Recommended Graphic Design Books #2

– Hey everyone, so a few
months ago I made a video called “Recommended Graphic Design Books” in which I take you on
a tour of my bookshelf. Well, since then I’ve
acquired even more books because, I mean, why would
you ever buy anything else when you could be buying books? Let’s get started, first
up is “Just My Type,” which I actually talked about
in the previous video also, but at that point I hadn’t read it yet, and at this point I’ve
read it multiple times. So if you’re new to graphic
design, or you just want a refresher on all of
the basics of typography, this is a really fantastic book. It’s not dry, it goes
between short chapters about specific typefaces into
the history of typography, and then a lot of modern stuff too. Plus it has the Periodic
Table of Typefaces inside, and I mean, that’s just awesome. Next up is a book called “Stereographics,” which the only bad thing
I have to say about it is that you get fingerprints
all over the black cover so I don’t even want to touch it, but unfortunately my books
don’t float in the air. But the inside of the book,
this has really fantastic 3D poster design inspiration. I actually used a lot of
inspiration from this book when I was designing the 2012
Tour de Nerdfighting poster. It has these huge, gorgeous photos. I’m seriously just going to stand here while I’m filming and just look at it. Next up, “Helvetica and the
New York City Subway System.” I have probably read
about half of this book just standing in bookstores,
and I never actually bought it, and so finally, I think it
was Christmas or my birthday or something last year,
my sister gave it to me as a present, so now I finally
own it, and I can hug it. I haven’t actually sat
down to read every word of the book so far, but one
of these days when I actually have free time, which is a
thing I seem to be having less and less of, I’ll learn
all about Helvetica and the New York City subway system
and it will be beautiful. “Papercraft,” I love Papercraft. This book is seriously like candy, like I just want to sit here and eat it because it’s so colorful and beautiful. You can see all the tabs
that I have from pages that I’d marked, and this
is again one of those books where I can’t read more
than a little bit at a time because I just become so
saturated with inspiration that I need to put it down
and go make something. So yes, again, more huge,
beautiful, colorful candy photos. I’m going to have to go
to the dentist tomorrow because this book is just too much. Now it is no secret that
I love Harry Potter, and so my next two books
are about Harry Potter. Oh man, I don’t have the
arm strength for this. So first up, the slightly cheaper option is “Harry Potter Film
Wizardry,” which actually probably has more graphic design in it. You even get these pull-out
little booklet things or there’s a Marauder’s
Map somewhere in here, there’s a Yule Ball invitation. I’ve said in the past that
I would have paid the people who worked on this movie
if I could have just sat in the production office,
but since that’s all over and it doesn’t really exist
any more, books like these are the records that we need to keep these beautiful props and designs alive. And if you’re in the market
to spend a little bit more money, you can get
this huge Harry Potter filmmakers’ journey, “Page to
Screen” Bible sort of thing. This has a lot more production photos, text about how they
actually made the movies, a bit less of the actual
design, but the pages that they do have with
design are just gorgeous. So if you’re one of those
people who, in the fifth movie, when they had their transitions
with the newspapers… if you’re like me and you
paused on those sections and just sat there staring at the design, this is the book you need in your life. Okay, now the final book I’m
going to show is basically a culmination of everything
that I love in the world. It was a gift to me by my
friend Robyn Schneider. I didn’t even know this book
existed until like a week ago. “A Zeal of Zebras.” Look, zebras. And, and, that’s not even it,
that’s not even the best part. It was made by Miraphora
Mina and Eduardo Lima, and they worked on the
Harry Potter movies. They were the ones that did
all of the graphic design for the Harry Potter movies, and now they made this children’s book. Look at these illustrations.
It is gorgeous. I’m so thankful to Robyn
for, one, letting me know it exists, and two, giving it
to me to be in my possession. So yes, while it’s not like
a fancy graphic designer’s 2,000 years of typography
history, it has so much colorful inspiration
and fun illustrations. Very highly recommended. As always, there are
links to where you can buy all of these books in
the description below. None of the people who had
any part of making those books gave me anything to talk
about them in a video. I just really love them. Although, if you are a graphic
design bookmaker and you want to send me free stuff, I
mean, send me an email. I’ll probably do another one
of these a few months from now. Let me know in the comments
if you have any suggestions of really awesome art and
design books that you think would find a good home in my library. Thanks much for watching. If you haven’t seen part
one of this video series, you can go ahead and watch it right here. If you want to see me
in a video that I made for my friend gunnarolla
in which I may have made out with Comic Sans, you can go ahead and click right here, and
if you want to see my friend Keith and I fail at making
chocolate cauldrons, you can go ahead and click right here. So much to do. Thanks much for watching. I’ll see you all next time.

