20 Replies to “Quick low budget monoprint technique using foil and oil paint”

  1. Your imagery has a “ thingness” that draws the viewer into experiencing your work. I love abstraction when that happens. Thank you as always.

  2. Thanks so much for all the positive comments and feedback for this quick demo, I just wanted to make it clear that although I refer to the material I'm using as foil, it is in fact a type of metallised plastic, commonly used for crisp packets and shiny wrapping paper, it's always referred to as foil so it gets confused with the aluminium foil used in cooking. Oh and for those who mentioned them, those Chickpea snacks ARE delicious !

  3. I'm sure you're actually a magician as well as an artist, Dan – I've been trying to 'reimagine' my tree photos using your methods, but no matter what I do they just look awful.
    This one in particular https://www.instagram.com/p/B0Xz6pPnfqF/ – your image has the feel of this. I suppose we should stick to our own skillsets…:)

  4. Very interesting lines and textures with the foil ! Always making creative and good use of recycled material ! Awaiting for your next video. Thanks for sharing !

  5. Good work as always Dan, thanks. But I was very distracted by the sweet 'n' smokin' chick pea puffs (I think I didn't eat enough tea tonight) they sound yummy – I'll have to buy something like that coz got no plastic foil!

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