PVCC Majors in a Minute: Graphic Design

Professor Aaron Miller: “So our
program is a graphic design Career Studies Certificate. And a lot of our program
sort of intergrates with the community, and we go out
and visit the different prospective workplaces and talk
to working graphic designers.” Scott (student):
“The field trips that we’ve been able to go
on have just been so
much fun. It’s kind of like being in
acting school, and going
to see celebrities. We’re going on these field
trips meeting people who are doing exactly what we want to
do every single day, and making
a living off of it. And so, it’s fun to see their
creative process, and how they
execute their products.” Professor Miller: “The other
nice thing about our program is that we can cut out a lot of
the extraneous stuff that you would get at a
four-year college. Our program is kind of like that
last two years where you’ve really figured out what you want
to study and you’re getting the skills that you need to
have a job in that career. Scott: “This program is a lot
of fun, and it’s very engaging. And if anybody is interested
in doing it, I would say go
ahead and do it. If you are creative and you are
artistic, the amount that you’re willing to put into it and
challenge yourself is what
you’re gonna get out of it.” ♪♪

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