100 Replies to “Pumpkin Spice Snack Taste Test”

  1. Oh, God. I love Link , I really do, but how is it he can even slurp his cereal? He has to be one of the noisiest eaters ever! I seriously could not eat a meal with this guy.

  2. Someone take Link through the baking aisle with all of the jello products, I want to see him have a mental crisis.

  3. They totally don’t like each other anymore.. hahaha sometimes siblings need time apart and sometimes they need time apart.

  4. I'm allergic to pumpkin. So this time of year isn't very fun for me! I used to love it when I was a kid but one year my body just decided to reject it all together!

  5. Did link say pumpkin pie isn't made from pumpkins? Because I've made pumpkin pie before and i definitely made it from a pumpkin.

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