Reparo Insta360 ONE X – Replace lens of Insta360 ONE X Subtitles in English

I had problems with my urges,
broke the lens. I was able to contact the company Insta360 through the site. Accessing the site, support, via email. I had a hard time sending them the lenses. But I managed to convince them to send.
It comes very well packed in the box as you can see. Hong Kong direct from FEDEX Already removed the lens, but I will show. These are 2 lenses sent. I bought only one lens.
But… Here are 2 lenses.
Lens 1 and Lens 2 See description 2L.
This is lens two and the other lens 1 Look here are 2 lenses.
It comes with internal sensors. Just as we see on one x cameras.
lenses on both sides. It is very simple to disassemble and exchange. Repair the screws. 4 small screws and the other one too.
4 screws. Very, very simple to change. My biggest problem was disassembling the camera. I could not find any material or video on the web. Not even the company provided it.
Always asked to send for support. But as I am in Brazil. And Brazilian never gives up. laualualua And after 30 days of constant insistence by email. They sold me the lenses I needed. But it took 40 more days to send. I bought only 1 lens but sent me 2 lenses. Buy a lens for 95 $ plus shipping. However Brazil …. I was taxed at customs.
55% more But each lens 95 $ See: Here’s the lens. But this is already the one that was changed. This is without the lens.
Has suffered a fall of 4 meters. But let’s go!
I’ll give you details now. I will open One X again for you to see. How to proceed … Basic Equipment: Small keys kit. I had trouble opening. At the first time. But I will show you how to open with magnetic card. Release the latches to prevent breakage Notice, I’ve already made the switch.
Is perfect. 100% Step 1: Remove the Battery Step 2: Remove Memory Card Step 3: Remove 4 Screws These 4 screws Caution fragile Step 4: Open Battery Box Step 5: Remove Another Screw in the Battery Case I decided to disassemble the equipment myself.
And try to fix it, but if you notice you can’t do it.
Send for technical support. Like mine just broke the lens.
I did all the tests. And it was just the lens. That’s why I decided to do it myself. Insta didn’t want to sell the lens just.
I had trouble accepting upload. They always claimed it was meant to be sent for support. But I took responsibility and do it myself. Come on. Attempt to open. After removing the 4 screws from the base and battery box … The camera almost starts to open.
Just push a little. But don’t force … Beside it is a little damaged. I forced it. This piece is glued. Can use a tool and remove without fear She is glued. Then just clean and paste. Look Step 6: Remove Screw I searched several sites and found no one who has done this kind of repair. Where there is a video you can teach. So I decided to open equipment and record this video to help. Look The camera is already starting to open. Almost opening, but not yet ok. We took 4 screws from the base. screw on the side; 5th screw in battery case, 6 at the top has 2 more screws Use some fine tool to pull through the hole. Use some fine tool to pull through the hole. Repair the microphone input. Be careful not to damage the tool. Analyzing. it is better to remove it from the side Step 7: Remove Upper Screws Friends, it took me about 3 hours to understand how to open without damaging. Notice, camera is practically loose case. We will use the card not to damage. You can swipe card on the side to release the latches. Tip. In the battery box door has a small spring. Let’s now open the other side. Ready. Open Very simple. See where the spring is. Too small. Be careful when opening. In case she leaves. Just put again. To change the lens.
No need to remove the battery box cover. This lens is already new. To remove the lens are 4 more screws. Here is 1 screw. 2 screw. 3 screw. Adjusting focus for viewing OK. Here is the 3 screw The 4 screw is here. Remove the 4 screws. As soon as you do, the 2 lenses come out. It’s going like this. With them in hand. Exactly this way. Before removing the 4 screws. disconnect flat cables camera 1 and 2 Flat cable, simple to remove. Pressure system. Use the card to remove. Very easy. to put cable, do reverse process again. press with your fingers Step 8: Insert battery, perform tests before assembling. Then your camera is ready to be mounted. Then your camera is ready to be mounted. use glue, with fine tip of a needle just use little glue. remove all previous glue and assemble. I hope you enjoyed. I think this is the first review of ONE X replace lens Perhaps the first review in Portuguese or even in English. Because I searched several sites and forums but found nothing. Tip: When assembling, be careful with the cover pin. Open the housing cover to close the camera. Always close on this side. Starting with the cover pin. OK perfect. If not opening this way.
This is mounted wrong. Keep pressing until you close. Now just: Put all the screws. Wonderful. Your camera is ready. OK Liked? Like it You can leave comments. If you need help. Just call. I’m going through the experience I had with insta ONE X If you have many comments.
I will do a review of the lenses. I will disassemble these 2 lenses. to show with is the system of the two lenses. Beauty! In the description links instagram.

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  1. It is possible to use the subtitles to auto translate into English. Not perfect, but most of it is understandable.
    Where can you order these replacement lenses. I have such a camera and would like to try this.

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