like four or five years with iPphones yeah iPhones and
everything looked good enough for viewers and not everyone have the 4k
monitors or in the real life most people watching video on their you know tablets
or phones. If 4k and 120 frames per second are the thing you need more often
you should go with Sony cameras like the A7R3 or A73 I got a lot of friends who
making amazing 4k video with Sony cameras I highly recommended so this is a short review of the Canon
EOS R after a week I got it in hands all of the review from my own
experiences and I believe that you’re gonna get some different experiences
with this camera as well so I would love to hear that from you please please
leave your comment down below and we will discuss about that I would love to
hear from you I hope you liked the video and if you liked it give me a thumbs up
and subscribe to my channel I got a lot of new videos about review gears and
tutorials coming up and I hope to see you in the next videos thank you for
watching and good bye

5 Replies to “Review Canon EOS R Mirrorless Camera”

  1. ~ Like you, I have a lot of Canon lenses which I love. I still think Canon have the best range of lenses in the world .. I love the design and the controls of the Canon range of cameras .. I am making magic with my 5D Mk2, Mk3 and now the Mk4 .. I will soon get the EOS R .. Everything about this camera appeals to me .. I've been using Canon cameras since I first started Art School, way back in 1965 .. Canon is the future for me .. 😉

  2. 5:00 fyi, the touch drag mode, you can adjust which part of the screen you want to use to touch drag. From half to just 1/4, either up down left or right. You can also make it either absolute (area = screen) or relative (area = portion of screen)

  3. Thanks great video – It's just the lack of IBIS that's the killer for me. I'm not bothered about the 4K crop or single slot as the useability of this camera looks great and I'm a Nikon hybrid shooter.

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