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  1. Wow! Those Harry Potter books look amazing! I loved how they designed the newspapers in the movie!

  2. Girl! You bring so much passion and excitement to this graphic design space, thank you! I'm learning quite a bit from your channel and I am so grateful.

    ~ Marcelle

  3. Do you have a flickr or tumblr, heck or even a twitter, I want to follow! Your such an inspiration to me! ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. All my social media links are always in the video description. But when in doubt, just try the username karenkavett ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. This isn't really a graphic design book, it's a graffiti book. You probably heard of Banksy. Anyways, I recommend that you take a look at one of his gallery books. I received one of his books for my birthday, and I just love it!

  6. Actually, YOU YOURSELF are a great graphic design resource. I have seen two separate lecturers at uni use your videos to explain different elements of design within lectures, and they did not even know who you are, they just were looking for graphic design videos and found your amazing work.

  7. Karen, is that still one of the original DFTBA posters (which were on sale at VidCon, are in A2 paper size and have '' in the lower right corner)? For some reason it looks different…

  8. Yup, I bought it at VidCon last year. Are you sure you're not looking at the knockoff I made in Comic Sans? ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Oh great – No, it just looked a funny colour and a lot shinier than I remember the originals being! (I did the artwork and had the first 500 printed, which ended up being shipped from the UK to VidCon with about three days' notice.) I so glad you like it enough to have it up in all your videos. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Hey everyone!
    You can download (for free in NZ, not sure about overseas) the Just My Type app, and read the whole thing! It's made by the author (well, his publisher), and it's great, high quality, crisp text etc.
    I really recommend it.

  11. I love/appreciate your vids! I was wondering if you had any advice on how to land an internship (possibly in a big city). And also, any advice for resumes. Thank you!

  12. Oh I reached that milestone a while ago. I just keep going back privating more old videos once I realize how terrible they were.

  13. I'm sure there must be a reason the cover of 'Helvetica and the New York City Subway System' is in Akzidenz Grotesk instead of Helvetica…

  14. U should totally make your own book and I would totally buy it because u are the best and an inspiration keep making videos I
    Love watching them

  15. Whenever I forget that I sort of want to become a graphic designer, I randomly end up watching your videos, and become ore confused about what I should do with my future. >:| Thanks..

  16. Accio MinaLima! Hello from the London design studio of all things wizarding! Thank you for your sweet compliments in the video and do follow us at or on FB. Best wishes from Miraphora and Eduardo :o)

  17. Think u should get Julien Vallee: Rock Paper Sisscors I heard it was really good but I have not been able to get it yet

  18. I'm reading "How to be a graphic designer, without losing your soul" by Adrian Shaughnessy right now. Love love love it! I also LOVE "Blah, Blah, Blah:What To Do When Words Don't Work" by Dan Roam. Its not a book about graphic design but it is about visual communication. LOVE your videos Karen!

  19. Kudos on keeping your books in such good condition. My books are covered in hair and cat sick and tea stains about a week after I buy them.

  20. Karen, you're really amazing, sweet & helpful and I love you.. And its great to get tips and recommendations from someone who is so passionate about design and so well-read. Keep up the good work and keep that smile going ๐Ÿ™‚ Looking forward to watching more, now that I'm subscribed.

  21. Is that a pacman blanket or chair cover in your background?! *want* please tell me where you got it/how you made it ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. I want to become a designer when i grow up and i want to read the book you suggest for us to read but i dont have enough time to read it ๐Ÿ™ any suggestions ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ˜›

  23. your videos have really helped me out in building a collection of books to help me though my course of graphic design and has given me a lot of inspiration, thank you and keep it up!

  24. My best mate has the bigger Harry Potter book, and when I went over to her house one time I read it in one night.

  25. Hi Karen I'm a graphic designer in training at the moment and I've just completed my first semester for my course I'm doing..therefore I'm very interested in the graphic design books you've been showing..which is your favourite and the harry potter books shown at the start of this video..what are they called? I've recently gotten into harry potter

  26. you should check this one

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