Pubbla Graphic Design Web App

hi everyone I'm Angie Underwood the founder of publi publi is a subscription-based drag-and-drop web app primarily for authors and self publishers of any design skill to easily create high-quality book covers and graphics for print web and social media publi is all about providing an easier better design experience not only for self publishers but for anyone who wants to have full control over the design process a big way we are different from other design Web Apps is instead of hiring an in-house design team we commissioned freelance graphic designers around the world to design templates for our gallery designers join as members to receive a generous commission for each work sold this is a win-win our designers get paid a commission for their work and we in turn have a diversity of creations to offer our customers the public platform now launched in beta is designed to be easy to understand and fun to use with further development we have plans to include interior page formatting a more robust interface and to offer a one-stop full-service experience including courses tutorials and professional consultation publi is unique that it offers design tools specific for authors and publishers for instance it has the ability to create print book covers with ISBN bar coding and spine width adjustment yet it can be used and enjoyed by anyone also public is an independent service that is not affiliated with any online retailer or publisher and as far as we know publi is the only graphic design web app that's 100% developed and operated in the USA my partner Steve and I would like to take this time to thank all of you for your interest in adventure

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