Dubai is one of the fastest growing
cities in the world It has an impressive skyline Absolutely incredible looking skyscrapers And I just happened
to shoot architecture Whether it’s from the ground, from a helicopter or from a rooftop This is what I do My name is Beno Saradzic I’m originally from Slovenia and I’ve been living in the UAE
for the past 28 years I shoot architecture… and Timelapses The very first time I’ve seen
a birds eye perspective was from the top of the watchtower Which is on top of the castle in the
city where I was born And I think I’ve been looking for that
particular point of view All my life So when I came to Dubai and I’ve seen
all these skyscrapers I thought that that
was the prefect place to be as an architectural photographer I shoot architecture; it can be from the rooftops, it can be inside of a building, outside of a building or from a helicopter And that means that you are going to carry all that gear
with you wherever you go So it can not be heavy That means:
Lenses should be particularly light and the body should be obviously compact
and ligjt as well That is exactly what I found
in the GFX system A system that is portable,
Light and compact For me its very important that the
camera is able to resolve All the information that
my scene contains If I’m shooting a cityscape in a single picture I can have hundreds of buildings With thousands of windows All that information has to be
captured by the camera And resolved by the lens What really impressed me about
the new camera is that Despite its size which is in fact very
compact and very light camera Is able to deliver all that
quality all that resolution All those things that I expect
the camera to deliver without any compromise in quality I like to see my images printed and mounted as very large size posters or fine art prints And I used to do that by taking multiple
pictures at 20 or 30 MPs Stitching them together
in post production to create this very large
panoramic image With the new GFX100 I can achieve exactly the same result by taking a single picture Or lets say 2 at most And that is an incredible
time saver for me And without any compromise in quality What is really impressive is that I can keep on zooming in pictures
taken with the GFX100 And I don’t actually lose any quality that is truly truly impressive Now I also shoot Time-lapse sequences Having 12,000 pixels
produced by this camera Is an incredible benefit for me because I am able to extract in fact multiple 4K
frames from a single master shot Taken at that resolution And that is of course a huge timesaver because I am able to create
a very interesting edit In fact out of a single master shot I feel that the new camera is in fact designed
by photographers for photographers Because all the buttons and the dials are in the right place, I don’t have to think About where they are, what they are going to do it all happens very organically And I really don’t have
to think about it much What I found to be surprisingly
effective on this new camera Was the touch screen It is very responsive: it allows me to pinch and zoom
into the images Just the way you would do
on a smart phone You can flip through the images
very quickly I was able to preview my
time-lapses very quickly The same way: Simply by holding
the joystick to the left images are flicking very quickly practically in real time So I can get the feel
of what the time-lapse will look like before I even bring
it to the computer I could do that
even when I was on the helicopter to make sure that my images were sharp And in perfect focus Are you sure you don’t want me
to get any closer ? No, I think with this resolution
about 5 times normal, I think we are close enough Really ?! Seems impossible from here Haha, no need today (to get closer)

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