RED DEER – WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHY | behind the scenes vlog with wildlife photographer Morten Hilmer

yeah far away this Aradia coming out oh this is all fantastic I'm here to for graph they're ready and they are probably out there in the middle say hairy beast the extremely shy this one luckily it has been raining a lot so everything is kind of soft and bendy it doesn't just slap they can hear everything and they can smell it everything is know when absolutely no wind which makes it extremely difficult for me because without the wind they can yeah every little mistake I made am I about 30 meter from the air with the farthest I thought I could see some red PS button sometimes when I really should I can see something I can't see something but I thought it was a glimpse of our ideas it is ready yes it is ready I need to get rid of my backpack it's too noisy this is just an inch of a much possible it's just not a terrain coming out from there my plan is to wait here for a little just to enjoy it the light is getting too weak for me to focus I'm on a fifty of a second there for one day – Oh 20,000 so that's why it's it's very late now and it said way to target the photograph then I'll be out now so I'll pack my stuff together I get back home I didn't get like really really good photos but really good experience it was so nice to be yeah just amazing and yeah it's raining a lot now so a bit wet once again yeah [Applause] [Applause] they're coming from the source it's all of course it's really tempting to close our path 10 VL it's a to not worth it because like I have some pictures now and I have this unique beautiful scenario with all the reindeers and it's not that I am painting an attention to me they just just dressing out there like the palette of course sometimes I want to get closer I want to like to portray something but in general I don't want to disturb just because I want a good photo on the camera I don't think it's fair to like 50 tears to run away penny I'm totally happy we're just sitting here looking at this beautiful scenario get a few good photos show the animals in their environments I mean that is what it's about for me it's about describing it like the mood it's a yeah it's awesome look at that you

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  1. 1:59 plzzzz give me background music I really like it plzzz give me link πŸ˜ŒπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ plzzz

  2. The most enjoyable youtuber-photographer. Just for calming music and peace in world… Thank you Morten Hilmer!

  3. I just love visiting your channel again and again .,it is exciting ,yeah always waiting for the next shot ,two thumbs up for you bro

  4. Everyone look at this all these beautiful animals soon will be gone do you know why? Because of us because of someone dropping a plastic wrapper or a company like BMW or a plastic company are lifting fossil fuels into the air this kill our animals morten since ur a photographer who appreciate this stuff what are you doing since all of us viewer who are viewing this video what are we doing? Even by donating a penny to a charity for this cause can save life's not just human life but other life's other hearts all of our beloved countries like Netherlands some part of Germany USA and Italy all places below sea level or on sea level will perish

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