100 Replies to “Profile Pictures – Science of Attraction”

  1. great the beauty in the article takes the man to sensitive world but in that world one word remaining as descriptive heart.

  2. Ever with the heart,  the words takes the life to one more world, the truth is love, but never forget the way what you come

  3. the blood flows in the auricles and meets the love with own silence  but at the last line wave-let takes the descriptive step and tie-up the heart

  4. While this is interesting, I don't think it deserves to be called science, and the results definitely don't deserve to be called "clear". The data pool is too small…

  5. In the row of the sentence mother is the first attraction of the beauty, near the Tajmahal what words she left for her baby

  6. when man falls in love, attraction takes the man to find her heart, but if he lost the love beauty once again refresh to call the love

  7. Beauty is the gift of our own mother and father, but in the line few words impending to write the attraction of the beauty

  8.  the attraction takes the man to love, but when he stand in front of the heart he is also one step back, the think is to utter , the feel is to love

  9. For love we cross many things, but lastly you are one because you reach beyond of other heart, the words are all with you with pain

  10. I got a genuine question, why do people follow these "dating rules" to people actually say "oh you gotta do this and that and then expect this and that" cos I dont get it, why not just be yourself, be friendly and kind, if that isnt enough then dont waste your time with them. Why is everyone a sheep and wants to follow these made up rules about how to "attract" someone, sounds so exhausting and fake, I cant stand a girl that I cant be myself around frankly. 

  11. Wow the one who said, "I'd have to ask him where he was cuz it looks really nice there". 
    It's Greenwich park GOD!!

    Haha that's probably the only place in London I'd get because I have a photo of myself in that exact spot! 😛

  12. Women love how much money you have..simple..there is no other thing about it..get a good car..act rich..if you aint rich..

  13. This was filmed in high Wycombe which is surprising because I would have expected it to be filmed somewhere bigger like in London

  14. When a girl says "because I'm really into that", I just think, full of shit. We have a scuba diver who probably went once, and a girl who might own a camera. Tenuous. The dating scene for people with no real interests or personalities. They can pretty much just pick anyone and it wouldn't make a difference, hence they fall back on looks in the end. As actually being on a dating site proves over experiments where people can lie or fool themselves. Commoners are all stupid and are pretty much all the same.

  15. So should I change my topless picture ??! I look serious in that picture with nice muscles.. so should I change it ??!

  16. This seems to be ignoring the ACTUAL attractiveness of each person, and instead ONLY analyzing what each person is doing in each picture. 

  17. The science is astounding omfg! If you only show your physical part, people will judge you on your sex appeal, if you show that you have a life and do something like travel/sports/music/humor, people will think you have the potential of being a cool person to talk/hang with. Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow the results are toooootally fucking mind blowing woooooooooooow……………..goddamn noob ass shit.

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  19. I'm so sorry, but could you actually get a presenter that can speak properly???

    I know I'm 4 years late but yano

  20. Most weird of this series i hate that finish of this video with genmeralization about bla bla bla and Derren Brown lie that there is not trick to atractive profile or pictures.Offcourse you can do more attention of boys/girls if you know HOW.

  21. he asked what others find attractive about me… I turned off my phone sat in a corner and cried while repeatedly whispering "nothing"

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